Netflix Review: Set It Up

Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell in 'Set It Up'

“Set It Up” is a modern romantic comedy starring Glenn Powell and Zoey Deutch who both work for demanding bosses and decide to set them up to alleviate their hectic schedules. When I say modern, I really see it being one of the best romantic comedies in a long long time. And it really surprised me.

When I see Zoey Deutch, I think of Maya who played Zack’s girlfriend in the Suite Life on Deck. She was a badass relatable character then, and she really shines as the quirky but awesome Harper. From seeing her delight over free food and pizza to seeing her kill a game of beer pong with Pete Davidson, she became a great female character to root for. Glenn Powell plays Charlie the 28 year old assistant who thinks he wants to live a life similar to his boss Rick. He has the classic romantic comedy arc, where he messes up, but somehow through grand gestures, fixes everything.

Despite having the predictable format of a class rom com, this film largely benefits from a likeable cast. But it also has characters that have great dialogue that sort of poke fun at the stereotypical romantic comedy lines. One of my favorite scenes took place in a ring shop, where Harper leaves dramatically only for the alarms to go off and the store clerk making an awkwardly funny scene even more funny. Additionally, the “will they or won’t they” gag isn’t completely played out. You know it’s coming, but the journey to get there isn’t frustrating through unnecessary miscommunication. It’s through their own insecurities, which both characters eventually face.

The supporting characters are great as well. Taye Diggs and Lucy Liu play hilarious bosses as they change their mind and make rash decisions as a typical no nonsense boss should. Pete Davidson makes an endearing performance as Charlie’s roommate and the actress who plays Harper’s was really awesome too as she delivered a sentiment about loving someone despite their differences. The ending is super cute and it might be predictable, but it works in its simplicity.

All in all, this movie is truly a New York City romance. It’s actually funny too. The jokes made me laugh every now and then, and I think we’ve been missing the string of classic romantic comedies. Go watch “Set It Up” on Netflix because it’s a gem of a movie, and it’s a feel good one at that.


The Bachelorette Review: 4000 Matches & 2 Injuries

The Bachelorette was back with another strong episode as the drama intensified in the house, and we got some surprises with an unexpected exit, an injury and some dark horses emerging. Here are my top 5 after watching this episode.

Blake: Blake is still going strong with Becca. I loved how he called her his girlfriend. It was very endearing, but we do see him being a little uneasy this episode because he had to learn how to share her when he had so much one on one time early on. I think it’s only natural for the people who get dates early on to get a little territorial kinda like Nick from Andi’s season. But I think Blake won’t cause drama because of it. I’m a big Blake fan so I hope he doesn’t self-implode.

Jason: Becca has a crush on Jason and so do I. When he popped up on my screen last night, I was like “Who is this Jason guy? He’s so cute.” He stood out too because he laughed off Becca forgetting his name, and I actually thought he was going to get the group date rose. He has some Ben Higgins vibes because he comes off very charming and genuine. But more importantly, Jason’s reaction to Jordan and David was so hilarious that it made me like him even more.

Garrett: I really liked Garrett in this episode. He’s goofy and you can tell he doesn’t take himself too seriously. I can see why Becca likes him because he just comes off as such a good-natured person.

Jean: Jean is such a confident guy. How could you not like this guy? I’m pegging him as my dark horse.

Colton: Colton isn’t really my type so I don’t really get all the hype about him being the best looking guy, but it’s working for Becca because she was able to overlook how sketchy the whole Colton and Tia relationship was. I think he got away with it pretty easily. And I love all the girls supporting Becca, but I honestly feel like Tia wasn’t really over the situation. When Becca said “Do you think he was hoping it would be you as bachelorette?” Tia fresponded ” Probab…I mean possibly.” Also, if Colton really liked Tia, he wouldn’t have gone on the show.

Other Thoughts:

  • Jordan comes off better than David simply because he’s just minding his own business. This is sort of like how Corinne came off better than Taylor because Corinne was just doing Corinne while Taylor was constantly instigating unnecessary drama.
  • Clay! Poor Clay. He’s such a sweet guy, and although I didn’t think he’d end up with Becca, I did foresee him going pretty far, so it was such a shame he left early.
  • David falling was so scary. Bunk beds need rails.
  • I have to bring up the Jordan and David fight because Wills, Jason and Jean’s reactions made me actually laugh out loud. So relatable for anyone that has been involved in friend drama when they don’t want anything to do with it.
  • Chris had a great one on one date, but I think the preview makes him cause drama that he sort of started in the first episode. With that being said, I was so heartbroken by his story with his dad and it made me wanna root for him.
  • I loved the guys who kept the nail polish on. It made the drama going on even more funny when you suddenly saw a flash of their nails.
  • Becca was a little more lively this episode especially when she commented about Jordan’s matches. I don’t think Becca necessarily has the same fire that Rachel had, but she is definitely relatable because not everyone has that personality. She’s a little more laidback, but when she needs to hold her own, she can which is great.

