The Men Tell All Recap

The Men Tell All was on a Tuesday this season, and honestly, nothing crazy happened. It was an underwhelming episode, but we did get some good moments. Here were some highlights from the episode.

The Men Tell All
  • Chad was great television. Jojo was right. He loves that the episode focused on him for a good portion of the show. I mean, he got his own entrance and that staged scene with him in the trailer. He got his own meat platter.  The thing is that I love Chad’s personality sometimes. He just never takes himself seriously, which is hilarious. His “Thank you Wells. I love you,” was so funny. Love him or hate him, he was a pretty funny dude.
  • Evan looked ridiculous when Chad was right about the shirt pulling video. Honestly, it was about time someone call out Alex and Evan for instigating Chad all of the time. It was way more annoying than anything Chad ever did. Alex picking on Derek was one of the pettiest things I’ve seen all season.
  • Luke was set up perfectly to be the next bachelor. It’s between Luke and Chase, but I think Luke seems to be an audience favorite.
  • Chase confronting Jojo was so sweet. Man, if I was on the show, I’d have Chase, Luke, Wells and James in my final four and would probably choose Chase.XD There were some great guys this season overall.
  • That being said, there were several guys that irritated me including Evan, Alex, Grant and a very attention seeking Santa.
  • The bloopers were pretty funny as always, but I wanted more.
  • We got a sneak peek of Bachelor in Paradise. Amanda and Nick get together,which I’m stoked about. Chad and Lace look to be a total mess. Daniel is back with his buddy Chad. Grant looked like a douche. Caila and Jared get together. And let’s talk about Ashley and Wells. I’m already in love with this pairing because she seems to finally be over Jared. I’ve always liked Ashley and hope she finds someone.

The Bachelorette Review: Down to the Final Four

We’re back with another episode of The Bachelorette, and Jojo is ready for hometown dates. Here’s my recap of the final six.

jojo and horse.jpg

Jordan: Jojo and Jordan had a great connection in this episode. Because there’s been so many rumors surrounding Jordan, we as an audience are supposed to believe Jordan is all bad. And maybe they’re true, but I like that it wasn’t the focus of the episode. They had legitimate chemistry, and I thought he really opened up about his brother.

Luke: Luke and Jojo are great together. To me, he would be the one who would fit in with Jojo’s lifestyle. I also liked how confident he was about figuring out his life with Jojo. He was honest and sweet. Honestly, I’m starting to think he could be the next Bachelor if he doesn’t win. The final two really looks like Jordan and Luke at this point.

Robby: Robby has not been on the show until recently, so his connection with Jojo seems a little off. I really can’t believe he made it so far. The comments about his wandering eye wasn’t really a big deal, but he was clearly annoyed as he should be.

Chase: I like Chase, but I would be shocked if he made it another week. He obviously has a hard time expressing how he feels, and I think Jojo really likes him but continues to push him. When he was on the two on one with Derrek, Jojo made it clear that he needed to step up.

James: Oh James. I really like James, but his jealousy of Robby and Jordan was petty. Luckily, his exit makes up for it completely because he was a total gentleman. He was so sweet and grateful about everything, unlike another person.

Alex: Finally. Alex annoyed me so much every episode, whether it was his pride or just his constant whining. I mean he was so rude even when he left. Jojo let him down so well, but he was so cold leaving her. He wouldn’t let her touch him or comfort him, which is really immature. Honestly, that made me like the song the other guys sang on the bus about Alex.

Other Thoughts:

  • I’m so excited for Bachelor in Paradise! I’m glad to see Carly back.
  • I love how all the guys are just so bromanced.
  • For real, I think Luke is the next bachelor
  • That horse whisperer scene was actually uncomfortable to watch
  • The hotel date seemed like a nice chill day. I loved Chase’s commentary because he was really stuck in the middle of the James and Robby drama.

The Bachelorette Review: Alex is the New Chad

This episode was pretty boring. I’m going to recap the episode and rather than list my top 5, I’ll put my thoughts on everyone since there were only eight people anyway.

Photo from Jojo’s Instagram

Jordan: Jordan and Jojo. She just likes him so much. I didn’t mind Jordan at all in this episode. I’m just wondering if Jojo does pick him, what is the narrative? The edit isn’t exactly showing a love story.

Luke: I  think Luke would be a great choice for Jojo because he seems genuine when he’s with Jojo, but I also like the scenes when we get a glimpse of his personality. His “Are you guys going to kiss?” moment was actually really funny, as well as his “So where are we going next week?”

Robby: Robby is another guy who would be great for Jojo. He came out of nowhere, but it would be interesting if Jojo chose someone who wasn’t edited into the show until recently. Even tonight, we barely saw them together, but they both seem confident about their relationship.

James: Oh, James. I really love how humble James is. He didn’t have to throw Jordan under the bus because he’s got a great personality. Jojo isn’t going to pick

Chase/ Derrek: This two on one was really hilarious in a cringeworthy way. I really like Chase, but he is a little hard to read. He puts together these cute mini dates for Jojo, so I’m not sure why he needed to express anything so blatantly like Jojo wanted. Derrek’s crying was edited in such a ridiculous way.

