The Bachelor Review:

The Bachelor

After the last episode, here’s my top 5, along with other random thoughts.

Caila: Caila is exactly like I thought she was going to be. She’s the perfect amount of sweet and fun for Ben. She handled Kevin Hart and Ice Cube well, and just rolled with the punches. Her conversation with Ben about her last boyfriend was great. She was able to articulate that she was trying to catch up to the story of how they met.

Lauren B: I loved her yellow dress. We don’t know much about her, other than the fact that she’s a flight attendant, but Ben makes it very clear that she’s someone to watch despite having no dates.

Jojo: Jojo really broke out tonight. She seemed like the voice of reason during the group date (until she couldn’t figure out where Indiana was) and then Ben stole her and they had a classic “rooftop” moment that reminded me of Chris and Des.

Amanda: Amanda told Ben she has two kids, and she was able to open up more. She’s sweet, but was very upset over Olivia’s behavior. I was surprised when Amanda said Olivia was getting inside her head. She needs to be a little more confident.

Jubilee: Jubilee and Ben had a great moment. I think he’s very intrigued by her story. She seems like a very strong person and I liked her scenes during episode 2. It looks like next week is going to be drama though.

  • It was actually pretty rude of Olivia to try to kiss Ben, knowing that the girls were watching the screen. I also didn’t include Olivia in my top 5 because I think she’s going to crash and burn.
  • Lace and Olivia’s conversation was hilarious. How much time does Lace need with Ben?
  • I love Shushanna. I wish we got more of her.
  • I don’t know what was funnier, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart or Olivia’s facial expressions.
  • Jade and Tanner are getting married really soon. That’s pretty early, but then again, they got engaged in a matter of three weeks.
  • This cast reminds me of last season. Olivia= Britt, Jojo= Carly, Lace= Ashley S., Becca= Becca, and Amber=Amber.

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