Notting Hill & Columbia Road Flower Market


In  an effort to blog more, I wanted to recap a couple of places that I visited last year but never got a chance to write about. My new year’s resolution is to blog more about my travels in Europe. Here are a couple of gems I went to in London.


First off was the Columbia Road Flower Market, which is located in Bethnal Green. They had a ton of flower stands on sale, and it gets pretty crowded quickly. I also love the vibe with sellers chatting with customers or yelling out their latest deals to customers. Additionally, there are a ton of restaurants nearby to grab a quick Sunday brunch.


The second place was Notting Hill, which is such a quaint shopping spot with little stands ranging from old fashioned cameras to alpaca wool sweaters to street food. My favorite part was walking around and seeing all the little houses that were each painted a different color. It’s so cool to see that people actually live these houses too. It seems like a pretty quiet area in comparison to most of London, so it was a nice excursion.


Outfit details: My flower printed boots in the first picture were from Charlotte Russe and was only $15, and my scarf was actually from a charity shop for $2. My long coat is from boohoo and was on sale for $30, and my fur coat is from H&M and was on sale for $25.



Sunday Inspirations

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Today I wore this lace tank top from Charlotte Russe for $4.00. The zebra printed pants I’m wearing with the tank are from H&M for $12.99. They are loose fitting and perfect for a Sunday afternoon. Hope you liked this quick post! 🙂

8 Accessories Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday I did a Valentine’s clothing post ,and today I thought I’d switch over to accessories! Not everyone has time to shop for an entire outfit so adding one of these accessories to your wardrobe can definitely elevate your outfit  to look more romantic and sweet for Valentine’s Day! Also, the most expensive item here is $10.80, so these accessories are steals for sure!

Gold Hearts Statement Necklace
1) Claire’s Gold Hearts Statement Necklace – $5.00

2) H&M Elasticized Bracelet – $7.95
3) H&M  Small Clutch Bag- $9.95

4) Forever 21 Pom Pom Woven Scarf- $10.80
5) H&M 2-pack Hair Elastics $3.95
Rhinestone-Trimmed Gem Earrings
6) Charlotte Russe Rhinestone- Trimmed Gem Earrings-$6.00
7) H&M Clutch Bag -$9.95
Rose Flower Crown Head Wrap
8) Charlotte Russe Rose Flower Crown Head Wrap- $7.99

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