The Bachelorette Review: Broken Bromances

Chad’s gone, and I miss him. He’s just amazing television. This week was a pretty slow episode. It’s almost as if the boys were all getting along so well that the producers threw that magazine in Vinny’s barbershop.

Bachelorette JoJo recap
The Bachelorette

Jordan: OK, so Jojo said she met someone who dated Jordan? How did she know he was going to be on the show? The whole thing seems pretty fishy. Also, I can’t believe Jojo let Jordan off the hook after about 5 minutes. She also said “I feel like you’re mad at me,” after she interrogated him. I love Jojo for bringing it up, but I would’ve ask ten follow up questions.

Robby: Where did Robby even come from? This was his breakout episode, and I actually really liked him. I thought he was great during their one-on-one date too. He was sweet and sensitive but not overly emotional. His story was great, and it made sense that he told Jojo he loved her after one date. I mean, it was way too soon, but it did make sense.

Chase: I really like Chase and appreciated the little mini date he created during the cocktail party. He’s a great catch, and if his personality starts shining through a bit more, then he’d be a great Bachelor.

Luke: Luke is Luke. Very soulful and sweet. I liked the credits scene with his tank top because we finally got to see a different side to him. Those are always the best scenes.

James: So James barely had any screen time, and I’m afraid he’s starting to fade. He’s got a great personality though. He’s so genuine, and I wish Jojo was more into him than she is.

Other Thoughts:

  • The bromances are so real. The barbershop scene, the celebration cake, and the spa day were all hilarious.
  • Jojo’s reaction to the article was insane. I was actually more concerned with how she kept bringing up Ben. She seemed genuinely hurt and I think the magazine was just a plant to create drama, which sucks for Jojo.
  • I mean the rumors could be true, but none of the guys were going to question her after she had been crying.
  • Alex is so annoying. Why is he trying to find things wrong with the other guys?
  • Derek was fine….and the guys overreacted once again.
  • Jojo’s dresses have been so gorgeous lately. I especially loved the silver sparkly dress with the cutout in the back.
  • Wells continues to be adorable.
  • I’m starting to see some names for Bachelor in Paradise, and that’s exciting.



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