Mix and Match Your Closet

Today, I’m going to be talking about revamping your closet without actually spending anything, which is something I’ve been trying to do more of lately.

I am the worst at packing. I overthink all my outfits and usually forget something essential to make a look work. Over the weekend, I wore this outfit, which wasn’t planned at all.

I forgot to pack the proper skinny jeans to wear with this hoodie and a blouse to pair with these lightweight trousers. I decided to try to go for a athleisure look, and ya know what? I actually really like this look.

Before you go shopping, maybe try making your closet feel new again by mixing some pieces together. Try pairing those old beat down overalls you were planning on throwing out with striped long sleeves or even a turtleneck. Wear a denim skirt with a hoodie. This is definitely a cool pairing. My mom even asked me if this came as a set.

After doing some major spring closet cleaning, I’m much more cautious about keeping my closet more concise and shopping smarter for pieces that you can mix and match more with so that it lasts longer. This hooded sweatshirt was $10 from H&M, and it’s pretty versatile. You can wear it with a jean or leather jacket or by itself all the time. These trousers were also from H&M, and I usually wear these with a cute dressy blouse or button up shirt.

Anyway, hope you liked this quick post. I also want to apologize to my poor brother who was in the bathroom while I was quickly doing a little photo shoot on self-timer 🙂


#LoveLulus Deals and Steals Under $50

When I was in middle school, I remember buying this gorgeous bright purple bag to carry my books in. I remember getting so many compliments and wearing that bag out until it was all ripped up. There was a little key chain on the side that read Lulus and I told myself to check this brand out.

Years later, and it is still to this day one of my favorite brands to buy from. Lulus has one of my favorite Instagram feeds too. Here are some of my favorite pieces in their stores right now. And they are all under $50.I’m loving that mules are coming back into fashion and this color combination is one of my favorites! These shoes are not everyone’s cup of tea in terms of style, but I love how quirky it fits with my own personal style.

All I want for the summer is a pair of gingham print shorts or trousers to wear with graphic t-shirts. I love the print and think it’s a more modern twist to when plaid was really in style a few years ago.

This two piece set is only $28, so hurry before it’s out of stock because this is definitely a deal for a two piece set. I’m loving jumpsuits, skirts and rompers this season, and I’m really feeling stripes and floral print right now for everything.

Paperbag pants are really trendy right now. They come in all sorts of styles such as straight legged trousers, flared pants, or lightweight bell bottoms. It’s such a flattering pant for people with tiny waists and long legs like myself, which is why I’m loving these ones.

#livingLIVELY Bra Launch

Today, Wear Lively is launching the All-Day No-Wire Push-Up bra. There’s three things that annoy me about bras: the discomfort, the wire poking at me and the unnecessary amount of padding. This bra works because it solves all those problems. It’s super soft, has no wire and had the perfect amount of padding so it looks natural.

Check out this company! The bra is definitely worth checking out. They also have a ton of other awesome products, including swimwear, bralettes and panties.

Thoughts on Recent Bachelor News

Let’s talk about this season. There was a new episode of The Bachelorette, but aside from the Jean incident, there wasn’t that much to talk about other than I think Becca was sooo into Garrett, and he’s definitely a front runner. She could not stop gushing over him. I’ll get more into why I’m not totally loving this season in a bit.

Today, I’m gonna talk more about what’s happening in Bachelor Nation because there’s way more tea to spill in that department.

