The Bachelorette Review: 50 Closest Friends

The Bachelorette came back with hometown dates. First let me say that hometown dates are usually the most boring episodes from the past, but this one was actually pretty descent. Here are my thoughts on each of Jojo’s suitors.

Jojo and Luke

Jordan: Jordan’s date was pretty drama free. Everything seemed to go right. Why did Jojo bring up Aaron so much? And why were there two extra chairs at dinner? Besides that, I think  it’s very clear that Jojo seemed the most giddy for this hometown date. Was it just me? Also, Jojo continues to show how scared she was, and continues to drop Ben’s name all the time.

Luke: Luke’s date was with 50 of his closest friends, which sounded as ridiculous as it seemed. The problem with this date was that it wasn’t intimate compared to the other dates. We didn’t get to see Jojo have moments with Luke’s mother, and who knows, maybe that was edited out. What we got more of was Luke’s amazing grand gesture. They have a kiss at sunset and he leads her to a candlelit path with petals in the shape of a heart. However, Jojo is all about words of affirmation rather than grand gestures, so it almost appeared as though Chase mustering up the courage to whisper he’s falling in love was more than Luke’s gesture. So when Jojo told the producers she wanted to send home Luke, I bet another producer told Luke she was questioning him and told him to tell her before it’s too late. You know, for added drama.

Chase: I have such a weird crush on Chase. He’s so handsome and honestly very genuine. For some people, he might not show as much emotion, but it’s better than the forced I love yous we get from other guys. His crying seemed very real, and I believe he really is falling for Jojo. I was almost sure that Chase was going home going into the episode but pleasantly surprised by how well he came off.

Robby: So more than ever this season, we’re getting these bits where the media comes into play. This time, it seemed a little more legit than the magazine stunt. Robby’s mom basically says that his ex’s roommate said he broke up with his girlfriend to be on television. I mean, he might have. Caila did, and she didn’t get any backlash. Regardless, I really liked how Jojo handled it. She made it very clear that she doesn’t want to be a rebound and Robby assured her that it wasn’t the case.

So anyway, we’re getting two episodes on Monday and Tuesday. If anything, I think Luke will still go home, and with the way they edited him tonight, I think we know who the next bachelor will be. The Men Tell All will definitely be interesting. I’m cool with Luke being the bachelor as long as he provides us with that humor he does every so often.

Also, if you loved Jojo’s gorgeous rose ceremony dress, here are the details:

Hope you enjoyed my review!


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