The Bachelor Review: Bahama Blues

The Bachelor | Photo Credits: Facebook
TV Guide

Last week’s episode was awkward, catty and weird. Everyone was sad and serious during their stay in the Bahamas. Here’s my rankings:

Lauren B.: Poor Lauren B. I felt so bad for her when Leah threw her under the bus. It’s clear that Lauren and Ben have a very strong connection, so she shouldn’t have been too worried about getting a rose. I love how everyone defended her right away. It shows how sweet she really is. I mean, Leah, you chose the nicest most genuine person to throw under the bus?

Caila: I like Caila, but I’ve seen a lot of people not loving her on social media. People say she’s fake? I’m not really seeing it. I still think she’s pretty cool. Her date with Ben was odd, especially after she admitted that she’s afraid she can’t love him. That’s not the smartest thing to bring up when you’re dating the “unlovable” bachelor, but she was still pretty confident throughout the date so props to her.

Jojo: I like Jojo. I think Jojo and Ben had a friendship vibe in the episode, especially during the group date when she gave him the “scoop.” She’s smart, articulate, and if she makes it further, she’d be a great bachelorette. Very Andi-like.

Emily: Can we talk about Emily? I love this girl. She really came into her own in the episode and seemed like the voice of reason throughout the episode. She’s also a straightforward kind of girl, which I like. I love how she told Lauren B. that Leah is just jealous of her, and that Olivia is delusional. Ben is not picking her, but she’s be great for paradise!

Becca and Amanda: I’m grouping them because I feel the same way about both of them. They’re both sweet, but I think one of them is definitely leaving in the next episode.

Other thoughts:

  • Those pigs were so scary. I would’ve hated that date.
  • Leah really showed her ugly side in the episode, and the sad thing is that she’s definitely a lock for Bachelor in Paradise.
  • So is Caila going to be the next Bachelorette? That’s what I’ve been hearing.
  • Olivia was left stranded while having to watch Emily and Ben make out. And I thought the Kelsey/ Ashley exits were bad.
  • I’m so excited for Janner’s wedding. I think it’s funny that they’re trying to hide it. I’ll review their wedding after Monday’s episode so I can recap both at once.

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