The Bachelorette Review: Broken Bromances

Chad’s gone, and I miss him. He’s just amazing television. This week was a pretty slow episode. It’s almost as if the boys were all getting along so well that the producers threw that magazine in Vinny’s barbershop.

Bachelorette JoJo recap
The Bachelorette

Jordan: OK, so Jojo said she met someone who dated Jordan? How did she know he was going to be on the show? The whole thing seems pretty fishy. Also, I can’t believe Jojo let Jordan off the hook after about 5 minutes. She also said “I feel like you’re mad at me,” after she interrogated him. I love Jojo for bringing it up, but I would’ve ask ten follow up questions.

Robby: Where did Robby even come from? This was his breakout episode, and I actually really liked him. I thought he was great during their one-on-one date too. He was sweet and sensitive but not overly emotional. His story was great, and it made sense that he told Jojo he loved her after one date. I mean, it was way too soon, but it did make sense.

Chase: I really like Chase and appreciated the little mini date he created during the cocktail party. He’s a great catch, and if his personality starts shining through a bit more, then he’d be a great Bachelor.

Luke: Luke is Luke. Very soulful and sweet. I liked the credits scene with his tank top because we finally got to see a different side to him. Those are always the best scenes.

James: So James barely had any screen time, and I’m afraid he’s starting to fade. He’s got a great personality though. He’s so genuine, and I wish Jojo was more into him than she is.

Other Thoughts:

  • The bromances are so real. The barbershop scene, the celebration cake, and the spa day were all hilarious.
  • Jojo’s reaction to the article was insane. I was actually more concerned with how she kept bringing up Ben. She seemed genuinely hurt and I think the magazine was just a plant to create drama, which sucks for Jojo.
  • I mean the rumors could be true, but none of the guys were going to question her after she had been crying.
  • Alex is so annoying. Why is he trying to find things wrong with the other guys?
  • Derek was fine….and the guys overreacted once again.
  • Jojo’s dresses have been so gorgeous lately. I especially loved the silver sparkly dress with the cutout in the back.
  • Wells continues to be adorable.
  • I’m starting to see some names for Bachelor in Paradise, and that’s exciting.



Style Trend: Quirky Accessories

A lot of these bags and clutches that are crafted into objects are so cool to look at. They are very commercial right now, but you might be wondering how you might actually style these with your wardrobe. I went to to search for some of the tougher ones to pull off. Here’s what I think a person can rock for each bag, so hopefully it gives you some ideas.


  1. The French Fries Bag: This little bag is adorable but hard to pull off, especially with the bright red and yellow color. For this bag, I’d recommend an edgier outfit in a black and white outfit. I’d wear casual blue jeans with a simple white tee and a leather jacket. In general, I’d take a more casual approach to this bag.
  2. The Book Clutch: This clutch is a nice play on carrying a book everywhere you go. But when would someone use this? For this clutch, I’d take a much more preppier approach. I’d wear a pair of boyfriend jeans with a blazer and loose tank top. Again, it’s something to bring along if you’re just going to a lunch so it’s a casual look with a preppy vibe.
  3. The Panda Bear: This is a bag that can be worn with a simple striped shirt and jeans or can be worn with a fun polka dot print. For this clutch, I’d focus on a print. If you want to tone down the outfit, stick to the black and white print. If you want a louder statement, wear a bold color. Just don’t do both, otherwise it’ll be too much.
  4. The Camera: Similar to the book, I like the idea of turning a bag into something people legitimately carry around with them at all times. For this bag, I like the idea of wearing a bright color sun dress in a bright green or pink color. Because the bag is so animated, I think the brighter colors work better here for a fun look.
  5. The Face: The clutch is very animated and I love that it can be worn casually too. This is a fun clutch to bring if you’re going out because it’s small and still a statement piece. The pop of red is a nice touch too.
  6. The Lemon: This was my favorite bag of the bunch. It’s summery and would work for a more formal event. It’s a little more understated too. For this bag, I’d wear a shift dress in a bright color like cobalt blue or green because I like mixing solid colors. For a casual look, I think a loose button down with cutoff shorts would work well with the bag to make it stand out.
  7. The Paper Bag: This was hands down the hardest bag to even imagine having. It’s the most interesting but how would someone use this? After realizing it’s actually vinyl, I thought this metallic bag served more as a clutch so I could see someone wearing it in place of a metallic clutch.
  8. The Toothless Backpack: I actually think this bag is super versatile, but I wanted to add it because it’s Toothless, which is awesome. You can bring this to an airport as a carry on or for everyday activities like going to class or shopping.
  9. The Fan Bag: I like that this is a more feminine bag than the others so it has a much more romantic feel. I would use this for a formal event with a soft pastel colored dress or a floral printed dress. It would also work with lace or crocheted dresses.
  10. The Eggs Bag: This is a cute little pouch to put in a larger carry on so it’s versatile enough to throw coins in or put makeup in.

