Thoughts on the PLL Finale and Fashion

I really wanted to like the PLL Finale, but I didn’t. When Cece was revealed as Charles, I was hoping for some sort of shock. Instead, Cece and Sara being behind everything just didn’t sit well with me. Here are my thoughts on the episodes.

The Good:

The Fashion- The clothes were classic when the girls were saying goodbye. I loved Spencer’s overalls, and I recently bought a white pair from Target, so I liked seeing it paired with a baseball tee. Ali’s outfit was also boho and cute, and Aria’s dress was modern and fresh in the flash forward. *Pictures from WornOnTV

The Girl’s Goodbye– The show’s sentiment really is the friendship between the girls. It’s amazing how far they came as a team together. It was a sweet moment.

The Punch– Go Emily! Sara had it coming.

The Storytelling– Everything did fall into place, and I’m glad so many answers were given.

Spencer's white short overalls and baseball tee on Pretty Little Liars
Moto Dungaree Short Overalls by Topshop
Aria's green printed dress on Pretty Little Liars
‘Carrie’ Dress in Mirrored Garden by Alice & Olivia
Ali's grey lace trim dress with asymmetric hem on Pretty Little Liars
Dobby Dot Lace Trim Trapeze Slip in Vapor Blue by Free People

The Bad:

Cece is Charles– So the episode was pretty disappointing and I feel like the writers chose the wrong direction with A. In the past when Mona, Ezra, and Toby were A, I had somewhat of an emotional attachment to each of them. I don’t have that with Cece. Also, I wanted to be shocked, and to some extent, we knew Cece was not all good.

Sara is BOTH Red Coat and Black Widow– We just met Sara ten episodes ago, and I wanted characters from season 1 to surprise us. To me, it makes sense, but it seems like lazy writing to pin such crucial villains on Sara.

Wren wasn’t A?– It just sort of made sense. I saw theories on Youtube, and it made so much sense. And I still would’ve been surprised to see how the story went. And Melissa would’ve been a great Red Coat.

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