BIP Review: Three Engagements

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Carly and Evan: I really like these two. They had a wacky story in paradise, but it worked out in a pretty entertaining way. It made me so happy to see them in such a giddy state throughout their date. I’ve always liked Carly, but I actually warmed up quite a bit for Evan. In all honesty, Carly and Evan’s proposal was the most heartfelt, and if I had to put my money on any of these engagements turning into marriages, I’d pick these two.

Lace and Grant: Lace and Grant got tattoos, and it was so random. I think the show tried to make them seem more unsure than they actually were. I also liked their engagement, and I really like that Grant appreciates Lace’s craziness. We’re all looking for someone to put up with our inner nuttiness.

Amanda and Josh: As much backlash as these two have gotten, I do think Amanda and Josh are pretty compatible. Josh and Andi seemed like they’d have a constant power struggle whereas Amanda just seems like a laid-back kind of girl. I think they might last, but I’m not positive if all these couples can handle the tabloids.

Jen and Nick: Nick and Jen had a great date, and then all of the sudden, she was dumped by Nick. I have no idea when that clicked for him, but it did. Tenley did the same thing, but I guess Nick is getting more heat for it. I will say I do feel bad for Jen throughout all of this craziness with Nick becoming the bachelor. I love Nick, but it must really suck to be in her position.

Wells and Ashley: I like Wells and Ashley, but I think they just came into paradise too little too late. Had they started off in the beginning, I could definitely see them lasting. They were a very quirky couple, but I hope they remain friends.

Brett/ Izzy/ Vinny: I felt so sorry for Izzy, but that’s karma man. Love that Vinny was like “Who this?” when Izzy called. She was such a mess, but Vinny wouldn’t even give her a chance. I really liked Vinny and Izzy together, but they seem pretty over at this point.

That’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed my Bachelor in Paradise coverage for the season. I can’t wait to see Nick’s crazy adventure unfold. I’ll be back next year for Bachelor coverage.



BIP Review: Why Nick Becoming The Bachelor is the Best Decision

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Ashley and Wells

Here is my recap of paradise after the last episode.

Ashley and Wells: How cute were these two? I love Wells. He was one of the best guys from Jojo’s season and ya know, actually had a personality. I loved their date, which was filled with tacos and dogs, something they both love. I think they had great chemistry, and it was nice to see Ashley have some success on the show. She’s not nearly as crazy as they edit her to be, and it’s finally showing with Wells. I also like that Wells cleared up that he would’ve picked Ashley regardless of all the pressure from the other cast members.

Caila and Jared: So Caila decides to leave because of Ashley, so Jared and Caila leave paradise together. But you have to watch After Paradise if you didn’t because it was some next levels of awkwardness when they have Caila, Jared and Ashley all sitting on a couch. It’s so apparent that Jared and Ashley are cool and still good friends. The coldness between Jared and Caila was so icy, and I actually appreciated Caila finally standing up for herself and saying that Jared needs to cut ties with Ashley. It’s all starting to sound like a bad romantic comedy at this point.

Nick and Jen: So Jen tweeted that Amy Schumer gif with her drinking that giant wine glass during After Paradise, and I thought it was hilarious. We know that Jen and Nick don’t work out, but they were cute in these past episodes. Now, let me say how happy I am that Nick Viall is the next freaking bachelor. Luke and Chase were cute, but neither has the candidness and humor that Nick brings to the table. Nick’s polarizing for sure, but it’s about time we get a bachelor with a strong personality. He’s going to be an awesome bachelor. Also, as a sidenote, I love Nick’s frienship with Ashley.

Josh and Amanda: So I’m not sure if Josh is stoked about Nick being the bachelor. But I do feel bad for all the hate coming to Amanda about her relationship. I don’t love Josh, but I also haven’t met this guy to say I can’t stand him.

Carly and Evan: Carly and Evan were super cute when they were having their little cuddle session.

Grant and Lace: Lace is nuts, but she does go through something very relatable, which is pushing someone away because you’re scared. Luckily, Grant has the patience.

Brett and Izzy: I’m indifferent about Brett and Izzy.

