Summer Wishlist 2017

¡Hola a todos! ¿Qué tal? Espero hayan tenido una excelente semana y que se vayan preparando para los finales. ¿Pueden creer que en 2 semanas se acaba el ciclo? El tiempo pasa demasiado rápido. Hace…

I’m loving the floral, whimsical feel for summer clothing, and I love these looks from Pinterest. They incorporate fun summer patterns and light weight fabric that’s perfect to rock even in hot summer temperatures.

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Project Runway Premiere Review

I’m so pumped that Project Runway is back! It’s been gone for a while, and I’ve missed doing reviews. Here are my thoughts after the first episode. I’ve ranked them based on who I felt should be on the top first.


Let’s start with Erin, who was the winner of the challenge. How cool and calm was Erin, right? Everyone including Tim was freaking out on her behalf, and she knew what she was doing the whole time. The color and textures are so fun, but she manages to make it sleek. I 100% agree with the judges that she deserved to win.


I really thought Jenni was going to be in the top. I love the styling of the braids and slides. The fur coat and painted two piece was so playful, and I thought this was something girls would want to wear.


Tasha has a very cool street style, and I loved the metallic pants she made. It was different from anything we’ve seen in a while, and I liked the simple top with the strappy back. The little purse was also adorable.alex

This was a little safe, but I thought this was one of the most well-executed and sleek of the looks. I like the different layers and textures going on here. dexter

I liked the styling here a lot. The concept is amazing, but I didn’t love the top portion of the dress. It was an unconventional challenge, and this was a runway piece so I’ll give it a pass. Plus, the long hair and earrings give off a boho chic vibe.


People said this belonged in the bottom? This was so pretty and it was made with plates! It definitely was one of my favorite pieces. I don’t care how literal it may be. It was executed perfectly.


I loved the minimalism here. It’s sleek, well-designed and the back is so beautiful. This is a cocktail dress I would totally wear.


This was a safer look. It’s good enough because it’s made with a mashup of materials and it works.


The more I actually look at Nathalia’s look, the more I actually like it. The silver material is gorgeous and the fur sleeves and sleek ponytail make it a solid look.


This was an okay dress, but it had the effect Kimber was going for. It’s a cute little New Year’s Eve dress, but it’s a little too plain and boxy for my taste.


Sarah needs to chill because this little two piece she put out actually worked out pretty well. laurence

I had such high expectations for Lawrence, and I was disappointed that she didn’t make anything that great. At least she admitted it though.roberi

This really shouldn’t have been on the bottom. It was a safe piece as well, but there were plenty of other safes ones that has way less creativity than this one. I’m on Heidi’s side.rick

If Brik just made the top into a black crop top and did a little top knot instead, this look would be fine. But the romantic top and hairdo doesn’t work with these pants. I like Brik, so I hope he pulls it together.


Ian deserved to go home. The fringe is pretty, but when I saw the Polaroids, I was instantly thinking it would be amazing and creative. This was so disappointing and it did deserve to go. But good for Ian for standing by it.


This was my least favorite look. It was so plain and basic. I personally thought this one had the least amount of design, and it was paired with those flats that didn’t really match.

The Bachelorette’s Fashion Profiles

This week, we don’t get an episode of The Bachelorette, but instead, I thought I’d do a fun post about the past Bachelorette’s style. I love how distinct The Bachelorette’s styles have been. They each have their trademark. Here’s a guide to their style!

From left to right: Kaitlyn Bristowe, Ali Fedotowsky, Jojo Fletcher and Desiree Siegfried

If you like Kaitlyn’s style…


I had a lot of fun making Kaitlyn’s profile. She has a youthful, fun-spirited style and it really shines through both on the show and through social media. I picked out a lot of casual sweaters and tees because she has a tomboy vibe. She does have a modern twist to her style though by wearing bomber jackets and leather jackets. For dresses, she’ll wear bodycon dresses and I thought the little button down tied to the waist added some edge.


If you like Ali’s style…..Ali

Ali’s style is very girl next door. I gave her some brighter pieces because I constantly see her wearing colors and prints on her Instagram. I also added some bobo pieces with the fringe and tassels. Mostly, I wanted to focus on color for Ali’s style. She used to have a very simple style, but it had definitely transformed into a more girly vibe.

If you like Desiree’s style….


I love that Desiree has a much different style than past leading ladies. The mom-to-be has a sweeter style and I notice she wears a lot of lace and fit and flares when it comes to dresses. I also added some edgier pieces like a leather jacket because she does balance out romantic pieces.

If you like Andi’s style….


