The Bachelor Recap: What Just Happened?

I had to watch the episode a bit late, but all my friends told me it was really good drama, and they were right. This episode was so funny and ridiculous. Krystal was crazy. Savage Arie is starting to come out, and Tia stole my heart. Here’s my top 5 frontrunner list for this episode.

Chelsea: Chelsea is one of my favorites this season, and I’m glad I wasn’t quick to judge her even during the first episode. Her date with Arie was super sweet, and they have a good chemistry.

Lauren B: OK, Chelsea and Arie have a good chemistry, but I thought Lauren and Arie’s time together was actually really cute and proved they had even better chemistry together. The game was silly, but it made for them to get to know each other a bit better. I can see Lauren going far after this episode.

Becca K.: Becca got to go to Arie’s room, and she was getting a little worried after feeling like her date was a long time ago. I still think she’s a frontrunner. She’ll probably have a second date in the next couple of episodes.

Tia: Tia and Arie had such a good time together on their date. I kind of wish they didn’t pigeon hole her into this date. Like why couldn’t she have a glamorous date like most of the girls have had so far?

Kendall: Kendall is one of a kind, and she owns it, which is why Arie probably likes her sort of weirdness.

Thoughts on Krystal:

  • Usually I have thoughts on the episode as a whole, but let’s delve into everything that was Krystal. First off, thank you Krystal. She provided the most entertaining two hours of television for me in a while.
  • I mean Krystal went wrong when she didn’t accept responsibility for throwing her little fit.  She just kept making excuses. I feel like if she apologized and just said “You know what guys, I was out of line,” things would’ve been fine. I think Arie is started seeing that sort of manipulative side to her, so she should be leaving sometime soon. We’ll see!
  • Krystal had so many crazy quotes this episode. The glitter one made me laugh because she was so serious when she said it. I thought she was being pretty childish throughout the episode by throwing a fit to get Arie’s attention. I thought the way everyone went about Krystal was interesting.
  • I actually liked Kendall pulling her aside and talking to her so calmly. As much as I love Bekah, I actually didn’t like how she egged on Krystal. She was instigating a lot of the drama too, and I sort of felt like her age was showing a bit in this episode.
  • I think Arie handled the whole thing really well. I’m glad he went up to talk to her before the cocktail party because I mean, she was talking crap about him specifically, so of course, he’d want to get that out of the way, so he can focus on the girls rather than having it hang over the night. All in all, Arie did a solid job this episode, except when he licked the ball. That was gross.
  • I cannot wait until the next episode. They’re going to Paris, which is actually really cool, so I’m excited to see what’s to come.
  • Oh my last thought: Jenna- She was drunk the entire episode. The entire time maybe. It made me laugh so hard.

The Bachelor Blog: Stiletto Power

Raven: I really liked Raven’s date with Nick. It was fun, easygoing and just a nice normal date. But besides that, I love Raven’s personality. She has a sweet southern charm, but she’s also pretty headstrong and confident, which I’m sure is what attracted Nick to her. Her past relationship is super dark, and I love the way she told it without any sort of sugar coating on it. Raven really stood out this episode, and she rose to the top for me in this episode.

Vanessa: Vanessa is such an awesome human being. Her little scrapbook was a cute little reminder of how old school she seems in comparison to the other women. She and Nick have a very strong connection, so we’ll see what happens next.

Corinne: Corinne is crazy, but she wasn’t the craziest person in this episode. To me, Taylor came off as super entitled and demeaning toward Corinne. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Corinne is delusional in some of her thoughts, but at least she owns it and doesn’t bother the other women. She’s not being rude to any of the women, so I’m not sure why some of them feel the need to judge her and question her intentions when they should be focusing on Nick.

Rachel: Rachel is going far! I think she’s just having a slow start. We keep seeing small little scenes between her and Nick, but nobody seems to see her as a legitimate threat. I think she’s going to make it somewhat far, but until we see the one on one date, we will have to wait to see if there is a real connection.

Danielle M: How funny was Danielle when she read the date card? Love her. She just seems so chill.

Other Random Thoughts: 

  • Danielle L. didn’t make my top 5 because I honestly didn’t think there was that much of a real connection between the two of them. She just kept repeating the same thing over and over again. Maybe it was just nerves, but I don’t think there’s much to their relationship.
  • The ex in the coffee shop was just about as real as the girl’s excitement of going to Milwaukee.
  • Seriously, it didn’t add anything to the show really.
  • Bella is killing it. She reminds me of the little sister from 500 Days of Summer.
  • Cristen left! I loved her, and I hope she makes it on BIP.
  • Nick handled Vanessa’s questioning pretty terribly. He really couldn’t defend himself, so he just reassured her. I guess in the moment, it worked out fine, but it did not read well on television.
  • I saw Leah, Olivia and Corrine hanging out together on social media. I love when the villains ban together.


PLL Fashion 7×05

PLL came back with another solid episode and amazing fashion from the episode. Here’s my review of the episode:

Sandro ‘Chunky Knit Zip Back Cropped Sweater’ – $65.00I loved this Sandro crop top from Spencer. It was very nicely paired with wide legged trousers from Zara. I love how it’s ribbed inward and that it was loosely worn.

