M Loves M

I’ve been posting a lot about other bloggers and how inspiring their blogs are. As a new blogger, I find a lot of amazing blogs and websites everyday including M Loves M. I really love her blog and how picturesque it is!

There’s various categories to look at ┬ásuch as travel, weddings, inspiration, recipes, and clothing. There’s a link below to check out the amazing work she’s done!


Also below are some of my favorite photos from her blog along with some thoughts!

blue beaded darling dress M Loves M fashion blogger @marmar
Loving this shift dress! The embellishment and cuffed sleeves adds a sweet touch.

Along with outfits, the recipes are also  neat to check out; especially if you have a sweet tooth. These mini grapefruit cheesecakes look and sound delicious.

mini grapefruit cheesecakes M Loves M @marmar

Then there’s travel and life! What I love about travel and lifestyle blogs is that we get a peak into someone’s life. It includes clothes, different landmarks, food, and much more. M Loves M does a great job at capturing all of these in her blog and photography.

maui hawaii photo diary M Loves M @marmar
Oh Hawaii….. http://www.mlovesmblog.com/search/label/travel%20and%20life

Check out her blog, twitter and instagram for more fun posts and photos! Hope you enjoyed this post! Happy Monday everyone!