If you liked any of these bags enough, you can find the details here in my original post on Polyvore:

The Bachelorette’s Fashion Profiles

This week, we don’t get an episode of The Bachelorette, but instead, I thought I’d do a fun post about the past Bachelorette’s style. I love how distinct The Bachelorette’s styles have been. They each have their trademark. Here’s a guide to their style!

From left to right: Kaitlyn Bristowe, Ali Fedotowsky, Jojo Fletcher and Desiree Siegfried

If you like Kaitlyn’s style…


I had a lot of fun making Kaitlyn’s profile. She has a youthful, fun-spirited style and it really shines through both on the show and through social media. I picked out a lot of casual sweaters and tees because she has a tomboy vibe. She does have a modern twist to her style though by wearing bomber jackets and leather jackets. For dresses, she’ll wear bodycon dresses and I thought the little button down tied to the waist added some edge.


If you like Ali’s style…..Ali

Ali’s style is very girl next door. I gave her some brighter pieces because I constantly see her wearing colors and prints on her Instagram. I also added some bobo pieces with the fringe and tassels. Mostly, I wanted to focus on color for Ali’s style. She used to have a very simple style, but it had definitely transformed into a more girly vibe.

If you like Desiree’s style….


I love that Desiree has a much different style than past leading ladies. The mom-to-be has a sweeter style and I notice she wears a lot of lace and fit and flares when it comes to dresses. I also added some edgier pieces like a leather jacket because she does balance out romantic pieces.

If you like Andi’s style….


Andi had a very classic feel to her pieces when she was The Bachelorette. I gave her a more modern blazer with the cut and color. I also gave some preppy prints such as gingham and polka dots. She also had a very casual style so I added some simple black jeans and the chambray dress.

Finally, if you like Jojo’s style….


Jojo has a very summery fun style. The long sleeved romper seemed very Jojo because she doesn’t shy away from color and her clothes are very whimsical. The clutches seemed very bold and fun too. I also did an off the shoulder dress and a strappy crop top because she does have a lot of hot trends in her wardrobe.

To make these collages, I was able to use It’s an awesome website and it’s free so I definitely recommend it!

I don’t claim to be some sort of expert on their styles, but I thought these were good representations of their fashion sense. I hope you enjoyed this post.


Summer Profile: Kelorn Francis

For today’s profile, I profiled Kelorn Francis and it’s because her blog focuses on shoes and I’ve been loving colored sandals and heels for the summertime. Check out her blog here:

kelorn 2
Photo provided by Kelorn Francis
Meet Kelorn Francis: My name is Kelorn Francis and I live in New York. I am and IT Analyst with a love for fashion, a passion for style and an obsession with shoes.
 When it comes to fashion, here’s my philosophy:

When it comes to fashion, there are trends that I will definitely wear but it has to work for me. Meaning that the fit and design have to work for my body type. You will not find me in every trend that is in season but you will find me in the ones that can depict my personality and reflect my personal style. Brands and price are not the objective for me. When I see a top or a pair of shoes, my mind starts going at how I can style that item. My philosophy on fashion is “it’s all about the shoes”. I do not care how much your outfit costs or what brand it is, if you are not wearing the right pair of shoes your look will be graded an F.

My favorite summer trend right now is…..

My favorite trends this summer if the peasant tops especially those that are off the shoulder. I love that they are sexy without being tight and fitted. It seems like these days that your clothes have to be skin for it for to referred to as sexy but these blouse ooze sexy with just the hint of your shoulder.
 When I’m in a rush, my go-to shoe is…..
When I am in a rush, my favorite go to shoes is a pair of red pumps. I have about 5 pairs in different style and shades of red but anyone can save the day. Besides being my favorite color, the pop of color adds life to your look and red heels always turn heads.

Most people tend to go with black when you have to grab and go but I go for color. I love love love wearing black but when I put some color on it lifts my mood and no one can tell that my outfit was put together in under 5 minutes.

Summer Profile: Jo-Lynne Shane

For today’s profile I am profiling Jo-Lynne Shane. I found out about her on Instagram and then started following her life and style blog. I highly recommend checking out her blog.

Photo provided by Jo-Lynne Shane

Meet Jo-Lynne Shane: I write a personal fashion and lifestyle blog where I share wearable outfit ideas and practical fashion solutions for moms. I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my husband of 20 years and three school-age children.

What is your favorite color to wear right now?

My favorite color to wear right now is blue. I can’t seem to get enough of it! It pairs so beautifully with white.

If you could travel anywhere this summer, where would it be?

If I could travel anywhere this summer, it would be somewhere tropical. I’d love to go back to Turks & Caicos or maybe explore a new destination.

What is go-to summer accessory for the summer?

My go-to summer accessory is a stack of Alex and Ani bangles. I’m also enjoying their beaded bangles in sets of similar colors. They’re so easy to wear and go with everything.

Check out her website here: