Spring Wishlist

I wanted to make a spring wishlist of clothes I’ve seen on Pinterest. Here are some of the clothes I’ll be looking for the spring weather.

Lacy Rompers
A striped t-shirt dress, white sneakers, and aviators.:
T-shirt Dresses


cute summer outfits 2016 for womens - Styles 7:
Off the Shoulder Tops
Madewell Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear Collection Photos - Vogue:
Gingham Shirt Dress
pinterest ↠ beccaadownss_:
Criss Cross Shirts

Pretty Little Liars Fashion Recap

I binged the rest of this season of Pretty Little Liars, so I decided to have a season recap of their fashion. I really love Aria, Hanna and Emily’s styles this season. I also love Spencer but her style is definitely different from my own. I think I have one outfit of hers and it’s a flashback.

Follow PLL Closet on Tumblr. I was able to find the Liar’s outfits here, and I really love her work. She has all the details for their clothing so check it out. http://pllcloset.tumblr.com/

I love this lace shirt. From afar, it looked like a print. She wore this top with short shorts, so I think they balanced each other out. 

Paul & Joe Sister ‘Adagio Top’ – $222.00 (similar)

I’m loving Emily’s style. It’s definitely surprising to see her in dresses and vests once in a while. She’s also wearing a lot of leather. This vest is really cute to wear with dresses or tanks for the spring.

Topshop ‘Sleeveless Faux Leather Biker Jacket’ – $90.00

Even though Hanna was miserable at her shower, I thought she looked glowing in this dress.

Naeem Khan ‘Mixed Lace Strapless Dress’ – no longer available

I love that Emily wore this relaxed little dress. It’s cute, casual and her style has a “girl next door” quality to it, whereas the other girls dress more professionally and elegant.

Equipment ‘Lucida Dress’ in Star Print – $268.00

I’m a huge fan of Rompers, especially the ones with billowing sleeves. It’s very boho chic. 

Chaser ‘Burnout Velvet Romper’ – $198.00

Spencer wore this dress in a flashback, but I loved how unexpected it was. Spencer is so used to looking structured, so it’s nice to see a change.

For Love & Lemons ‘Vika Mini Dress’ – $237.00

This dress is not something  I’d see Aria wearing, but I actually really loved how she looked in it. I love the black overlay on the top. It has a romantic feel so it was appropriate for her parent’s wedding.

Sandro ‘Rozen Dress’ – $510.00

I loved this print. Aria wore mostly prints all season and it really worked for her style. She definitely toned it down from her edgy style in the previous seasons.

Topshop ‘Scarf Print Placement Tee’ – $68.00

My Thoughts on The Bachelor


I haven’t blogged about the rest of this season of The Bachelor because I was very busy with school, but I decided to do a recap of all my thoughts. The last episode I recapped was when Leah and Lauren H. went home so I have a  lot of thoughts mainly on the Women Tell All and the finale episode.

  • Women Tell All: Jubilee really shined here. She’s well-spoken, beautiful and unique. I couldn’t believe Amber and Jami’s attack on her. It was unnecessary drama. I really wish Jubilee was the next bachelorette, but I think she’s too polarizing as a character this season. I personally loved her. She’d be great for paradise. Amanda was really classy too. She didn’t talk much, but she was really great about calling out Olivia and then forgiving her. OK- I actually really liked Olivia in this episode. People can say what they want about her self-awareness. She really stood up for herself and I’m glad that she brought up the bullying she got this season because she didn’t deserve that. After the Women Tell All, here are some people who I think will be asked to be on paradise: Jubilee, Jami, Leah, Olivia(if she would do it), Amanda(again, not sure if she would do it), Caila, Tiara(she’s awesome btw)and the twins.
  • The Finale: The producers very clearly set up the audience to think Ben picks Jojo. I had a feeling he’d still pick Lauren because it was so clear all season. I couldn’t believe the bathroom scene with Ben. I’m not sure why he said all those reassurances to her when he was going to break up with her the next day. The finale was very emotional. It was a different kind of drama, where the feelings are just so intense. Ben telling both girls he loved them really vamped up the drama.
  • The Dresses and Proposal: I personally liked Lauren’s dress more. The color really popped and I love how simple it was. Jojo’s was gorgeous as well, but I would’ve liked it in a different color. Also, Cary Fetman put up their backup dresses on Instagram. I think Lauren made the right choice. I like Jojo’s backup more but in hindsight, I’m not sure if she would’ve wanted to wear it for a breakup.
  • Instagram


  • The Bachelorette: I’m so happy they switched from Caila to Jojo( at least, that was the rumors online). I think Jojo got a lot of social media love. I like Caila and she’s sweet, but I don’t know if she’s dynamic enough to carry a whole show. Jojo is so eloquent and she’s funny enough to be relatable to women.
    During the final rose ceremony, Lauren and Jojo both wore Suzanne Kalan earrings. Lauren also wore Suzanne Kalan during the after the final rose special. Here’s a link to their website: www.suzannekalan.com


  • Lauren and Ben:  Lauren and Ben make a great couple. I think they’re a great match and that they’ll survive. I also think they’re not the Hollywood type of couple that wants to become famous so that works in their favor. Good luck to them!