  • Let’s start with something wonderful. Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon are engaged! I am so happy for Ashley. I listen to both her podcasts, and she’s just so relatable when it came to her dating life, so I’m so happy she got her happy ending. I’m also glad that Jared admitted he had harbored feelings because I was tired of the whole Ashley is obsessed with Jared gimmick when I knew they were close friends and it was way more than that. Congrats to the couple! I guess we’ll see it all go down in paradise.
  • Speaking of paradise, filming might be wrapped up because there was some Twitter drama between Bekah M. from last season and Raven. Basically, Bekah posted a photo of Colton and Tia, kind of accusing them of planning to be together despite Becca being the Bachelorette. Then, because Tia couldn’t defend herself, her friend Raven, chimed in and told Bekah she wasn’t being a good friend to Tia. The whole thing was a mess, and you can check out the thread by simply Googling it. Bekah recently apologized saying she didn’t have to go about everything is such a petty way. Honestly, I love that Bekah is so forthcoming, but I do think it was unnecessary for her to go into Tia when she knew she couldn’t defend herself at all. Also, isn’t this a spoiler? Like is she even allowed to do that? I like my paradise seasons unspoiled, but it’s so hard to stay spoiler free these days. With Raven, I get her defending her friend, but I kind of feel like both girls just didn’t have to contribute anything because it all escalated into Raven blocking her. It could’ve all been avoided. Nothing gets accomplished on social media. We rarely see Twitter feuds ending well.
  • In other news, Lincoln should have never been on the show. Last week, Lincoln pleaded guilty of indescent assault and battery on May 21. Charges were filed back in 2016. I’m so shocked that someone is actually in some legal trouble, but even more shocked that this is something that wasn’t brought up in casting. That’s truly terrible, especially for Becca’s sake.

I’m not gonna go into the episode because I was a little bored in all honesty! I loved the second and third episodes, but the Jordan drama just isn’t cutting it, especially because I would find a lot of his antics funny more so than disrespectful like Colton and Chris.

Yeah, next week looks a little more promising, so I’ll delve into the season more next week. To me, everything is about social media this season. From Garrett to Twitter feuds to this stuff about Lincoln, hopefully, the season gets a little more focused.

My Popsugar Playground Experience

Popsugar Playground was an event that I had never heard of until my friend offered me a free ticket. It was a weekend festival that had all types of activities for women who are music lovers, fitness junkies, fashionistas; basically it is for all types of women to be in a safe space to be themselves.

It is so many things, but it all serves one purpose of empowering women. When I first walked in, there was a giant ball pit that had Popsugar written on top. Different stations were hovered around the ball pit. There were tons of brands such as Lulus, Kohl’s, Covergirl and much more beauty and fashion related names.

Each station wasn’t just a promotion. At the Lulu’s station, there was a Boomerang station with the prettiest backdrop for women to take photos. People had the opportunity to spin on a wheel to win Kohl’s cash. What I liked about the people working each station was the fact that they were more than willing to give swag and just chat for a bit rather than just have a rehearsed sales pitch.

Even cooler than the free swag we were given was the free makeovers and free manicures that were given out. You can tell the whole point of the event was the build up confidence in women. The makeup artists were super nice too and did whatever sort of look you were going for.

Here’s a little after picture of my makeover with Huda Beauty, and my makeup artist even gave me a pair of eyelashes for free. After our makeovers, we went to check out the free drinks they were giving out, which was near all the celebrity panelists.

For sure, the highlight for me was seeing Yara Shahidi from the show Grownish. She was so well-spoken and basically seemed exactly like her woke character from the show. The other celebrity panelists were stars like Kate Hudson and Mindy Kaling. It was super cool for all these inspiring women to show up to event like this. Overall, the experience was really awesome. It was the first of its kind, but to me, it seemed like it was well-organized as if they had been doing it for a while. The event ended with a performance by Tinashe, and she was really the perfect way to end the whole event.

Tickets were $80, but my friend got two tickets for free. After going, I would definitely recommend people check it out next time they have an event because the whole day is filled with tons of activities to do while waiting for panelists. The ball pit was also dope.

OOTD Summer Style

Here is my outfit from last Saturday. I wore a blue floral printed button down blouse from Marshall’s for $14.99. It had a cute little tie at the waist too for a more fitted casual look. I loved this color for the summer, and these matching tinted sunglasses from JCPenney were only $10.

For the summer season, I can be so lazy with my outfits because there is limited layering, but my goal is to really embrace the summer weather and go for more lightweight pieces like this top.