BIP Review: Three Engagements

Carly and Evan: I really like these two. They had a wacky story in paradise, but it worked out in a pretty entertaining way. It made me so happy to see them in such a giddy state throughout their date. I’ve always liked Carly, but I actually warmed up quite a bit for Evan. In all honesty, Carly and Evan’s proposal was the most heartfelt, and if I had to put my money on any of these engagements turning into marriages, I’d pick these two.

Lace and Grant: Lace and Grant got tattoos, and it was so random. I think the show tried to make them seem more unsure than they actually were. I also liked their engagement, and I really like that Grant appreciates Lace’s craziness. We’re all looking for someone to put up with our inner nuttiness.

Amanda and Josh: As much backlash as these two have gotten, I do think Amanda and Josh are pretty compatible. Josh and Andi seemed like they’d have a constant power struggle whereas Amanda just seems like a laid-back kind of girl. I think they might last, but I’m not positive if all these couples can handle the tabloids.

Jen and Nick: Nick and Jen had a great date, and then all of the sudden, she was dumped by Nick. I have no idea when that clicked for him, but it did. Tenley did the same thing, but I guess Nick is getting more heat for it. I will say I do feel bad for Jen throughout all of this craziness with Nick becoming the bachelor. I love Nick, but it must really suck to be in her position.

Wells and Ashley: I like Wells and Ashley, but I think they just came into paradise too little too late. Had they started off in the beginning, I could definitely see them lasting. They were a very quirky couple, but I hope they remain friends.

Brett/ Izzy/ Vinny: I felt so sorry for Izzy, but that’s karma man. Love that Vinny was like “Who this?” when Izzy called. She was such a mess, but Vinny wouldn’t even give her a chance. I really liked Vinny and Izzy together, but they seem pretty over at this point.

That’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed my Bachelor in Paradise coverage for the season. I can’t wait to see Nick’s crazy adventure unfold. I’ll be back next year for Bachelor coverage.



Bachelor In Paradise Finale: #Janner

There was so much that happened in the past two episodes, so I’m gonna touch on the actual couples that were somewhat stable. I could go into the ridiculousness that ensued like Nick rolling in the sand, or Mikey’s attempt to win Mackenzie, but let’s get to the real couples.

Jade and Tanner: I love these two. They really love each other, and it seems so effortless with them compared to the other couples. I loved the moment when Jade said she felt understood by someone for the first time in her life. It was so sweet, and it was obvious that they were going to be engaged by the end of the episode. I genuinely feel like these two will get married, and I’m so happy that they found each other.

Cassandra and Justin: I liked Cassandra and Justin, but when Jonathan came out, I was so shocked. Jonathan has been posting pictures with Cassandra on Instagram for a while, but I didn’t think much of it. It’s too bad paradise didn’t have her on the show sooner because they would have another success story.

Samantha and Nick: They barely had any screen time, but I guess they worked things out after all. Not too much to say, other than I’m glad they moved past all the crazy drama.

Tenley and Joshua:  Tenley knows how to break a heart. She was so sweet and realistic about the whole situation. There was no way Joshua was going to be upset with her. They had a good run, but she was thinking with her head. Better to end it while they’re still in paradise.

Kirk and Carly: This was the craziest storyline of the past two episodes. Kirk started having doubts without telling Carly, so she was blindsided by him. It was so heartbreaking to see Carly crying. I loved the moment when she was calling for Jade, and they hugged it out. Their friendship is so wonderful and real. I still  like Kirk, but he just waited too long to break Carly’s heart.

Anyway, sorry this is late, but I’ve been busy with classes. Overall, I LOVED this season. It was more dramatic and funnier than both The Bachelor and The  Bachelorette.