How stunning was Ashley in that blue chiffon dress and a pulled back ponytail? For more bachelor fashion, go to Pradux: 


BIP Review: The Silver Fox, Papa Bear & Lamp Guy

Ashley Iaconetti's Floral High Waist Bikini on Bachelor in Paradise

Caila/ Jared/ Ashley:  Okay, so I might have an unpopular opinion, but I don’t blame Ashley for her actions entirely. Does she sometimes go overboard? Of course. But Caila and Ashley were friends prior to the show, and Caila specifically said she was never going to go for him. If I vented to my friend about trying to get over someone, I would be so upset if that friend started dating him. Wells needs to come already because 1) He’s awesome, and 2) Ashley needs to move on.

Izzy and Vinny: I really loved these two. I was rooting for them to last. I really loved Vinny on BIP, and he honestly just seems like a normal dude. Izzy can’t help how she feels, but she definitely could’ve handled it better. But at the same time, if she really loved Vinny, she wouldn’t be feeling doubtful. I like them both and wish nothing but the best for these two.

Lace and Grant: Lace seems like a handful after this episode. Bless Grant for the upcoming episodes.

Jen and Nick: Jen and Nick are such a cool couple. I love Nick’s honesty throughout this season and appreciate that Jen confronted him about being scared again. I’m rooting for you Nick!

Carly and Evan: Carly and Evan are easily the most entertaining couple simply because of their personalities. Between Evan’s constant excitement and Carly’s hilarious commentary, I think they’re the most real couple on paradise right now.

Ryan and Haley: The Silver Fox nabbed Haley and they had such a cute little date.

Emily and Carl: Emily and Carl were literally having the time of their lives on the date they went on. It was so funny to Emily all giddy.

Amanda and Josh: I like that these two comforted Izzy after the Vinny situation.

Lamp Guy: Who knew lamp guy was going to have such an impact just by being there?

Anyway, to check out more BIP fashion, click on the link I left below the photo for more fashion from the episodes.



BIP Review: Three Tears Too Many

Ashley / Emily/ Jared/ Caila: So Jared broke it off with Emily for Caila. He seemed really into Caila. He seemed so somber even with Emily, but with Caila, his body language is so different. Then, Ashley came to paradise, and oh my god. I love Ashley because she’s so honest and real, but like the conversation with Jared at the rose ceremony was so intense. He’s so not into her, but she’s not ready to move on. I love the conversation with Nick and Ashley. It’s the kind of conversation for Jared to have with Ashley.

Daniel and Sarah: Daniel and Sarah have been super cute, and based on their social media, they still hang out so maybe they just have a good friendship now? I really like these two, but importantly, I really love Daniel. I’ve been defending his weirdness in Jojo’s season too. He’s just so funny. If you watched the aftershow, he’s hilarious but also endearing. When the hosts ask why he left Ashley during their date, he just plainly says he was hungry.

Izzy and Vinny: Izzy and Vinny are very sweet together and remained pretty strong throughout the episode. There seems like trouble in paradise next week though.

Grant and Lace: These two are also super rock solid. I love how Lace was not having it about having water poured on her. Honestly, the whole date seemed really fun.

Nick and Jen: I’ve always liked Nick’s honesty, and he gives great advice to all his friends in both episodes. I love how he told Emily it’s okay to be upset, and that Ashley is just infatuated with him. Haley giving him a rose was another great friendship moment. He really made a comeback, and then Jen comes to paradise. These two are great. I’m really happy for Nick.

Evan and Carly: Carly’s commentary is the best. With her commentating every single occurrence with Evan, it makes sense why she ended up liking him in the end. They were both so funny and I was actually dying when Carly thought Evan made this all up to impress her.

Amanda and Josh: Poor Amanda. She and Josh have had quite the interesting edit. I mean it’a literally just pizza and making out. Andi’s book is the real winner here, as she’s getting some free publicity. They might as well plant a spare copy on Amanda’s pillow.

