The Bachelorette: Chad Overload

I’ve been in London for the past week so here is my recap for the past three episodes.


Jojo and James

1-on-1 Dates: 

Derrick: Derrick was the first one on one of the season, and he had a great showing. I liked that he made an effort to be decisive with each choice he was given. I had no idea there was even a Derrick after the first episode but he made a great first impression.

James Taylor:  James is awesome. I love how genuine and sweet he is with Jojo. I loved how outgoing and grateful he seemed during their entire date. The more he is shown the more I like him. That being said, I don’t think Jojo is going to end up with him. I would love it if she did pick him, but I don’t see that happening.

Luke: Luke is someone Jojo really likes just based on body language for the first couple of episodes. When they finally sat down for their date, Luke was so open and honest with Jojo. I really like them together, and see him going very far.

Chase: Chase is also another stand up guy. I loved the mini snow date at the cocktail party and when they went on their date, I really warmed up to him.

Power Rankings:

  1. Jordan– OK, it’s so obvious Jojo loves this guy. She’s already pressuring him for all this validation. She needs it from him because she just loves him. Kaitlyn did it with Shawn and Andi did it with Josh. Now Jojo is doing it.
  2. Luke
  3. Chase
  4. James T.
  5. Robby– Robby is someone I didn’t really think about until last night’s episode where Jojo said she felt comfortable with him even though she didn’t really know him.


Chad gets his own little section on my blog because he was just that much of a character. In episode 2, I actually didn’t mind him. He was pretty hilarious with the West Side Story comment and his commentary during the rose ceremony is gold.

He was also kind of right about saying he’s not going to say he’s falling for Jojo, when he doesn’t even know her. Did he go about it in the right way? Not really, but from Jojo’s perspective, she sees this guy is is being polarizing with how honest he is and she is intrigued by it. Additionally, when he does say he had feelings for Jojo, it’s more believable.

Now in episode 3 and 4, I can’t defend him…at all. The violent threats were absolutely ridiculous.  In what world is violent threats going to look good on television? His self-awareness flew out the window when he grabbed Evan’s shirt. Now I do think the constant pestering from Alex and Evan was a bit too much, but to say he’s going to beat up people is absurd. Now we wait for the epic conclusion of the Chad Saga.

Other Thoughts:

  • Chad’s eating habits at the cocktail party is literally me at any function.
  • The Jojo song had me dying. The bromance is real in the house.
  • That being said, who’s going to be the next villain? The house really bonded with their anti-Chad pact, but he’s gone now.
  • Chad explaining his protein shake analogy was really great.
  • I’m going to miss Chad. 😦
  • Wells was adorable. I think he’s a lock for Bachelor in Paradise. James too.
  • I think if Chase doesn’t win, he’d be a solid Bachelor.
  • Jojo is killing it when it comes to the fashion on the show.

Valentine’s Day Q&A

So I asked my friends for questions about Valentine’s Day, and I thought these questions were really relatable, so I decided to share my advice to them.Of course, they’re anonymous!

I just want to preface this by saying that I’m not an expert, and this is just my own personal opinion.

Q: Should I get a gift on a first date?

A: I think if it is a first date, then flowers,chocolates, or a teddy bear is fine. However, if you’ve known the person for a long time, then a little thought should be put into the gift. Thoughtful gifts can be risky sometimes but if done right, they can be very special.

Q: I’m single on Valentine’s Day. What should I do that night?

A: Honestly, I wouldn’t do anything out of the ordinary unless you want to spend the night with your friends watching movies and eating chocolates. Also, remember the other loves in your life including you parents, best friends and siblings!

Q: My relationship is on the brink of sinking. How should we handle the entire day? Should we break up before? Should we celebrate?

A: This was definitely the hardest question of the bunch! Valentine’s Day can heighten your feelings and make you feel the pressure. If you’ve been in a relationship for years, then I suggest hitting pause for the day and agreeing to spend the day together. Obviously that’s easier said than done! If you’ve been dating for a few months or so, then I think it’s up to a person’s comfort level. Still regardless of the length of the relationship, it is important to communicate. If you’re feeling so uncomfortable, that you can’t even talk to your significant other about a single day, then maybe there is a major problem with the relationship.

Q: How should you approach a guy/girl if you’re interested in them?

A: If by “approaching”, you mean talking to this person for the first time, then this is clearly based on physical attraction alone. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I do think you should get to know someone before committing a date with them. Also, lower your expectations. Chances are if you think they’re physically attractive, then your expectations on their personality might be too high! So I think the easiest way to approach someone is to ask them a question. It could be about anything. If he or she seems more interested or eye contact lingers, then introduce yourself.

Q: First date ideas?

A: I always think dinner and a movie is sweet and simple, but if you can find something creative like laser tag then go for it! Don’t just go for a movie though! It’s two hours of silence, so it’ll be awkward, and you won’t get to know them. I think concerts are great too because you can focus on the music and still have a conversation.

Again, this was just my own opinion and thanks to my friends for sending questions in! If you want advice, leave a comment or email me! Hope everyone has a fantastic Valentine’s Day! Happy Friday!