Your Bachelorette Contestant Soulmate Based on Your Star Sign

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This is an article I recently wrote to have a little fun with this season of the Bachelorette! I’d love if people could check it out. If you love the show, I think you’ll like this post :


The Bachelor Blog: Just Corrine

What a mess of an episode. It was a little frustrating that it’s only episode two, and it’s already the Corinne show. It took away from the other girls, and while I usually love the drama, it was overkill. The Liz drama was way more interesting, especially with Christen knowing everything.

Raven: I really liked Raven’s one on one time with Nick. It felt genuine, and I liked how easygoing their conversation was about their past relationships. She definitely might be a dark horse.

Vanessa and Rachel: Vanessa and Rachel were people that had zero screen time, but I thought were going to make it far. Vanessa calling out Nick next week will be amazing, and I think Nick will respect her for asking that in the first place. After all, his actions with Corinne were questionable.

Corrine: Corrine was so exhausting after this episode. She was such a trainwreck with all her insecurities bleeding everywhere in two hours. I honestly felt bad for her that she felt like she had to intervene so many times to talk to Nick. I’ll defend Nick a little bit in this episode because I do think he was encouraged by the producers to give her the rose. If it were Ben, they’d encourage him to give it to whoever he wants because Ben is known for being the “perfect guy.” But Nick has a little more edge to him, and they probably know it’s going to ruffle feathers.

Danielle: Danielle is a sweetheart. You heard all the other girls being happy for Danielle for getting the first date. She’s a little soft-spoken for Nick, but I won’t rule her out for that simple fact. She’s a strong woman for sure with her backstory, and I can see her making it pretty far.

Other Random Thoughts:

  • Cristen was amazing in this episode, and I thought she handled herself fairly well. Telling Nick about Liz was probably not the best, but it wasn’t forced by any means. It seemed pretty natural in conversation, and her read on the whole situation was on point. I’d be friends with her in real life.
  • Liz and Nick handled the situation pretty terribly. Nick was so cold and distant toward her, and she expected him to act normal. Her breakup speech to him was definitely relatable. I mean, every girl wants a guy to fight for her. In this case, there was just a lot of miscommunication between the two of them, and that was the end of it. Boy, it was awkward television, but it was entertaining too. I think Liz was being a little too hard on Nick, and I think Nick just didn’t know how to handle the whole situation.
  • Taylor isn’t in my top 5 because I really didn’t think Nick was all that into her, but that was just based on body language.
  • The slap was so overplayed in the promos, and I knew it’d be too good to be true.

My Thoughts on Degrassi Next Class Season 3

Degrassi Next Class came back with a riveting season filled with drama, relationships and darker elements than ever before. I binged the whole season in a day and the final episode was extremely intense. Before you read on, there are spoilers below!

Zoe’s Sexuality: Zoe’s sexuality was one of the highlights of the season. It’s incredible that we see her come to terms with her sexuality in the final episode of season 2. In season 3, she embraces her sexuality, which is amazing to see after trying to avoid it for so long. She’s the strong female leader I always knew she would become after seeing her bully people for years. She’s using her powers for good by taking over Tristan’s presidency and being a awesome support for characters like Grace, Miles and Winston. However, her storyline focused on the relationship with her mother. It’s sad to see Zoe mistaken her mom’s denial for acceptance, and the fact that she was kicked out of her house following her mother’s wedding is brutal. It’s funny how all these former flames of Zoe’s end up being her support throughout her relationship with Rasha. I love her friendship with Grace and Winston, and I’m liking the budding relationship between Rasha and Zoe. There’s a lot of complexity to their relationship that goes beyond sexuality, and I’m excited to see it unfold.