Now to the fashion from the episode:

Ashley Iaconetti's Feather Print Maxi Dress on Bachelor in Paradise
I loved these outfits in this scene. Ashley’s dress was so pretty, and Haley’s looks great with her updo. I also liked Emily’s off the shoulder dress. The prints were all pretty, but Ashley’s feather printed dress was stunning.
Jen Saviano's Floral Romper on Bachelor in Paradise
Jen walked in looking so pretty in this romantic one piece. The floral print and ruffles worked really well with her loose waves.
Amanda Stanton's White Lace Off-The-Shoulder Dress on Bachelor in Paradise
I really liked this dress from Haley. The color is super pretty and the strategic cutouts work well with her shape. The twins always kill it with their style. Amanda also wore this off the shoulder dress, and it was cute.
Lace Morris' White Lace Bustier Dress on Bachelor in Paradise
I really liked how Lace wore this dress so effortlessly with simply blue earrings and a fishtail. It worked really well, and it actually stood out from the off the shoulder dresses and maxi dresses.
Emily Ferguson's Blue Lace Asymmetric Dress on Bachelor in Paradise
This was super pretty. I love the asymmetrical cut of the dress, and I’m a huge fan of the color. 
Sarah Herron's Leaf Print Strapless Romper on Bachelor in Paradise
Sarah is the real MVP when it comes to fashion because this romper was only $14.99 from H&M. Compared to the other 100-200 dollar dresses and rompers, this was a great steal.


Hope you liked my recap! Check out the fashion from the episode at

My Thoughts on The Bachelor

I haven’t blogged about the rest of this season of The Bachelor because I was very busy with school, but I decided to do a recap of all my thoughts. The last episode I recapped was when Leah and Lauren H. went home so I have a  lot of thoughts mainly on the Women Tell All and the finale episode.

  • Women Tell All: Jubilee really shined here. She’s well-spoken, beautiful and unique. I couldn’t believe Amber and Jami’s attack on her. It was unnecessary drama. I really wish Jubilee was the next bachelorette, but I think she’s too polarizing as a character this season. I personally loved her. She’d be great for paradise. Amanda was really classy too. She didn’t talk much, but she was really great about calling out Olivia and then forgiving her. OK- I actually really liked Olivia in this episode. People can say what they want about her self-awareness. She really stood up for herself and I’m glad that she brought up the bullying she got this season because she didn’t deserve that. After the Women Tell All, here are some people who I think will be asked to be on paradise: Jubilee, Jami, Leah, Olivia(if she would do it), Amanda(again, not sure if she would do it), Caila, Tiara(she’s awesome btw)and the twins.
  • The Finale: The producers very clearly set up the audience to think Ben picks Jojo. I had a feeling he’d still pick Lauren because it was so clear all season. I couldn’t believe the bathroom scene with Ben. I’m not sure why he said all those reassurances to her when he was going to break up with her the next day. The finale was very emotional. It was a different kind of drama, where the feelings are just so intense. Ben telling both girls he loved them really vamped up the drama.
  • The Dresses and Proposal: I personally liked Lauren’s dress more. The color really popped and I love how simple it was. Jojo’s was gorgeous as well, but I would’ve liked it in a different color. Also, Cary Fetman put up their backup dresses on Instagram. I think Lauren made the right choice. I like Jojo’s backup more but in hindsight, I’m not sure if she would’ve wanted to wear it for a breakup.
  • Instagram


  • The Bachelorette: I’m so happy they switched from Caila to Jojo( at least, that was the rumors online). I think Jojo got a lot of social media love. I like Caila and she’s sweet, but I don’t know if she’s dynamic enough to carry a whole show. Jojo is so eloquent and she’s funny enough to be relatable to women.
    During the final rose ceremony, Lauren and Jojo both wore Suzanne Kalan earrings. Lauren also wore Suzanne Kalan during the after the final rose special. Here’s a link to their website:


  • Lauren and Ben:  Lauren and Ben make a great couple. I think they’re a great match and that they’ll survive. I also think they’re not the Hollywood type of couple that wants to become famous so that works in their favor. Good luck to them!

The Bachelor Review: Bahama Blues

The Bachelor | Photo Credits: Facebook
TV Guide

Last week’s episode was awkward, catty and weird. Everyone was sad and serious during their stay in the Bahamas. Here’s my rankings:

Lauren B.: Poor Lauren B. I felt so bad for her when Leah threw her under the bus. It’s clear that Lauren and Ben have a very strong connection, so she shouldn’t have been too worried about getting a rose. I love how everyone defended her right away. It shows how sweet she really is. I mean, Leah, you chose the nicest most genuine person to throw under the bus?

