SRtrends: 10 Fall Accessories Every Girl Needs

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Here’s an article that I recently wrote about fall fashion. Enjoy!


OOTD 08/02/15

IMG_5776-Elephant Printed Tank by Threads Studios

-Blue and Orange Printed Shorts by Bebop

I thought this was a nice, simple outfit for the summer. These shorts are really comfy but can still make an outfit look put together. I also liked the print on my gray tank and it made for a nice tribal feel to the outfit.

The Bachelorette Finale Review

It’s finally over, and I’ve got to say that the finale went by kind of quickly. Last season, it dragged for me, but the two hours flew by for me. It wasn’t that dramatic by any means, but I do have some thoughts on Shawn and Nick.

Shawn: I know some people are firmly Team Nick or Shawn, but I’m neither really. I just think the two guys got off on the wrong foot. And FINALLY, we get to see some cute moments between Shawn and Kaitlyn. This entire season was fogged by the stupid drama between Shawn and Nick, and we didn’t get to see why Kaitlyn liked Shawn so much. Now I get why. They had a lot of giddy moments during their last date, and though the first part was awkward, I’m glad they communicated that so effortlessly. His gift was also so thoughtful, and trumped Nick’s gift. And he was great during the family meeting. You can clearly see how in love Kaitlyn is with Shawn.

Nick: Poor Nick. He got second place twice, but I do think he handled himself way better than last season. The breakup was so uncomfortable to watch, especially because Kaitlyn let him get pretty far with his proposal. I also think he was unfair to get all upset over how much effort she put into the relationship. Wasn’t she supposed to? But during the After the Final Rose, he definitely redeemed himself a little bit.

Other Random Thoughts:

– Kaitlyn told her family that she slept with Nick? That’s also uncomfortable for Nick.

– Shawn asked for Kaitlyn’s mom and dad’s approval, instead of just her dad. I really loved that.

– I loved all the clothes Kaitlyn wore in this episode. She wore a blood orange lace dress and then a yellow/blue fit and flare dress. Both were adorable. I also liked her finale dress a lot. It was a soft blush color that complimented Kaitlyn’s skin.

– What was with the ring throwing? It was so dramatic and silly. He was devastated…Remember how chill Becca was when she got rejected?

– The Shawn/ Nick confrontation was so unnecessary. Their compliments in the beginning were so funny, and then they both say how much they regretted their petty drama. BUT Shawn said Nick said something in the house that they weren’t going to get into. Did anyone else catch that?

– Shawn knows how to please a crowd by throwing out a Ben H. mention.

– Shawn and Kaitlyn both seem really in love, and I hope they last. I didn’t see Chris or Andi ending up with their final picks, but I feel good about this couple. They kind of remind me of Des and Chris, who had to go through so much on the show, and it only made them stronger.

Bachelor in Paradise starts on Sunday, and I’m so excited. It looks like a crazy mess.

PLL Fashion: 6×03

I liked all the girl’s outfits for their first day back at school. Too bad Hanna was the only one to show up. My favorite look was Emily’s jumpsuit from this week’s episode.  Here are some of my other favorite looks from this week’s episode.

Opening Ceremony ‘Slash Pool Jacquard V-Neck Dress’ – $296.98

I love this fit and flare dress for Hanna. The soft colors and fun shapes definitely fit with Hanna’s style. Her waist was also accentuated with a black belt and strappy shoes.

RVN ‘Scorpio Lace Jacquard Peplum Top’ in Pink – no longer available

I loved this peplum top for Aria. The colors are definitely Aria’s style. The lace detail is also interesting along with the edgy belt Aria paired with the top to balance out the softness from the pink and the lace.

Enza Costa ‘Camo Print Linen Jumpsuit’ in Army Cahira – $275.00

Emily’s wearing a jumpsuit. Of course, it’s camo and comfy. I like how fun this jumpsuit is. It’s casual enough to lounge around in, but it still makes a bold statement. I want this camo jumpsuit too.

Check out the PLL Closet on Tumblr for all updated fashions.×03

My Favorite Looks From Olivia Palermo

It was so hard to narrow down my favorite looks from my favorite style icon. Olivia Palermo is so refined and sleek, but she also loves playing with fun prints and shapes. I posted my top ten favorite looks from her, and you can check them out below.

Check out her blog:

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New Darlings

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought I’d share this adorable couple’s blog.

Their photography is amazing and their blog has everything I need: food, fashion, stunning scenery, beauty tips and just a daily look at a couple’s life.

Here’s a blurb from Robert and Christina blog:

“For more than twenty years, we called New York home. We were raised just a few miles apart, met when we were teenagers, and tied the knot in 2013. After the big day, we packed our bags, said goodbye to our family and friends, and moved across the country to Phoenix, Arizona. New Darlings began as a photograph, and has turned into a diary. This is a place where we can share our day to day lives, things we love, and our inspirations. We want to welcome you and thank you for following along. We’re happy you’re here!”

Here are some of their photos from their blog!

New Darlings-Windmills

New Darlings-Coffee and Tea Collective

New Darlings-Betty&June Sweater-FreePeople

New Darlings - Chicken & Donuts

New Darlings-Greenhouse