5 Things: 2015

I was inspired by weardaisywent, which is an awesome blog to check out! Here’s the link to her 5 Things:


Here are the 5 highlights from 2015 for me.

  • Traveling: This year I went to Montreal and the Bahamas for the first time, and both were amazing. Montreal is very artsy, and it was on my bucket list of places to travel. Additionally, I went to the Bahamas with my family and it was so relaxing. I’ve never been on a vacation like that, where I stayed on a resort, and I definitely made the most of it. I also had a lot of mini weekend trips, whether it was to a museum or to explore the city.
  • Taking Risks:  I used to be a more much calculated person. However, I’ve learned that there is so much to be gained by living in every moment. When you change your mind set to make the most of any situation, you become a risk-taker. I’ve taken so many more risks this year. I look back on some of the crazy things I’ve done this year and can’t believe I had the confidence to do some of them. A prime example: I crashed a wedding on New Year’s Eve. That was my first memory of 2015. Taking a leap of faith is scary, but it’s so much better to live with an “oh well,” than a “what if.”
  • Positivity: Besides living in every moment, I’ve also become a much more positive person. I think the main change is that I complain a lot less. Complaining doesn’t get you anywhere, and it certainly doesn’t change a crappy situation. There have been countless times this semester in school when I was overwhelmed with tons of work. But I knew that I just had to power through and take each day at a time.
  • College: This semester was amazing for me. I got promoted to an editor position for my newspaper. I also took on becoming a teaching assistant for the first time and continued with my radio show that I host on campus. Besides that, I started working at the theater for my school and started writing for a website. I worked so hard this semester, and it paid off. I also made a ton of new friends in the process of being so busy. I look back on my semester and am proud for how well I did on my own.
  • Blogging: When I first started my blog, I had no idea what I was doing. Making a blog is so simple, and again, it was another risk I took this year. However, it has definitely provided an outlet to express myself. As a writer, it’s nice to share my posts with other bloggers. I hope to grow from where I’ve started.

What are some of your highlights from this year?

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