Caila: I like Caila, but I’ve seen a lot of people not loving her on social media. People say she’s fake? I’m not really seeing it. I still think she’s pretty cool. Her date with Ben was odd, especially after she admitted that she’s afraid she can’t love him. That’s not the smartest thing to bring up when you’re dating the “unlovable” bachelor, but she was still pretty confident throughout the date so props to her.

Jojo: I like Jojo. I think Jojo and Ben had a friendship vibe in the episode, especially during the group date when she gave him the “scoop.” She’s smart, articulate, and if she makes it further, she’d be a great bachelorette. Very Andi-like.

Emily: Can we talk about Emily? I love this girl. She really came into her own in the episode and seemed like the voice of reason throughout the episode. She’s also a straightforward kind of girl, which I like. I love how she told Lauren B. that Leah is just jealous of her, and that Olivia is delusional. Ben is not picking her, but she’s be great for paradise!

Becca and Amanda: I’m grouping them because I feel the same way about both of them. They’re both sweet, but I think one of them is definitely leaving in the next episode.

Other thoughts:

  • Those pigs were so scary. I would’ve hated that date.
  • Leah really showed her ugly side in the episode, and the sad thing is that she’s definitely a lock for Bachelor in Paradise.
  • So is Caila going to be the next Bachelorette? That’s what I’ve been hearing.
  • Olivia was left stranded while having to watch Emily and Ben make out. And I thought the Kelsey/ Ashley exits were bad.
  • I’m so excited for Janner’s wedding. I think it’s funny that they’re trying to hide it. I’ll review their wedding after Monday’s episode so I can recap both at once.

The Bachelor Review: Vegas and Mexico City

I finally caught up with The Bachelor after missing two episodes, and here’s my review for the past two episodes, along with my top picks for the week.

Lauren B.: Lauren B. is the girl Ben has to keep reassuring, kind of like how Kaitlyn did with Shawn. Lauren has a sweet personality and she’s really standing out after these past two episodes. Also, Ben always looks at her in amazement every time they talk, so there’s that too. / Her white two-piece outfit was gorgeous during the group date. After this episode, it’s so obvious that Lauren is one of Ben’s top picks.

Caila: I think Caila and Ben are really cute together. She’s sweet, goofy and Ben likes her “quiet confidence.” I thought the cookie game was funny too. If she doesn’t win, she’d be a great Bachelorette. / She was pretty quiet in the last episode.

Jojo: Jojo is confident and had a great date with Ben. They have natural chemistry and that teal dress she wore during the rose ceremony was beautiful. / Jojo made a great move by interrupting Ben. It could’ve been awkward, but she handled it like a champ. BUT, Ben promised her he wasn’t going to blindside her, which worries me. Is that foreshadowing?

Amanda: Amanda and Ben had a great date and I appreciated her opening up about her ex-husband. I really like Amanda, but she’s almost like Renee. I can see her eliminated right before hometowns,especially if Ben isn’t ready to meet her kids. I also LOVED that Amanda stood up for herself right in front of Olivia.

Becca: Let me first say how gorgeous that boho lace sleeved dress was. It was stunning with her little mini bun hairdo. This was an awesome date, and I think it’s a pretty unique idea too. After this date, I’m not sure if I see anything other than a friendship between these two. / Same as Caila. But Becca and Jojo are clearly besties on the show.

Other Random Thoughts:

  • Olivia is a lock for Bachelor in Paradise.
  • Lauren H. isn’t on my list because I just don’t see her with Ben. I think she’s sweet, but I don’t see her staying much longer.
  • Jubilee is definitely like a “Sharleen” character. She’s intriguing, but she can’t seem to open up the way the other girls can. Her story is relatable for sure though.
  • The twin date was awkward, but Ben handled it well. It’s just a messed up situation to be dating sisters, so of course The Bachelor takes advantage of that by putting them both on a date together./ Emily also made her mark in the last episode by telling Ben how uncomfortable she was with Olivia.
  • I think Olivia messed up royally with the Teen Mom reference, but I’m over the drama, and I don’t think Ben is nearly as into her as she and the other girls think.
  • Jennifer and Leah are so invisible.