Netflix Review: Dude

Spoilers Ahead:

Dude stars Lucy Hale as she and her three best friends prepare for high school graduation. The film opens with best friends Chloe (Kathryn Prescott from Finding Carter) and Lily (Hale) who are hanging out with Chloe’s brother, Thomas, played by Austin Butler. Butler’s character is killed off pretty early on in a unseen accident and from there, the movie takes shape as it flashes forward one year to the four girls being seniors and getting into college.

The death of Chloe’s brother looms over the movie as Lily can’t seem to get over the past. I’m going to admit that I had low expectations going into the movie, but what I like about it is the fact that everything seems very real from the way teens are portrayed to the emotions they experience.

There’s a lot of ugly things about this movie including a very realistic portrayal of rape, an imperfect love interest, and the irrational fighting the girls go through. It’s ugly because it’s all very real and isn’t glorified in any sort of way. The girls struggle to find their place after high school especially Lily who has grown attached to her high school routine.

I’m currently in college about to graduate and I’ve definitely had my “Lily” moments when I grow frustrated holding onto something that is simply meant to be a memory in the past. A lot of my friends graduated last semester, and I felt so similar to Lily in a lot of ways, especially her still coping with the loss of Thomas. Going from one phase in your life to another is scary, but holding onto the past is not the answer, and I think this film really hones in on that.

The other two girls, Rebecca and Amelia, are also fleshed out a bit, but the main focus really sticks to Chloe and Lily. Chloe also has a sweet love interest, and it works because it makes Lily freak out when Chloe endures all these changes at once. Lily’s love interest is also sort of fitting as his indecisiveness and back and forth with Lily makes sense since she is equally confused about the state of her future. Overall, the supporting characters worked for the most part, including Lily’s mom who snaps her back to reality.

Overall, I really like the simplicity of the plot. Some may say it may not even have one, but the characters feel real and authentic, and I found myself relating to a lot of the different aspects of the core four girls. I would recommend this movie for sure. Is it the best movie? No, it’s not, but it is a nice feel good movie and if you’re graduating, then you should watch it for sure.

Girl Meets I Do Fashion

Girl Meets I Do brought tons of different fashion, including Riley and Maya. I also really liked the episode, and you can check out my review here:

I loved Riley’s little ruffled top with her bell bottom pants. It’s super preppy and romantic with the ruffles. She always rocks her bell bottoms, but I really liked the ruffled top paired with it. Maya also wears a staple in her criss cross top, but she pairs it with this boho skirt.

Disney Channel

I couldn’t find the details for any of the dresses, but I liked that Riley wore this dusty rose colored dress that was form fitting. Her romantic updo really looked pretty too. I also liked that Maya wore a fit and flare dress with simple hair and styling. I also liked Katy’s dress and how quirky and romantic it felt. Disney Channel

Thank you to Worn on TV, and Disney Channel for their photos and details on the clothing in the episode.

Bachelor In Paradise Finale: #Janner

There was so much that happened in the past two episodes, so I’m gonna touch on the actual couples that were somewhat stable. I could go into the ridiculousness that ensued like Nick rolling in the sand, or Mikey’s attempt to win Mackenzie, but let’s get to the real couples.

Jade and Tanner: I love these two. They really love each other, and it seems so effortless with them compared to the other couples. I loved the moment when Jade said she felt understood by someone for the first time in her life. It was so sweet, and it was obvious that they were going to be engaged by the end of the episode. I genuinely feel like these two will get married, and I’m so happy that they found each other.

Cassandra and Justin: I liked Cassandra and Justin, but when Jonathan came out, I was so shocked. Jonathan has been posting pictures with Cassandra on Instagram for a while, but I didn’t think much of it. It’s too bad paradise didn’t have her on the show sooner because they would have another success story.

Samantha and Nick: They barely had any screen time, but I guess they worked things out after all. Not too much to say, other than I’m glad they moved past all the crazy drama.

Tenley and Joshua:  Tenley knows how to break a heart. She was so sweet and realistic about the whole situation. There was no way Joshua was going to be upset with her. They had a good run, but she was thinking with her head. Better to end it while they’re still in paradise.

Kirk and Carly: This was the craziest storyline of the past two episodes. Kirk started having doubts without telling Carly, so she was blindsided by him. It was so heartbreaking to see Carly crying. I loved the moment when she was calling for Jade, and they hugged it out. Their friendship is so wonderful and real. I still  like Kirk, but he just waited too long to break Carly’s heart.

Anyway, sorry this is late, but I’ve been busy with classes. Overall, I LOVED this season. It was more dramatic and funnier than both The Bachelor and The  Bachelorette.

Bachelor in Paradise Review: The Joe and Ashley Alliance

from Whip Clip: Check out the links below for more clips from the episode.

