The Bachelor Review: Vegas and Mexico City

I finally caught up with The Bachelor after missing two episodes, and here’s my review for the past two episodes, along with my top picks for the week.

Lauren B.: Lauren B. is the girl Ben has to keep reassuring, kind of like how Kaitlyn did with Shawn. Lauren has a sweet personality and she’s really standing out after these past two episodes. Also, Ben always looks at her in amazement every time they talk, so there’s that too. / Her white two-piece outfit was gorgeous during the group date. After this episode, it’s so obvious that Lauren is one of Ben’s top picks.

Caila: I think Caila and Ben are really cute together. She’s sweet, goofy and Ben likes her “quiet confidence.” I thought the cookie game was funny too. If she doesn’t win, she’d be a great Bachelorette. / She was pretty quiet in the last episode.

Jojo: Jojo is confident and had a great date with Ben. They have natural chemistry and that teal dress she wore during the rose ceremony was beautiful. / Jojo made a great move by interrupting Ben. It could’ve been awkward, but she handled it like a champ. BUT, Ben promised her he wasn’t going to blindside her, which worries me. Is that foreshadowing?

Amanda: Amanda and Ben had a great date and I appreciated her opening up about her ex-husband. I really like Amanda, but she’s almost like Renee. I can see her eliminated right before hometowns,especially if Ben isn’t ready to meet her kids. I also LOVED that Amanda stood up for herself right in front of Olivia.

Becca: Let me first say how gorgeous that boho lace sleeved dress was. It was stunning with her little mini bun hairdo. This was an awesome date, and I think it’s a pretty unique idea too. After this date, I’m not sure if I see anything other than a friendship between these two. / Same as Caila. But Becca and Jojo are clearly besties on the show.

Other Random Thoughts:

  • Olivia is a lock for Bachelor in Paradise.
  • Lauren H. isn’t on my list because I just don’t see her with Ben. I think she’s sweet, but I don’t see her staying much longer.
  • Jubilee is definitely like a “Sharleen” character. She’s intriguing, but she can’t seem to open up the way the other girls can. Her story is relatable for sure though.
  • The twin date was awkward, but Ben handled it well. It’s just a messed up situation to be dating sisters, so of course The Bachelor takes advantage of that by putting them both on a date together./ Emily also made her mark in the last episode by telling Ben how uncomfortable she was with Olivia.
  • I think Olivia messed up royally with the Teen Mom reference, but I’m over the drama, and I don’t think Ben is nearly as into her as she and the other girls think.
  • Jennifer and Leah are so invisible.


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