Pretty Little Liars: Get Hanna’s Prom Necklace

hanna and emily

After posting about the girl’s prom dresses in my last PLL post, I wanted to add to the fashion from the episode with one quick addition. If you didn’t notice Hanna’s gold necklace from the episode, you should check it out below. I love how simple it is compared to her glamorous dress. I also like that the necklace can be worn with jeans and a tee. It’s by Workhorse Jewelry, and I left the details below.

token necklace

You can buy it directly at this link:

Pretty Little Liars Prom Dresses 6×09

It was prom night on Pretty Little Liars, and I was so excited to see the fashion. It definitely didn’t disappoint. Here are my thoughts on all the dresses.

Tarik Ediz ‘92578 Dress’ – $1,390.00

Ali’s dress is so gorgeous. I’m not huge on tulle, but I love the color with the lace overlay. I also think the gold belt finishes the look to be luxurious. I also really liked the bright red lip and Hollywood styled curls. Overall, this is one of my favorite looks from Ali on the entire show.

Walter Mendez ‘Nora Gown’ – $1,695.00

If I had to choose a prom dress, I would have a hard time choosing between Ali’s glam styled dress and Spencer’s sleek gown. I think I’d wear this dress though because I love the way it hugs Spencer so effortlessly. I like the high neck, the rich color, and I love her loose tresses with the dress.

Alice + Olivia ‘Kesten Fitted Cropped Top’ – $118.80 Alice + Olivia ‘Tina Long Ball Gown Skirt’ – $418.00

This is the cute dress Aria found and it “literally spoke to her.” It’s very Snow White, and I’m actually surprised that Hanna didn’t wear a crop top and long skirt,

Michael Costello ‘Fall 2015 Gown’ – not available online

Emily’s dress is another surprise. I like that they gave her a form fitting dress to wear and it almost has a menswear feel on the top with a suited bodice. I also like that she got to have a darker villainous outfit compared to the other girls’ glittery glam dresses.

Sherri Hill ‘Fall 2015 Gown’ – not available online

I really like the sleeves on the this dress. The gold embroidery has a royal vibe from it and the high low style allows her boots to show off. It definitely has a very powerful feel as well.

Overall, I liked all the dresses this year. This one is very memorable with a fairy tale theme as well.

My Thoughts on the PLL Finale + Fashion

Wow, that finale was so crazy! It’s been a few days since the season finale of Pretty Little Liars. I know a lot of people were disappointed that we didn’t see a face,but I like where the show is going after the Charles reveal. I also was legitimately scared throughout the entire episode. I love hearing people’s theories so let me know if you have one about Charles or anyone else!

I loved the dresses that were given to the girls for prom! Did anyone else wonder how they got their hair and makeup done so nicely? Did they do it for each other? I was so happy to hear about the “prom,” because I knew we were getting some fashion from the episode. Emily and Hanna’s were my favorite, and their dresses also happened to be real dresses you can buy. I found the info on PLL Closet and

Mac Duggal ‘78897Y Gown’ in Emerald – $698.00
Sherri Hill ‘32107 Gown’ – $650.00

Hope you liked this post! Have a great Friday everyone!

6 Things to Think About Before Committing to a Prom Dress

So around this time, girls start worrying about getting the perfect prom dress! If it’s your first time buying a prom dress, there are definitely some tips you should take into account before buying your dress. Before I start, I just wanted to say that I drew a lot of these tips from my own personal experiences!

Let’s Begin:

1) Buy the magazines– There’s already so many prom magazines including the Seventeen magazine prom edition. You aren’t necessarily going to find a dress in there that you’ll order or buy, but you can at least get an idea of what you want. Do you want a fitted styled dress or a princess style? What color would look good on you? Also, there’s tons of hairstyles in there. If you’re going to get your hair done at a salon, bring in the magazine to show your stylist exactly what you want.

2)  Go for fit over style– When I first started looking for dresses, I really wanted a Grecian style that flowed down and looked whimsical. However, when I started trying on dresses, I found a lace cobalt dress that was super fitted. I had to choose between style and fit, and I’m glad I chose the fit because I looked much more natural in a dress that fit like a glove. If a princess style accentuates your shape the best, then for that style. If it’s a mermaid style, then go for that shape!

3) Don’t waste time on the shoes– I get that girls want the look to be perfect, but I was a little more practical when it came to the shoe. As much as I wanted a super bedazzled shoe, I knew it would be the only time I wore them. So, I opted for a nude pair of pumps! I’ve worn them to a lot of events since then, and I’m glad I didn’t overspend on shoes that were barely going to be seen with my gown.

4) Simpler might be better- I remember wanting to have the best dress. Every girl wants to the showstopper. However, accessories are underrated. With my cobalt blue dress, I paired it with a bright orange jeweled statement necklace. The colors were bright and contrasted well. The year after, I bought a plain pleated coral colored dress. I used a blue ribbon to tie at the waist and added another jeweled necklace. Accent your dress! It’ll make your look more original and unique. If your dress is covered in jewels or glitter, try to keep the accessories minimal.

5) Don’t Buy Online- This is obviously my own opinion, because I know a lot of people choose to buy theirs online. However, from my personal experience along with my friend’s, I don’t recommend buying it online. Don’t fall for the pictured looks. I think it’s too risky.The fit could be wrong, or the color could be off. For my case, both were problems, and I ended up with an ill-fitted dress. I then had to scramble to find a new dress.

6) Don’t Stress- Remember to relax. Prom is supposed to be fun. Don’t feel pressured to look perfect. Just try to look like the best version of yourself, and you’ll look beautiful. 🙂

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