The Bachelorette Review: Down to the Final Four

We’re back with another episode of The Bachelorette, and Jojo is ready for hometown dates. Here’s my recap of the final six.

jojo and horse.jpg

Jordan: Jojo and Jordan had a great connection in this episode. Because there’s been so many rumors surrounding Jordan, we as an audience are supposed to believe Jordan is all bad. And maybe they’re true, but I like that it wasn’t the focus of the episode. They had legitimate chemistry, and I thought he really opened up about his brother.

Luke: Luke and Jojo are great together. To me, he would be the one who would fit in with Jojo’s lifestyle. I also liked how confident he was about figuring out his life with Jojo. He was honest and sweet. Honestly, I’m starting to think he could be the next Bachelor if he doesn’t win. The final two really looks like Jordan and Luke at this point.

Robby: Robby has not been on the show until recently, so his connection with Jojo seems a little off. I really can’t believe he made it so far. The comments about his wandering eye wasn’t really a big deal, but he was clearly annoyed as he should be.

Chase: I like Chase, but I would be shocked if he made it another week. He obviously has a hard time expressing how he feels, and I think Jojo really likes him but continues to push him. When he was on the two on one with Derrek, Jojo made it clear that he needed to step up.

James: Oh James. I really like James, but his jealousy of Robby and Jordan was petty. Luckily, his exit makes up for it completely because he was a total gentleman. He was so sweet and grateful about everything, unlike another person.

Alex: Finally. Alex annoyed me so much every episode, whether it was his pride or just his constant whining. I mean he was so rude even when he left. Jojo let him down so well, but he was so cold leaving her. He wouldn’t let her touch him or comfort him, which is really immature. Honestly, that made me like the song the other guys sang on the bus about Alex.

Other Thoughts:

  • I’m so excited for Bachelor in Paradise! I’m glad to see Carly back.
  • I love how all the guys are just so bromanced.
  • For real, I think Luke is the next bachelor
  • That horse whisperer scene was actually uncomfortable to watch
  • The hotel date seemed like a nice chill day. I loved Chase’s commentary because he was really stuck in the middle of the James and Robby drama.

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