Maya’s Depression: Maya’s spiraling was intense and uncomfortable, but at the same time, I couldn’t wait to see Olivia Scriven’s acting chops come into play. Her character is known for being the voice of reason and the generally positive bubbly girl from the bunch. But Maya isn’t that girl anymore, and she becomes frustrated that she can’t flip a switch. I can’t relate to Maya’s depression, but I totally related to her wanting to go back to when she was in a happier place. So she tries going back to Grace and Zig, but it just didn’t work for her. Seeing Maya’s anger toward her mom was unnerving and while it was nice to see the return of Katie, I knew there was more to the story. In its conclusion, I had no idea what was going to happen, and I honestly thought there could be a chance she jumped from the building. Seeing all her friends in the hospital crying was a tender moment, and I’m interested to see Maya’s recovery.

Lola’s Abortion: Lola’s abortion was the hot topic of this season. I know some people will watch it and be horrified by how casual the whole episode was about the subject, but that was the point of the episode. Sometimes it isn’t this dramatic scene where she’s sobbing right before the procedure. In the earlier generation of Degrassi, Manny had an abortion storyline that caused controversy because she wasn’t emotional right before her abortion. I really appreciate the writers sticking with their beliefs, and if I’m being biased, it’s because my beliefs happen to align with the episode. Lola was entitled to get the abortion because it’s her body, and she shouldn’t have to feel anything if that’s not what she’s feeling. It was told with uncertainty throughout the episode, but I was happy to see Yael being the surprise support system for Lola. People might not agree with what she does, but I believe that’s our reality today. And the fact that she owned it was commendable.

Grace’s Health: Grace’s story was perfectly summed up by Jonah who says at one point. “All this time, I thought you were afraid of dying, but it’s living that you’re afraid of.” It’s easy for Grace to just shorten her life by refusing the surgery, but like most people, she fears the future. What drives the episode home is Maya’s limited role toward the end when Grace realizes she’s not even close to embracing death the way Maya has been all season.

Frankie and Jonah: Frankie and Jonah’s relationship was tested in the sleepover episode, where Frankie decides it’s time for her and Jonah to have sex. Everything about Frankie’s neediness is something many girls can relate to. She’s insecure about being immature and constantly puts Jonah on a pedestal. Her relationship was on Jonah’s terms in many ways. The ironic part being that they just want to make each other happy, as we later see Jonah vent to Grace. Her obsessive behavior is definitely something she needed to take a step back from, and it was very mature of her to take a break from him.

Tiny and Shay: Tiny and Shay are in many ways an unlikely couple. I love the episode where she’s insecure about her period and the sleepover episode. For me, it depicts all of Shay’s insecurities in two episodes. Between Lola and the experience Tiny already has, we see her struggle to keep up with her relationship. They make it through alive, which is an accomplishment after this season.

Esme in General: Esme is the girl people love to hate as they watch this season. She really is awful and clearly has issues getting along with other girls. The way she bullies and talks to Shay and Maya in such a demeaning manner is something we haven’t seen in a while.

Miles and Tristan: Tristan is MIA this season, but it leaves Miles in a total dilemma of whether to move on or stay by his side. My favorite scene was when he was crying for Tristan to wake up as Zoe embraces him for comfort. When Tristan returns, we’re left with the mystery of whether Tristan knows about Miles and Lola. As far as Lola being his support, it made a lot more sense and their friendship seemed natural. They’re extremely unlikely but they started liking each other through their own despairs. When they hooked up, the morning after scene was tender but still telling of Miles’s guilt.

Yael and the boys: Hunter and his friends were used humorously this season as they had several funny light-hearted storylines. I appreciate the innocence they bring to the show. I loved the sleepover episode because the dynamic between Hunter, Vijay and Baez brought me back to Toby and JT episodes. I also thoroughly enjoyed Yael’s makeup storyline as two females put her in her place for shaming women who use makeup.

The Bachelor Blog: 27 Red Dresses

The Bachelor is back, and I’m late with my review already! Here are my top 5 after episode 1, along with some other random thoughts.

Rachel: Rachel reminds me so much of Andi, and Nick has always liked strong independent women, so it’s no surprise he liked Rachel because she gives off a very put together and confident attitude in the limited time she has with Nick. They had a very easygoing conversation, and her red dress didn’t get in the way of the first impression rose.

