The Men Tell All Recap

The Men Tell All was on a Tuesday this season, and honestly, nothing crazy happened. It was an underwhelming episode, but we did get some good moments. Here were some highlights from the episode.

  • Chad was great television. Jojo was right. He loves that the episode focused on him for a good portion of the show. I mean, he got his own entrance and that staged scene with him in the trailer. He got his own meat platter.  The thing is that I love Chad’s personality sometimes. He just never takes himself seriously, which is hilarious. His “Thank you Wells. I love you,” was so funny. Love him or hate him, he was a pretty funny dude.
  • Evan looked ridiculous when Chad was right about the shirt pulling video. Honestly, it was about time someone call out Alex and Evan for instigating Chad all of the time. It was way more annoying than anything Chad ever did. Alex picking on Derek was one of the pettiest things I’ve seen all season.
  • Luke was set up perfectly to be the next bachelor. It’s between Luke and Chase, but I think Luke seems to be an audience favorite.
  • Chase confronting Jojo was so sweet. Man, if I was on the show, I’d have Chase, Luke, Wells and James in my final four and would probably choose Chase.XD There were some great guys this season overall.
  • That being said, there were several guys that irritated me including Evan, Alex, Grant and a very attention seeking Santa.
  • The bloopers were pretty funny as always, but I wanted more.
  • We got a sneak peek of Bachelor in Paradise. Amanda and Nick get together,which I’m stoked about. Chad and Lace look to be a total mess. Daniel is back with his buddy Chad. Grant looked like a douche. Caila and Jared get together. And let’s talk about Ashley and Wells. I’m already in love with this pairing because she seems to finally be over Jared. I’ve always liked Ashley and hope she finds someone.

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