Levi’s ‘Striped Roll-Tab Shirt’ – $34.99I was loving Emily’s style in this episode. This slouchy pin striped shirt looked comfy and also a little edgy with Emily’s loose waves and leather pants.

Topshop ‘Chevron Print Mini Skirt’ – no longer available– Aria looked incredible in her Topshop skirt  and her off the shoulder top. It was perfectly worn with her long necklace. She really nailed the sleek look for this episode.

Topshop ‘Oversized Biker Jacket’ – $110.00– This was my favorite piece from the episode because I’ve actually been looking for a leather jacket like this one. She wore it with her cute button down for a classic look.

And a huge thanks to PLL Closet for providing the photos and the awesome work she does finding the details for the clothes.



The Bachelorette Review: Broken Bromances

Chad’s gone, and I miss him. He’s just amazing television. This week was a pretty slow episode. It’s almost as if the boys were all getting along so well that the producers threw that magazine in Vinny’s barbershop.

Jordan: OK, so Jojo said she met someone who dated Jordan? How did she know he was going to be on the show? The whole thing seems pretty fishy. Also, I can’t believe Jojo let Jordan off the hook after about 5 minutes. She also said “I feel like you’re mad at me,” after she interrogated him. I love Jojo for bringing it up, but I would’ve ask ten follow up questions.

Robby: Where did Robby even come from? This was his breakout episode, and I actually really liked him. I thought he was great during their one-on-one date too. He was sweet and sensitive but not overly emotional. His story was great, and it made sense that he told Jojo he loved her after one date. I mean, it was way too soon, but it did make sense.

Chase: I really like Chase and appreciated the little mini date he created during the cocktail party. He’s a great catch, and if his personality starts shining through a bit more, then he’d be a great Bachelor.

Luke: Luke is Luke. Very soulful and sweet. I liked the credits scene with his tank top because we finally got to see a different side to him. Those are always the best scenes.

James: So James barely had any screen time, and I’m afraid he’s starting to fade. He’s got a great personality though. He’s so genuine, and I wish Jojo was more into him than she is.

Other Thoughts:

  • The bromances are so real. The barbershop scene, the celebration cake, and the spa day were all hilarious.
  • Jojo’s reaction to the article was insane. I was actually more concerned with how she kept bringing up Ben. She seemed genuinely hurt and I think the magazine was just a plant to create drama, which sucks for Jojo.
  • I mean the rumors could be true, but none of the guys were going to question her after she had been crying.
  • Alex is so annoying. Why is he trying to find things wrong with the other guys?
  • Derek was fine….and the guys overreacted once again.
  • Jojo’s dresses have been so gorgeous lately. I especially loved the silver sparkly dress with the cutout in the back.
  • Wells continues to be adorable.
  • I’m starting to see some names for Bachelor in Paradise, and that’s exciting.


Bachelor in Paradise Review: Sobrero

This is from Tanner and Jared’s Instagram. I love this little friendship.

This week’s episode was interesting with more girls from Chris’s season returning. Things have shifted quite a bit. We also lost three guys right off the bat which was crazy.

Carly and Kirk: I love Carly and Kirk’s personalities. They mesh well and are both charismatic. Their date was really cute, especially with Carly calling her brother. But I can’t believe she missed her brother’s wedding. Well, I guess it depends on how paradise ends. Hopefully, it ends well. They make an adorable pair.

Tanner and Jade: Again, we got some small glimpses of Tanner and Jade doing well. They might be the “Marcus and Lacey” of the season. They’re also the couple I can see surviving in the real world. I know some people think they break up based on the preview, but I don’t buy into that.

Dan/ Ashley S./ Amber: Dan let go of Ashley, and I was so sad for her. He let her down in the nicest way possible, but Ashley was still annoyed at him. Then Amber comes along, and Dan and Amber had a nice date. I enjoyed seeing Dan and Amber because their conversation reminded me of a first date, and not some mushy forever and ever cliche. Remember Michelle and Cody’s wedding shoot? XD

Jared and Ashley I: So Ashley called Jared hot in this episode. That’s it.

Tenley and Joshua: She’s still so amused by his hands.

JJ and Megan: Megan chose JJ for her date, and I kind of thought they’d make a cute, weird couple. But Sobrero? Really?

Joe/ Juelia/ Samantha: I saved this for last because I have a lot of thoughts on this. So the episodes focused on Joe quickly jumping from Juelia to Samantha, and how Samantha and Joe talked before the show and lied to everyone. First, let me say that Juelia was a bit naive. She went a little fast by telling everyone she loved him, and that he would make a great father. And multiple people told her to watch out for Joe, which speaks volumes. However, Joe had no right to talk to Juelia the way he did. He was extremely defensive until Juelia said she wanted to speak to Samantha. Then he started apologizing immediately. He is so manipulative and immature. Good for Juelia when she started saying how she felt played by Joe in front of Samantha. But Juelia didn’t get her revenge yet, because Samantha defended Joe. Things get interesting when Super JJ swoops in for the rescue. JJ has actually grown on me a little. I liked how JJ called out Joe so bluntly. Bless Tanner and Jared who couldn’t handle the confrontation and just sat there.

And Jorge made his debut as Ashley’s counselor. That’s it for these two episodes! Let me know if I forgot to mention something from the episode. Can’t wait for more drama to come.