Vanessa: I really like Vanessa already. I feel like I’d be friends with her in real life. She just seems very genuine and her and Nick had a nice connection. Nick also said “She’s a keeper,” which is way more of a compliment in all honesty than saying she’s pretty or cute.

Danielle L: Danielle is someone who I’ll put as my dark horse. She’s beautiful and came off really well in the first episode.

Corinne: Corinne said about thirty things that made me cringe in the first episode. She seems like such a great villain. Olivia was always somewhat likable in Ben’s season, so it’s always nice to have a villain that just makes the show more entertaining. She’s aggressive and I’m 100 percent positive that Nick will consider the fact that he was painted a villain in his season if the other women say she’s no good.

Sarah: Sarah was the girl that ran up in sneakers as the “runner up” and although most of the intro corniness makes me want to barf, I thought it was pretty cute. She also wore that really pretty lavender gown.

Other Thoughts

  • I don’t know what’s worse, that the shark wore her costume all night or that she’s 23 years old going on the show.
  • Haley might be better off with Daniel/
  • The girls needed to chill with the red dresses. It’s the Bachelor, not prom.
  • OK, regarding the Liz thing. It seemed super awkward. When she explained herself, it really didn’t make sense when they were talking, but maybe that was just nerves. The whole exchange between them seemed a bit forced. I will defend her for a second though because I could completely understand the idea that she thought it would be exciting to see him again. Poor girl is getting beat up on Twitter, but I get where she’s coming from.
  • How the heck did Olivia not make it? She came in with the fur coat and was so charming.
  • Jimmy Kimmel had both Andi, Kaitlyn and Nick on the show, and man was it awkward!
  • It looks like a drama packed season, and I’m stoked.
  • I’m curious to know what others think of the whole Liz thing so comment below!

BIP Review: Three Engagements

Carly and Evan: I really like these two. They had a wacky story in paradise, but it worked out in a pretty entertaining way. It made me so happy to see them in such a giddy state throughout their date. I’ve always liked Carly, but I actually warmed up quite a bit for Evan. In all honesty, Carly and Evan’s proposal was the most heartfelt, and if I had to put my money on any of these engagements turning into marriages, I’d pick these two.

Lace and Grant: Lace and Grant got tattoos, and it was so random. I think the show tried to make them seem more unsure than they actually were. I also liked their engagement, and I really like that Grant appreciates Lace’s craziness. We’re all looking for someone to put up with our inner nuttiness.

Amanda and Josh: As much backlash as these two have gotten, I do think Amanda and Josh are pretty compatible. Josh and Andi seemed like they’d have a constant power struggle whereas Amanda just seems like a laid-back kind of girl. I think they might last, but I’m not positive if all these couples can handle the tabloids.

Jen and Nick: Nick and Jen had a great date, and then all of the sudden, she was dumped by Nick. I have no idea when that clicked for him, but it did. Tenley did the same thing, but I guess Nick is getting more heat for it. I will say I do feel bad for Jen throughout all of this craziness with Nick becoming the bachelor. I love Nick, but it must really suck to be in her position.

Wells and Ashley: I like Wells and Ashley, but I think they just came into paradise too little too late. Had they started off in the beginning, I could definitely see them lasting. They were a very quirky couple, but I hope they remain friends.

Brett/ Izzy/ Vinny: I felt so sorry for Izzy, but that’s karma man. Love that Vinny was like “Who this?” when Izzy called. She was such a mess, but Vinny wouldn’t even give her a chance. I really liked Vinny and Izzy together, but they seem pretty over at this point.

That’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed my Bachelor in Paradise coverage for the season. I can’t wait to see Nick’s crazy adventure unfold. I’ll be back next year for Bachelor coverage.