Andi had a very classic feel to her pieces when she was The Bachelorette. I gave her a more modern blazer with the cut and color. I also gave some preppy prints such as gingham and polka dots. She also had a very casual style so I added some simple black jeans and the chambray dress.

Finally, if you like Jojo’s style….


Jojo has a very summery fun style. The long sleeved romper seemed very Jojo because she doesn’t shy away from color and her clothes are very whimsical. The clutches seemed very bold and fun too. I also did an off the shoulder dress and a strappy crop top because she does have a lot of hot trends in her wardrobe.

To make these collages, I was able to use It’s an awesome website and it’s free so I definitely recommend it!

I don’t claim to be some sort of expert on their styles, but I thought these were good representations of their fashion sense. I hope you enjoyed this post.


Pretty Little Liars Fashion Recap

I binged the rest of this season of Pretty Little Liars, so I decided to have a season recap of their fashion. I really love Aria, Hanna and Emily’s styles this season. I also love Spencer but her style is definitely different from my own. I think I have one outfit of hers and it’s a flashback.

Follow PLL Closet on Tumblr. I was able to find the Liar’s outfits here, and I really love her work. She has all the details for their clothing so check it out.

I love this lace shirt. From afar, it looked like a print. She wore this top with short shorts, so I think they balanced each other out. 

Paul & Joe Sister ‘Adagio Top’ – $222.00 (similar)

I’m loving Emily’s style. It’s definitely surprising to see her in dresses and vests once in a while. She’s also wearing a lot of leather. This vest is really cute to wear with dresses or tanks for the spring.

Topshop ‘Sleeveless Faux Leather Biker Jacket’ – $90.00

Even though Hanna was miserable at her shower, I thought she looked glowing in this dress.

Naeem Khan ‘Mixed Lace Strapless Dress’ – no longer available

I love that Emily wore this relaxed little dress. It’s cute, casual and her style has a “girl next door” quality to it, whereas the other girls dress more professionally and elegant.

Equipment ‘Lucida Dress’ in Star Print – $268.00

I’m a huge fan of Rompers, especially the ones with billowing sleeves. It’s very boho chic. 

Chaser ‘Burnout Velvet Romper’ – $198.00

Spencer wore this dress in a flashback, but I loved how unexpected it was. Spencer is so used to looking structured, so it’s nice to see a change.

For Love & Lemons ‘Vika Mini Dress’ – $237.00

This dress is not something  I’d see Aria wearing, but I actually really loved how she looked in it. I love the black overlay on the top. It has a romantic feel so it was appropriate for her parent’s wedding.

Sandro ‘Rozen Dress’ – $510.00

I loved this print. Aria wore mostly prints all season and it really worked for her style. She definitely toned it down from her edgy style in the previous seasons.

Topshop ‘Scarf Print Placement Tee’ – $68.00

Pretty Little Liars Prom Dresses 6×09

It was prom night on Pretty Little Liars, and I was so excited to see the fashion. It definitely didn’t disappoint. Here are my thoughts on all the dresses.

Tarik Ediz ‘92578 Dress’ – $1,390.00

Ali’s dress is so gorgeous. I’m not huge on tulle, but I love the color with the lace overlay. I also think the gold belt finishes the look to be luxurious. I also really liked the bright red lip and Hollywood styled curls. Overall, this is one of my favorite looks from Ali on the entire show.

Walter Mendez ‘Nora Gown’ – $1,695.00

If I had to choose a prom dress, I would have a hard time choosing between Ali’s glam styled dress and Spencer’s sleek gown. I think I’d wear this dress though because I love the way it hugs Spencer so effortlessly. I like the high neck, the rich color, and I love her loose tresses with the dress.

Alice + Olivia ‘Kesten Fitted Cropped Top’ – $118.80 Alice + Olivia ‘Tina Long Ball Gown Skirt’ – $418.00

This is the cute dress Aria found and it “literally spoke to her.” It’s very Snow White, and I’m actually surprised that Hanna didn’t wear a crop top and long skirt,

Michael Costello ‘Fall 2015 Gown’ – not available online

Emily’s dress is another surprise. I like that they gave her a form fitting dress to wear and it almost has a menswear feel on the top with a suited bodice. I also like that she got to have a darker villainous outfit compared to the other girls’ glittery glam dresses.

Sherri Hill ‘Fall 2015 Gown’ – not available online

I really like the sleeves on the this dress. The gold embroidery has a royal vibe from it and the high low style allows her boots to show off. It definitely has a very powerful feel as well.

Overall, I liked all the dresses this year. This one is very memorable with a fairy tale theme as well.

