Project Runway Review: Episode 3

Last night’s episode was the group challenge where designers took inspiration from countries and a cruise. And again, I wasn’t on the same page as the judges. Oh, and I miss David, and wish he was still on the show. 😦

blake and kelly greek isles

Blake and Kelly: This was by far my favorite, and I honestly thought this should’ve won. How were they safe? This screams Greece to me with the white and blue tones. I also like how the fabric peeked at the sides, and when the model turned around, the print was more prominent. I think the judges are crazy for putting this as a safe look, when it was the most chic to me.

swapnil and laurie india

Swapnil and Laurie: These two made a great team with Swapnil focusing on the sari, and Laurie making it modern and fresh. The crop top and high-waisted pant look was great on its own, but I also loved the mix of patterns. If Blake and Kelly couldn’t win, I would’ve had Swapnil and Laurie for the win.

Ashley and candice venice

Candice and Ashley: I’m really surprised that this look won. To me, the main problem is that this doesn’t say Venice to me. I like the mix of the floral print and the stripes, but the pants threw me off. They were way too short and I wasn’t crazy about the proportions. It’s a strong look, but I think it needs to be edited a little bit.

jake and lindsey hong kong

Lindsey and Jake: These two made me uncomfortable with how poorly they worked together. On one hand, Lindsey sometimes undermines Jake, especially with Tim’s critique ( I like you Jake, but I would sooner die) . On the other hand, Jake was making Lindsey do everything. They were in the top. He didn’t have to be so passive aggressive on the runway. Anyway, I liked the red dress, but I wasn’t crazy about the green vest.

amanda and gabby

Amanda and Gabrielle: This wasn’t that great, but it wasn’t terrible. The proportions are off, and this doesn’t read South of France to me at all. I did like the lining of the top though.

Joseph and merline st.peterburg

Joseph and Merline: If I were Merline, I would’ve pulled a Jake and said this was all Joe’s look. He completely shut her down from expressing her point of view, which is much more fun and fresh than Joe’s aesthetic. The little bib part was made of a nice fabric, but like I said, it looked like a weird bib. This was too old, and I would’ve liked to see Merline put some of her styling into this. She’s been on the top, while Joe made that really bad paper skirt last week. I’m not sure why he was so cocky in this episode.

hanmiao and edmond caribbean

Edmond and Hanmiao: Wow, this was so bad. I laughed when Gabrielle said it was good, and Hanmiao said “Really?” I can’t believe they used their differences in design aesthetics as an excuse. They could’ve split up the look. She could’ve made a structured crop top, and Edmond could’ve made a proper flowy skirt, and it would’ve worked for the challenge. I felt so bad for Edmond because Hanmiao couldn’t voice any of her opinions, and then she went crazy and sewed the model into the bathing suit.

10 Quotes About Feminism to Empower Women

Today’s Theme: Feminism

The quotes below are by some celebrities and they speak for themselves.

Emma Watson. | 17 Celebrities Who Have The Right Idea About Feminism

Just having a little feminism moment. I think it's ridiculous that we were raised to change ourselves by others standards. Like we have to shave, or it's gross and unhygienic, or that if we show cleavage it makes us a "slut" and practically "begs for rape". It isn't about being greater than men, it's about being treated equally.

Best Celebrity Quotes About Beauty - Celebrity Quotes - Seventeen

Feminism isn't about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It's about changing the way the world perceives that strength. -- G.D. Anderson

Love this!Joseph Gordon-Levitt | 17 Celebrities Who Have The Right Idea About Feminism

You can always tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building one another up instead of tearing each other down.

"A huge part of being a feminist is giving other women the freedom to make choices that you might not necessarily make yourself."

Fundamental Art Print by Sophiedoodle

Jenny Slate | The Most Badass, Inspiring Celebrity Quotes About Feminism In 2014

For More Quotes About Feminism:

10 Quotes to Change Your Outlook on Life

Today’s Theme: Positive thinking

It’s all about positive thinking for this week’s quotes. Sometimes when there’s a roadblock thrown our way, we tend to dwell on the negative aspects of life. I remember during the SAT’s there were posters hanging up  in my testing room with quotes. I ended up using one in my essay, which I really loved: Your attitude determines your latitude. It really is true. When we have all these negative thoughts bottled up, they rarely manifest into anything good. Keep the positive vibes going, and just remind yourself that you can do anything if you have the right mindset. Anyway, enjoy the quotes!

Think about what you choose to do....people will perceive your actions. Sometimes you may not think what you do is wrong...but if you look outside the box and see what you are doing, you can realize that it may do more harm than good. Perception is everything. Alex O.

We truly have more to be thankful for than complain about, it's a hard thing for some of us to do but get into the habit of looking at each negative situation in a positive light because there's always a bright side you just have to look carefully enough :)

Or maybe they don't focus on the negative things, so it appears positive things always happen to them.

Something some people I know should consider. I hate when people only have negative things to say about others, it's crystal clear that there's something inside them that they are unhappy about, so they try to justify it and make themselves feel better by pointing out other peoples flaws in their life. It just makes you look mean and hurtful.

Quotes About Negative Influences | Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative

'Cause it could go right

Life is way to short to be worrying about the negative outcomes on everything. Keep your head up and always think positive. Always try to put a smile on that beautiful face of yours. A small little smile can change your feelings as well as others around you. You shouldn't care what others think of you or if they are doubting you. Go with your heart and follow through with what you are going to do. Don't give up on yourself. Don't let others bring you down. #qotd #independence #support #positive

When you look back over the last few years, how many opportunities for joy did you destroy with needless worry and negativity? Although there’s nothing you can do about these lost joys, there’s plenty you can do about the ones that are still to come. - via:

This is so true for me. I have a tendency to fear the worst so I look for any sign or beginning of a sign that will lead to those fears becoming true. This usually means I am worrying and feeling bad before anything actually happens. Making it 100% a negative situation instead of letting it be what it is and IF it's what I fear I deal with it when it happens. Would make me a happier person I think if I did this more often.

Hope you liked these quotes! I really love these, and hope you find some inspiration out of these Pinterest quotes. I left the link below if you want to see more quotes about negativity.

10 Quotes About What Beauty Really is

Today’s Theme: Beauty

Today’s theme is about beauty. I really wanted to do this as the theme, because I think everyone should feel beautiful in their own skin. I also touched a little on the whole “pretty” “ugly” theme in the quotes, because I really feel bothered when someones says “she’s not that pretty,” or that “he’s ugly.” Let’s be careful with what we say, and just give love to people rather than hate. Hope you like the quotes I picked out!

Beauty attracts the eye but personality captures the heart.

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it..

Your inner light shines when you are at peace with yourself..

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself!!

The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others..

All flowers are beautiful in their own way, and that's like women too..

I agree

Get a better mirror, look a little closer..

You are so used to your features, you don't know how beautiful you look to a stranger.

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