5 apps helping me stay sane during lockdown

No, no – I’m not including Deliveroo or UberEats here, but I do appreciate their timeliness.

Supercook: This is a brilliant app. I’m actually jealous of whoever came up with this idea because it’s pure genius. This free app allows you to input all the ingredients in your fridge and pantry and out comes all the possible recipes you can make. Just the other day, I was about to declare yet another trip to the grocery store when I decided to check my app: no, actually, I can make about 800 recipes. And then off I went to make a one pot basil and garlic pasta using up what I already have. It’s very innovative and can expand your cooking repertoire. Another feature I love is that you can choose one ingredient to focus on as well!

Headspace: If you haven’t heard of Headspace, it is a great app for anxiety. The free version of the app focuses on mindfulness and meditation for beginners. The key word is beginner for me. I always use to sit and listen to a short YouTube meditation for all of three minutes before giving up. However, their guided meditations are extremely helpful and can help you dip your toes in. They also break down meditations based on your mood – whether it’s for relieving stress, while you’re panicking, walking home or just something to do before bed. I’ve gone from 5 minute meditations to 10 to 15 and onwards.

Otter: Depending on what job you have, I’m always in Zoom meetings, interviews, and staff briefs throughout the day. Otter is a well-known app among journalists because it records AND transcribes at the same time, which is a godsend for journalists who rather not transcribe an hour long recording. However, for me, it’s also useful for any Zoom meetings where you might need to take notes or write up meeting minutes. It makes working from home that much easier.

Mend: Mend is primarily used for breakups or burnout, but its free version allows you to journal and unlock videos to help you through a rough time. For me, it was a double whammy for both getting over someone and dealing with burnout simultaneously, so I took some time to start journaling about my feelings, and it was very therapeutic. If you’ve never journaled and save your deepest thoughts on your notes app, then give this app a try because you get to both document your feelings in a healthy space, but also get useful advice along the way.

Pinterest: Classic, right? For me, social media can be so toxic sometimes. During the pandemic, there’s been times when I’ve needed to be away from the news and in need of a mental break. Pinterest, however, is the perfectly curated inspiration I could never get sick of. You know how people encourage others to make a mood board to create the life you want to live – it’s a lot easier to manage through Pinterest. From its outfit ideas, mental health advice, affirmations, quotes, recipes and exercises, you can get the same content you get from Instagram and TikTok without the toxicity we’ve all experienced: comparing our blooper reels to everyone else’s highlights.

Canary Wharf Lighting & Getting the Perfect Shot

Here’s a little picture from the Canary Wharf lighting they had a few weeks ago. I saw tons of photos on Instagram prior to going and these were the ones I wanted to hunt down and take pictures with.

These went off every eight minutes which was so funny for photos. Did anyone else start snapping like crazy when the lights started again? It was a timed race to get the perfect picture, which is hilarious in retrospect. Anyway, I’m looking for some more Instagram spots or events in London so if anyone knows any, email me or comment below a favorite spot of yours during the wintertime!

Misguided Little Black Dress


This black dress was such a steal, and it was only £11.00 on sale from Misguided. I love wrap dresses because it really flatters my figure and the slit was a nice little surprise to the dress as well. The dress fit like a glove, and I was nervous because sleeves can be too skinny sometimes, especially lace. Does anyone else have that struggle with long sleeved dresses?

I will say most people who like wrap dresses probably want a super slimming material to cling, but it is a lot of material because there’s a thick overlay of lace. But other than that, this dress was super comfy and can be worn for a number of occasions. Misguided has some other items on sale right now, so check out their latest deals.

Quote of the Day

I will be leaving for London next week, and I am so nervous for this new adventure that I’m embarking on. At the same time, I’m so excited to see the growth I’ll have as I adapt to living there.

All of my travel experiences have definitely left me with tons of fun stories to tell people. I always live my life with the mentality that if something doesn’t work out, at least it’ll make a story with some sort of lesson at the end of the day.

Quote of the Day

It was raining all day, and it reminded me of one of my college friends texting me asking if I wanted to play in the rain. Amused, I thought it was cute at first, but it really is a great mindset to have.

You can dwell on the negatives of a rainy day and stay in bed all day (which isn’t necessarily that bad when you have coffee and Netflix) or you can appreciate the days that aren’t so sunny.

Quote of the Day

Rather than just dropping in a quote, I’ve been elaborating on why a lot of these quotes really speak to me. Yes, this one might be simple, but I think a lot of people have a hard time grasping this concept.

In fact, I’m sure a lot of people misinterpret this. Expectations and standards are two different things, and I think people get confused by the two. When you have standards, you know what you want for yourself and you attract based on the energy and the mindset you give back to people. That’s where appreciation comes in. Positive things happen to positive people, and I can attest to that.

When you expect certain things from people all the time, you’ll likely be disappointed constantly. When you imagine a situation playing out in an exact way, you’ll likely be frustrated when it doesn’t come to fruition.

When it comes to expectations, you can only control one person and that’s yourself. You can choose to stay frustrated because life didn’t go as planned, or you can try to learn from mistakes or mishaps. Life sort of just happens, but your character is more so defined by how you react.

Quote of the Day: Debating About Destiny

Today’s quote is from one of my favorite Selena Gomez’s song “Back to You.” For years, I never believed in destiny. I thought everything just happened randomly. But the past few years have changed my mindset a lot. I think everything happens for a reason, and if something is meant to be, it’ll happen.

Obviously there are exceptions with that. You’re not going to get a dream job by simply waiting or sitting on the couch, but if for some reason, you end up in a certain city or if someone comes into your life, I think it happens for a reason. And if somehow, you hate the city you’re in or things don’t work out with someone, start thinking about why this occurrence is happening to you. People are either a blessing or a lesson in your life.

So why do I love this song so much? I just love that despite everything that might happen with someone, you know you’ll somehow come back to each other whether it takes weeks or years. And if they don’t, then it wasn’t meant to be. Again, obviously there are exceptions, but having this sort of mindset that everything happens for a reason has not only made me happier, but also content with my past.

I’m curious what people think so if you agree or disagree, feel free to comment below!

Quote of the Day

If anyone can give you advice about life and living it to the fullest, it’s definitely Jack Kerouac. What this

Too many times in life, people put their happiness on a pedestal. They say “Once, I get through A, B, and C, I’ll be happy.” Others do it without realizing. They can’t wait until the weekend. They say “I can’t wait to leave this job, or this school,” or whatever stage they’re trying to surpass. Part of success and happiness is the journey that leads up to it. People spend too much time focusing on the future to truly appreciate the present. Life is too short to be taken so seriously, so remember to appreciate the little moments in each day.

Quote of the Day

This is one of my favorite friendship quotes. Real friends are always there for you no matter what without any sort of judgement. They’re there to laugh with you, support you and simply be a shoulder to cry on.

Hope you enjoy this quick post.