Carly and Kirk: It was so cute when Kirk pretended like he didn’t know he was going to call Carly’s name. Then in the next episode, Kirk takes Carly on the cutest date ever. I thought they were so precious.

Ashley S and Nick: These two were hilarious on their date. They were both gone, and I loved that they just owned it. Nick has a fun personality, and these two are crazy together. I wished he and Sammy hadn’t talked, because I have a feeling he might go back to her when she dumps Joe for good. It’s two bad, because Ashley and Nick were so funny together. I also love the headbands she’s been wearing.

Nick and Ashley’s Date:

JJ and Megan: So I officially love JJ. I would definitely be friends with him. He’s so dramatic and doesn’t understand how ridiculous he comes off. Even Megan wasn’t that upset with him. But no one was mad at him, so he must have done something right. I’m gonna miss JJ. 😦 But he did give his rose to the right person, because Ashley is such great television.

Here’s a link to JJ handing out his rose:

Jade and Tanner: Tanner is really falling for Jade, and it turns out that she feels the same way. They’re a sweet couple for sure. I thought Tanner cutting the agave plant was funny, and I liked how they acted like a real couple. Just a quick side note, I LOVED Jade’s ombre maxi dress. Here’s what she posted about it on twitter.

Embedded image permalink

It’s from ella a.:

Ashley and Jared: So Jared told Ashley that he wasn’t feeling the chemistry, and I felt so bad for her. Jared was trying to be nice, but she was in tears and he let her be. Then Ashley calls Kaitlyn! Kaitlyn’s reaction was priceless. Ashley really does have to move on. Let’s also touch upon the friendship between Ashley and Joe. They were so funny, and I thought Ashley’s idea was cute. I like that they formed an alliance to get back together with Sammy and Jared. It’ll probably fail on both ends, but their wallowing in the episode was hysterical.

Juelia and Mikey: Who would’ve thought this couple would come to be kind of cute? I loved their date, and it turns out they have a lot of chemistry. I loved seeing Juelia finally happy, and their wrestling date was so cute.

Mikey and Juelia reunite:

Samantha and Joe: Again, I thought Ashley’s idea was cute, but Sammy made it very clear that she didn’t want Joe when she dumped him on his own birthday. Even though Joe is a douche, I did like seeing his goofy side with Ashley I. He’s so depressed and Carly was right about karma coming back to bite him.

Amber and Dan: Dan better watch out for Justin…..

Also Ben H. is the next bachelor! 🙂

Bachelor in Paradise Review: The Pickiest Princess

Bachelor in Paradise is back! And it’s only been one episode, and I’m loving it already.

Jade and Tanner: So literally every guy wants Jade…but she surprisingly decides to take Tanner on her date. If you saw my reviews from last season, you can see that I loved Tanner even though he was barely present. He just seems refreshingly normal and down to earth. I couldn’t help but root for him the entire episode. He’s a male version of Sarah Herron. Right? Anyway their date went really well with a romantic dinner, and a make out in the river. They seemed really adorable and into each other.

Jared and Ashley I.: Jared wanted Jade, but Ashley wants Jared. She makes that very clear. I’m so torn about Ashley. I like her. I actually laughed really hard when she was practicing what she was going to say to Jared. She’s relatable in that she prevents herself from getting anywhere with her own insecurities, but she needs to buck up because Clare is coming to swoop in.

Carly and Kirk: These two vibed well because they’re both goofy and have positive energies. I’m glad that Carly and Jade both went in for their kisses. I love Carly. She’s hilarious as a commentator. She’ll probably be cooped up with Kirk for most of the season, and continue to narrate the season.

Ashley S. and Dan: Okay, they are kind of a weird, cute couple. Dan seems so normal and sweet, and seems to tolerate Ashley’s quirks. They would be like a “Phoebe and Mike.”

Mikey T and Lauren: Trainwreck. That’s it.

Other Random Thoughts:

– So Lacey and Marcus got married. They both looked stunning in white, and genuinely happy. But did they even know any of these people? None of them were from Juan Pablo or Andi’s season.

– Why the heck was Lauren crying? When Ashley I. goes up to you and says “What could you possibly be crying about?” then you know you’re crazy.

– I was dying when Lauren said “Yeah, Tenley is so sweet and cute. She’s old.”

– Carly’s eyebrows are much better.

– The girl’s fashion was great. I loved Jade’s dress on her date with Tanner. I also loved Tenely’s sweet style. She seems like she wears a lot of colors and rompers. I also liked Ashley S’s strappy dress when she first came in. Overall, I’m excited to see more of the beach fashion.

– I loved Ashley I stealing one of Kaitlyn’s lines, but using an Aladdin analogy.

– Speaking of Aladdin, does Jared really resemble him at all?

– Anyway, I’ll post another review tomorrow! Super excited for tonight.