Bachelor in Paradise Review: The Other Animal

Clare and Mikey: I felt bad for Clare. She says there’s no guys left for her…except for Mikey, who is so oblivious. Clare basically tells him that she doesn’t really want to committ to him, and then he tries to kiss her. It appears as though Clare and Mikey are paired off but then Jared pulls a sneaky one. He and Clare make a little pact about how they’re going to spend time together, even if they both get roses from other people.

Ashley and Jared: Ashley is so endearing sometimes. She’s so vocal about how she thinks she’s going to end up alone,which is something I think so many people go through. I go back and forth with her. On one hand, I want Jared to like her more than he does. Like when she starts taking shots as soon as she sees Jared with Tenley. She was SO drunk and it was hilarious. XD On the other hand, Ashley needs to stop crying, and believe in herself! She’s gorgeous and has a great personality.

Dan and Ashley: I love these two. Ashley is so funny. I thought it was hilarious when she was ecstatic about the French fries. And Dan is so sweet with Ashley for going to the hospital with her. They make a very adorable pairing.

Jade and Tanner: These two are clearly still into each other after their date. We see them in the background now since there really isn’t any drama. They’re still one of my favorite couples so far.

Carly and Kirk: They’re basically in the same boat as Jade and Tanner. And I really like Kirk’s personality. He fits well with Carly.

Jonathan and Juelia: I guess they’re a thing. We didn’t see them, so I’m assuming they’re not going to last long.

Tenley and JJ: I can’t believe Tenley gave JJ an invite to kiss her. She literally used the word “permission.” It was so weird. But whatever, I’m glad she stayed because I’m looking forward to seeing her and Joshua.

Other Random Thoughts:

– The theme song in the beginning was AMAZING!

– Clare’s fishtail and black dress were on point. I also loved Carly’s gold dress with a headband over her beach waves.

– Clare also befriends a crab this season, and replaces the raccoon.

– Clare also has a weird vocabulary. Privies?

– JJ is so silly as a villain. Why was he getting mad during the rose ceremony?

– I’m really surprised that Jared is the guy all the girls are taking a liking to. I thought someone like Dan would be the guy the girls fight over.

– This is super random but I just thought of Ashley I’s perfect match: Cupcake! Remember when he said he was Aladdin?


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