PLL Fashion: 6×03

I liked all the girl’s outfits for their first day back at school. Too bad Hanna was the only one to show up. My favorite look was Emily’s jumpsuit from this week’s episode.  Here are some of my other favorite looks from this week’s episode.

Opening Ceremony ‘Slash Pool Jacquard V-Neck Dress’ – $296.98

I love this fit and flare dress for Hanna. The soft colors and fun shapes definitely fit with Hanna’s style. Her waist was also accentuated with a black belt and strappy shoes.

RVN ‘Scorpio Lace Jacquard Peplum Top’ in Pink – no longer available

I loved this peplum top for Aria. The colors are definitely Aria’s style. The lace detail is also interesting along with the edgy belt Aria paired with the top to balance out the softness from the pink and the lace.

Enza Costa ‘Camo Print Linen Jumpsuit’ in Army Cahira – $275.00

Emily’s wearing a jumpsuit. Of course, it’s camo and comfy. I like how fun this jumpsuit is. It’s casual enough to lounge around in, but it still makes a bold statement. I want this camo jumpsuit too.

Check out the PLL Closet on Tumblr for all updated fashions.×03

Style Icon: Emily Blunt

I’m a huge Emily Blunt fan, and her style is so fun. She loves playing with different textures and colors. One of my favorites is the orange gown below. It’s such a beautiful color. She wears a variety of colors, and I love the earrings she pairs with her dresses. Here are some of my favorite looks.

Style Icon: Lucy Hale

I love Pretty Little Liars, and think all the leads are fabulous. Lucy Hale is so pretty, and I love a lot of her red carpet looks. On the show, her character’s style is edgy and crazy whereas Lucy’s style is more fun and flirty. Here are some of my favorite looks.
Lucy Hale Fishtail Dress

The Bachelorette Review & Fashion

It is two episodes into The Bachelorette, and I’m here to review the first two episodes, the fashion from the girls, and my top 5 picks.

Last season, during The Bachelor, I made a ranking of the dresses all the girls wore. If I’m remembering right, I think Becca’s dress was on top for me. So I won’t be ranking the suits on the guys, but I did have a few thoughts on the two bachelorette’s dresses.

I really loved both Britt and Kaitlyn’s dress that they wore on night one. I felt like the soft, grecian dress matched Britt’s personality more. Her hair also looked amazing with it swept on one side. The sparkly dress on Kaitlyn clearly matched her firecracker personality. I liked Kaitlyn’s dress slightly more, but I thought both girls looked gorgeous.

Now since I won’t be ranking the guy’s fashion (unless I’m really impressed), I thought I would pick my top 5 picks for the season.

1) Cupcake Chris- I’m really biased with this pick because his entrance was by far my favorite thing ever! He’s actually my lock screen on my phone right now. XD I’m not even sure if Kaitlyn really likes this guy, but he rode in on a cupcake, and kissed Kaitlyn on Night 1. He was also such a lovable dork during Episode 2, when he was telling everyone how unfunny he was.

2) Shawn B.- Kaitlyn definitely likes this guy a lot. After Night 1, he snagged the first impression rose and kissed Kaitlyn. I’m not sure if he’s going to win, but he’s going far. He was downplayed during Episode 2, so I think he could be a winner, despite the omen of the first impression rose.

3) Ian- Ian is the Whitney of this season. He mentioned that he’s only here for Kaitlyn, and I think those types of contestants make it really far. I love that he took her aside during Episode 2 to where they first met. He’ll also go far, but I’m not sure if he can win.

4) Joe- After seeing Kaitlyn fall for Farmer Chris last season, I think this guy has potential. He wins points for bringing moonshine for Kaitlyn and for stealing her away for one on one time during Episode 2. His “Well I’ll be,” statement was also adorable. He seems endearing with his southern charm so far, and could definitely be a dark horse.

5) Ben Z- He and Kaitlyn had a great conversation during the boxing date. He got a group date rose, and they had great chemistry. He’ll make it at least to top six.

Random Thoughts:

– The whole two Bachelorette thing just didn’t work. It got the drama the producers wanted, but I felt so bad for Britt (even as a Kaitlyn fan). If it wasn’t for Brady leaving to be with Britt, the producers would have more backlash.

–  Tony and Ashley S would be perfect together on Bachelor in Paradise

– When Kaitlyn said she’s never felt closer to love at first sight than with Shawn B, that was my thought with the Cupcake.

-Amy reminding JJ that he isn’t that smart was so funny.

– I thought JJ would be the new Nick V, but it looks like Nick V. will be on the season.

– I saw some funny tweets about Kupah showing up on the ABC show The Whispers