BIP Review: The Silver Fox, Papa Bear & Lamp Guy

Caila/ Jared/ Ashley:  Okay, so I might have an unpopular opinion, but I don’t blame Ashley for her actions entirely. Does she sometimes go overboard? Of course. But Caila and Ashley were friends prior to the show, and Caila specifically said she was never going to go for him. If I vented to my friend about trying to get over someone, I would be so upset if that friend started dating him. Wells needs to come already because 1) He’s awesome, and 2) Ashley needs to move on.

Izzy and Vinny: I really loved these two. I was rooting for them to last. I really loved Vinny on BIP, and he honestly just seems like a normal dude. Izzy can’t help how she feels, but she definitely could’ve handled it better. But at the same time, if she really loved Vinny, she wouldn’t be feeling doubtful. I like them both and wish nothing but the best for these two.

Lace and Grant: Lace seems like a handful after this episode. Bless Grant for the upcoming episodes.

Jen and Nick: Jen and Nick are such a cool couple. I love Nick’s honesty throughout this season and appreciate that Jen confronted him about being scared again. I’m rooting for you Nick!

Carly and Evan: Carly and Evan are easily the most entertaining couple simply because of their personalities. Between Evan’s constant excitement and Carly’s hilarious commentary, I think they’re the most real couple on paradise right now.

Ryan and Haley: The Silver Fox nabbed Haley and they had such a cute little date.

Emily and Carl: Emily and Carl were literally having the time of their lives on the date they went on. It was so funny to Emily all giddy.

Amanda and Josh: I like that these two comforted Izzy after the Vinny situation.

Lamp Guy: Who knew lamp guy was going to have such an impact just by being there?

Anyway, to check out more BIP fashion, click on the link I left below the photo for more fashion from the episodes.



The Bachelorette Review: 50 Closest Friends

The Bachelorette came back with hometown dates. First let me say that hometown dates are usually the most boring episodes from the past, but this one was actually pretty descent. Here are my thoughts on each of Jojo’s suitors.

Jordan: Jordan’s date was pretty drama free. Everything seemed to go right. Why did Jojo bring up Aaron so much? And why were there two extra chairs at dinner? Besides that, I think  it’s very clear that Jojo seemed the most giddy for this hometown date. Was it just me? Also, Jojo continues to show how scared she was, and continues to drop Ben’s name all the time.

Luke: Luke’s date was with 50 of his closest friends, which sounded as ridiculous as it seemed. The problem with this date was that it wasn’t intimate compared to the other dates. We didn’t get to see Jojo have moments with Luke’s mother, and who knows, maybe that was edited out. What we got more of was Luke’s amazing grand gesture. They have a kiss at sunset and he leads her to a candlelit path with petals in the shape of a heart. However, Jojo is all about words of affirmation rather than grand gestures, so it almost appeared as though Chase mustering up the courage to whisper he’s falling in love was more than Luke’s gesture. So when Jojo told the producers she wanted to send home Luke, I bet another producer told Luke she was questioning him and told him to tell her before it’s too late. You know, for added drama.

Chase: I have such a weird crush on Chase. He’s so handsome and honestly very genuine. For some people, he might not show as much emotion, but it’s better than the forced I love yous we get from other guys. His crying seemed very real, and I believe he really is falling for Jojo. I was almost sure that Chase was going home going into the episode but pleasantly surprised by how well he came off.

Robby: So more than ever this season, we’re getting these bits where the media comes into play. This time, it seemed a little more legit than the magazine stunt. Robby’s mom basically says that his ex’s roommate said he broke up with his girlfriend to be on television. I mean, he might have. Caila did, and she didn’t get any backlash. Regardless, I really liked how Jojo handled it. She made it very clear that she doesn’t want to be a rebound and Robby assured her that it wasn’t the case.

So anyway, we’re getting two episodes on Monday and Tuesday. If anything, I think Luke will still go home, and with the way they edited him tonight, I think we know who the next bachelor will be. The Men Tell All will definitely be interesting. I’m cool with Luke being the bachelor as long as he provides us with that humor he does every so often.

Also, if you loved Jojo’s gorgeous rose ceremony dress, here are the details:

Hope you enjoyed my review!