The Bachelor Review: Love Yourself




Here are my top 5 after watching episode 3 of The Bachelor.

Lauren B.: Ben made it very obvious that he likes Lauren a lot. His “dang you’re cute,” comment was a tell, along with another huge clue when he opened up about his dad. On these one on one dates, he makes an effort to let the girl open up, but this was the first time he opened up. Lauren and Ben have a natural chemistry, and it seems like she’s the front runner at this point. The bonus scene at the end was also very funny.

Caila: She broke down a bit tonight, but she still is in good standing because she had a great first date.

Jojo: Same as Caila. It looks like she might get a date next week.

Jubilee: Despite what the edit showed us, I don’t think what Jubilee did was that bad. She has proved that she’s very strong and honest to Ben, and they had a great date. I also think the comments were harmless and the girls were overreacting. I’m glad Ben stood up for her.

Amanda: Amanda did what Olivia couldn’t. She comforted Ben when he needed it. Amanda is definitely getting a lot of screen time for a reason.

Other Thoughts:

  • Reasons why girl on girl hate has to stop: watch the scene with the girls bashing Olivia. It’s very immature to make little digs at someone just because she’s a threat, especially on someone’s physical appearance.
  • That being said, Olivia is still very confident, which is a great attitude to have. The edit is making her seem delusional though with her “signs” so it makes it seem like she isn’t Ben’s final pick.
  • Lace leaving was actually pretty self-aware.
  • Jami’s blue dress was so gorgeous. I loved the superman blue color.
  • I also love Lauren B’s style. It’s very boho chic.
  • Ben continues to be the perfect bachelor. He’s thrown in ridiculous girl drama, and still knows exactly how to diffuse the situation.

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