Wells: Wells is such a sweetheart, but clearly not a match for Jojo. I’d love to see him in paradise.

Alex: Why did Jojo keep Alex? There’s no way she’s picking him. He’s constantly instigating everyone.

Other Random Thoughts:

  • I’m loving Jojo’s style. Her black dress with the leather jacket was so cute. Her blue cocktail dress was also stunning.
  • Lauren and Ben are getting a reality show. I love them, but what could it be about?
  • Derrek is going to have memes with that limo scene.


The Bachelorette: Chad Overload

I’ve been in London for the past week so here is my recap for the past three episodes.


Jojo and James

1-on-1 Dates: 

Derrick: Derrick was the first one on one of the season, and he had a great showing. I liked that he made an effort to be decisive with each choice he was given. I had no idea there was even a Derrick after the first episode but he made a great first impression.

James Taylor:  James is awesome. I love how genuine and sweet he is with Jojo. I loved how outgoing and grateful he seemed during their entire date. The more he is shown the more I like him. That being said, I don’t think Jojo is going to end up with him. I would love it if she did pick him, but I don’t see that happening.

Luke: Luke is someone Jojo really likes just based on body language for the first couple of episodes. When they finally sat down for their date, Luke was so open and honest with Jojo. I really like them together, and see him going very far.

Chase: Chase is also another stand up guy. I loved the mini snow date at the cocktail party and when they went on their date, I really warmed up to him.

Power Rankings:

  1. Jordan– OK, it’s so obvious Jojo loves this guy. She’s already pressuring him for all this validation. She needs it from him because she just loves him. Kaitlyn did it with Shawn and Andi did it with Josh. Now Jojo is doing it.
  2. Luke
  3. Chase
  4. James T.
  5. Robby– Robby is someone I didn’t really think about until last night’s episode where Jojo said she felt comfortable with him even though she didn’t really know him.


Chad gets his own little section on my blog because he was just that much of a character. In episode 2, I actually didn’t mind him. He was pretty hilarious with the West Side Story comment and his commentary during the rose ceremony is gold.

He was also kind of right about saying he’s not going to say he’s falling for Jojo, when he doesn’t even know her. Did he go about it in the right way? Not really, but from Jojo’s perspective, she sees this guy is is being polarizing with how honest he is and she is intrigued by it. Additionally, when he does say he had feelings for Jojo, it’s more believable.

Now in episode 3 and 4, I can’t defend him…at all. The violent threats were absolutely ridiculous.  In what world is violent threats going to look good on television? His self-awareness flew out the window when he grabbed Evan’s shirt. Now I do think the constant pestering from Alex and Evan was a bit too much, but to say he’s going to beat up people is absurd. Now we wait for the epic conclusion of the Chad Saga.

Other Thoughts:

  • Chad’s eating habits at the cocktail party is literally me at any function.
  • The Jojo song had me dying. The bromance is real in the house.
  • That being said, who’s going to be the next villain? The house really bonded with their anti-Chad pact, but he’s gone now.
  • Chad explaining his protein shake analogy was really great.
  • I’m going to miss Chad. 😦
  • Wells was adorable. I think he’s a lock for Bachelor in Paradise. James too.
  • I think if Chase doesn’t win, he’d be a solid Bachelor.
  • Jojo is killing it when it comes to the fashion on the show.

The Bachelorette Review: Damn Daniel

The Bachelorette Season Premiere Recap: JoJo Fletcher Meets the Guys – and Gets Her First Kiss!| ABC, Couples, People Scoop, Reality TV, The Bachelorette, People Picks, TV News, JoJo Fletcher
Jojo and Luke

Here’s my top five after last night.

Luke: I think his entrance was endearing with the unicorn. It was a grand entrance, but it had meaning behind it. He also seems quieter than most of the guys, which hopefully means no drama for the season. He was favorite from the night.

Jordan: Jordan is clearly the frontrunner right now. He and Jojo had an instant attraction, and she seemed comfortable talking to him already. He is going to go really far, but that connection might fade like most first impression rose contestants have had in the past. I think all the guys are going to be super jealous.

Chase: I’m going to pick someone who wasn’t really featured in this episode because Ben wasn’t really featured in Kaitlyn’s season until a few episodes in. I also looked at the bios, and thought Jojo would like him based simply on his photo and picture.

James T.: Personality wise, I loved James. He was endearing when he was talking to Jojo. Jojo seems to fall for bad boys, and he doesn’t really fit that mold. Maybe he’ll be like the Jared of the season, where you’re surprised how far he comes.

Wells: I really liked his personality and he looked better than he did in his bio. I don’t think he’ll be Jojo’s pick, but I’m already thinking about Bachelor in Paradise.

Other Random Thoughts:

  • Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Nick V. surprised everyone by being the man under the Saint Nick costume? XD
  • I didn’t realize hobbies can be occupations: Hipster? Superfan?
  • Speaking of Superfan, he came to the rescue when no one knew who Jake Pavelka was.
  • Chad was a great narrator tonight.
  • Daniel was everything. He was awkward, drunk and jumped into the pool. He was such a mess, and I loved him.
  • I actually liked the scene with Ali, Des and Kaitlyn because they gave some solid advice.
The Bachelorette