Bachelor in Paradise Review: American Psycho

So here’s my recap for both episodes of Bachelor in Paradise this week. Both episodes were crazy, so here’s my thoughts on the episodes this week.

Clare/ Jared / Ashley- So after seeing both couples, Ashley and Jared are a better match. I know Clare is 34, and wants to settle down, but she is way too much of a downer in paradise. Jared and Clare’s “breakup” was so beyond unclear, and ended without much explanation. But whatever, because Ashley and Jared had the cutest moment together in the episode. Ashley played her cards right by letting Jared come to her for once. He went in for a kiss, and they were so adorable.

Jade and Tanner– Go Jade for standing up to Clare! They are quickly becoming background characters as they narrate everyone’s dramas. They’re my favorite couple so far, and I can see them lasting outside the show.

Tenley/ Josh/ JJ/ Michael- So Tenley finally got what she wanted when Joshua comes into the picture. The only problem is that Joshua and JJ are sketchy. In walks Michael who is an absolute sweetheart to Tenley. They would’ve made a great match. And then Tenley gave her rose to Joshua. There was no buildup either during the rose ceremony. Oh, and JJ had no chance.

Juelia/ Joe/ Jonathan/ Mikey– Where to even begin? Okay so Juelia and Jonathan had a short lived romance when Joe awkwardly comes to paradise. Then she kind of asks Joe to ask her to go horseback riding. We learn later that Joe was waiting for Samantha, so that’s why he was so casual when asking the girls out. Mikey also comes into the picture when he notices Joe’s interest in Samantha. But let’s set aside Juelia for a second. Let’s talk about Joe. Joe is an evil genius. The level of manipulation he pulled off was absurd. First, he got Juelia to believe that Jonathan and Mikey are desperate for roses. Then he got both guys to apologize to Juelia. And poor Jonathan. Bless him. He was bawling, and Joe had the nerve to bring his kid up.

Carly and Kirk– They’re all coupled up, so they didn’t have much time together, but they’re still cute together.

Dan and Ashley– These two also continue to be cute by talking about jellyfishes. Ashley S is also the only girl to call out Joe.

Lauren- Yeah, Lauren left.

So that’s it for this week! Can’t wait to see more drama unfold next week.


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