Bachelor in Paradise Review: The Pickiest Princess

Bachelor in Paradise is back! And it’s only been one episode, and I’m loving it already.

Jade and Tanner: So literally every guy wants Jade…but she surprisingly decides to take Tanner on her date. If you saw my reviews from last season, you can see that I loved Tanner even though he was barely present. He just seems refreshingly normal and down to earth. I couldn’t help but root for him the entire episode. He’s a male version of Sarah Herron. Right? Anyway their date went really well with a romantic dinner, and a make out in the river. They seemed really adorable and into each other.

Jared and Ashley I.: Jared wanted Jade, but Ashley wants Jared. She makes that very clear. I’m so torn about Ashley. I like her. I actually laughed really hard when she was practicing what she was going to say to Jared. She’s relatable in that she prevents herself from getting anywhere with her own insecurities, but she needs to buck up because Clare is coming to swoop in.

Carly and Kirk: These two vibed well because they’re both goofy and have positive energies. I’m glad that Carly and Jade both went in for their kisses. I love Carly. She’s hilarious as a commentator. She’ll probably be cooped up with Kirk for most of the season, and continue to narrate the season.

Ashley S. and Dan: Okay, they are kind of a weird, cute couple. Dan seems so normal and sweet, and seems to tolerate Ashley’s quirks. They would be like a “Phoebe and Mike.”

Mikey T and Lauren: Trainwreck. That’s it.

Other Random Thoughts:

– So Lacey and Marcus got married. They both looked stunning in white, and genuinely happy. But did they even know any of these people? None of them were from Juan Pablo or Andi’s season.

– Why the heck was Lauren crying? When Ashley I. goes up to you and says “What could you possibly be crying about?” then you know you’re crazy.

– I was dying when Lauren said “Yeah, Tenley is so sweet and cute. She’s old.”

– Carly’s eyebrows are much better.

– The girl’s fashion was great. I loved Jade’s dress on her date with Tanner. I also loved Tenely’s sweet style. She seems like she wears a lot of colors and rompers. I also liked Ashley S’s strappy dress when she first came in. Overall, I’m excited to see more of the beach fashion.

– I loved Ashley I stealing one of Kaitlyn’s lines, but using an Aladdin analogy.

– Speaking of Aladdin, does Jared really resemble him at all?

– Anyway, I’ll post another review tomorrow! Super excited for tonight.


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