Loving yourself on Valentine’s Day

My friend took this photo when we went to Vermont over the weekend, and I thought this was perfect for Valentine’s Day. If you have a valentine, spend it by spreading love. And if you don’t, spread love to your friends, your family and most importantly, yourself.

Valentine’s Day Q&A

So I asked my friends for questions about Valentine’s Day, and I thought these questions were really relatable, so I decided to share my advice to them.Of course, they’re anonymous!

I just want to preface this by saying that I’m not an expert, and this is just my own personal opinion.

Q: Should I get a gift on a first date?

A: I think if it is a first date, then flowers,chocolates, or a teddy bear is fine. However, if you’ve known the person for a long time, then a little thought should be put into the gift. Thoughtful gifts can be risky sometimes but if done right, they can be very special.

Q: I’m single on Valentine’s Day. What should I do that night?

A: Honestly, I wouldn’t do anything out of the ordinary unless you want to spend the night with your friends watching movies and eating chocolates. Also, remember the other loves in your life including you parents, best friends and siblings!

Q: My relationship is on the brink of sinking. How should we handle the entire day? Should we break up before? Should we celebrate?

A: This was definitely the hardest question of the bunch! Valentine’s Day can heighten your feelings and make you feel the pressure. If you’ve been in a relationship for years, then I suggest hitting pause for the day and agreeing to spend the day together. Obviously that’s easier said than done! If you’ve been dating for a few months or so, then I think it’s up to a person’s comfort level. Still regardless of the length of the relationship, it is important to communicate. If you’re feeling so uncomfortable, that you can’t even talk to your significant other about a single day, then maybe there is a major problem with the relationship.

Q: How should you approach a guy/girl if you’re interested in them?

A: If by “approaching”, you mean talking to this person for the first time, then this is clearly based on physical attraction alone. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I do think you should get to know someone before committing a date with them. Also, lower your expectations. Chances are if you think they’re physically attractive, then your expectations on their personality might be too high! So I think the easiest way to approach someone is to ask them a question. It could be about anything. If he or she seems more interested or eye contact lingers, then introduce yourself.

Q: First date ideas?

A: I always think dinner and a movie is sweet and simple, but if you can find something creative like laser tag then go for it! Don’t just go for a movie though! It’s two hours of silence, so it’ll be awkward, and you won’t get to know them. I think concerts are great too because you can focus on the music and still have a conversation.

Again, this was just my own opinion and thanks to my friends for sending questions in! If you want advice, leave a comment or email me! Hope everyone has a fantastic Valentine’s Day! Happy Friday!

Valentine’s Day: Clothing Deals and Steals!

For the lovely ladies who have a Valentine this year, here are some deals I found online! Check out Topshop, ASOS, Forever 21 and H&M’s websites for more clothing! Also, I’ll be doing an accessory post for Valentine’s Day too sometime soon!

Image 1 of AX Paris Crochet Shift Dress
ASOS AX Paris Crochet Shift Dress- $41.11: This dress screams Valentine’s Day and I love the ease of shift dresses! I love a lace dress but it’s hard to find a quality one! This one is definitely worth it!
H&M Fitted Jacket- $24.95: I love the shape of this jacket. I really like the pictured look with the blush shirt and leather pant. A high-waisted pant looks best with this shape! The leather gives an edge to the look while a pink/ blush color softens up the look.
Image 1 of Vero Moda Long Sleeve Shirt Dress
ASOS Vero Moda Long Sleeve Shirt Dress- $37.37: I love the idea of wearing a black dress for Valentine’s Day and then adding a splash of color with pink heels or a red statement necklace!
Forever 21 Quilted Faux Leather Skirt- $24.80: I adore a quilted skirt especially this one! A white button down and red tights would be super cute with this skirt.
Forever 21 Layered Boxy V-neck Tank- $17.90: Who says you have to wear red or pink? I think this lavender color is equally romantic and cute for Valentine’s Day.
Topshop Elastic Cut-Out Bodycon Dress- $40.00: I think a crisp white dress with simple red heels is great for Valentine’s Day! I love that the dress is simple and chic with a tiny cut-out! A statement necklace or cuff bracelet would also work with this look!
H&M Patterned Organza Dress- $24.95: This light blush colored, polka dotted dress is super girly and modest! Wear with black tights and black ankle boots for the cold weather!
Forever 21 Pleated Woven Joggers-$14.90 : For the people going on first dates, I think these pants are great because they aren’t too casual and they aren’t too dressy. A crop top looks great with these pants along with heels or boots.

Hope you liked the pieces I picked out! Comment below if you want a certain look or fashion trend to rock on Valentine’s Day!





New Darlings

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought I’d share this adorable couple’s blog.

Their photography is amazing and their blog has everything I need: food, fashion, stunning scenery, beauty tips and just a daily look at a couple’s life.

Here’s a blurb from Robert and Christina blog:

“For more than twenty years, we called New York home. We were raised just a few miles apart, met when we were teenagers, and tied the knot in 2013. After the big day, we packed our bags, said goodbye to our family and friends, and moved across the country to Phoenix, Arizona. New Darlings began as a photograph, and has turned into a diary. This is a place where we can share our day to day lives, things we love, and our inspirations. We want to welcome you and thank you for following along. We’re happy you’re here!”

Here are some of their photos from their blog!

New Darlings-Windmills

New Darlings-Coffee and Tea Collective

New Darlings-Betty&June Sweater-FreePeople

New Darlings - Chicken & Donuts

New Darlings-Greenhouse