Project Runway Review: Episode 4

On Thursday’s Project Runway, designers were asked to make a twist on a classic New York look. I thought there were a lot of  great looks, and I my top 3 is slightly different.

Merline 3

Merline– Merline did the best in my opinion. Blake’s was innovative, but Merline’s was innovative and well thought out. The materials looked luxurious, and I can see this walking the streets of New York City.

Blake 3

Blake– I could see a lot of people not getting this look, but I liked it. It was new and different, and Blake has  a very young, fresh aesthetic. The play on color is also an interesting combination. However, the construction was not good, and the fit wasn’t perfect. That superhero blue color has also proven to be well-received on the show. ( Sean’s fringe dress for Heidi, Char’s 1 hour dress)

Ashley 3

Ashley– She should have been in the top 3. This looked like something Blair Waldorf would wear, and I loved it. I thought this was polished, well-constructed, and tasteful.

Swapnil 3Swpanil– I love Swapnil’s crazy style. I wasn’t as high on it as the judges just because I wasn’t a fan of the sheer material, but I thought this was another strong look. The back is the best part of the look, and it was a clever twist on ruffles.

Candice 3

Candice– This was a great dress. It was flawless in construction, and it made a powerful statement. I didn’t like the jacket, but the dress was strong enough to make the top 3.

Edmond 3

Edmond– I thought we were getting a zippered jumpsuit! That would’ve been amazing. Instead, we got a solid jacket and simple skirt. It was good, but not my favorite.

Laurie 3

Laurie– This looked a little forced to me. I like the amount of work in the jacket, but I’ve seen this before. It reminds me of Kini’s looks from last season.

Joseph 2

Joseph– This was a good look, but there wasn’t anything new about this at all. They’re designing for Marie Claire, so why make a peplum dress?

Kelly 3

Kelly– The play on the white tee was a good idea, and it had Kelly’s signature. It was a good, safe look. It’s too bad all that detail was put into the shirt because it wasn’t seen on the runway.

Jake 3

Jake– Jake kind of annoys me, especially after last week’s team challenge. His taste is questionable, and I don’t really know what his design aesthetic is. Heidi definitely lit up a little when she saw this. I knew she’d like his look.

Lindsey 3

Lindsey– I loved the jacket,but the crop top and skirt were wrong with the jacket. The jacket would look fresh and new with a short little black dress or a sheer cutout dress. She chose the wrong shoes and styling.

Amanda 3

Amanda– This was not a good look. It looked frumpy and ill fitting, but I liked the concept on the dress. I have hope for Amanda, and hope she makes a comeback like Sean did last season. Also, she reminds me so much of Youtuber, Ingrid Nilsen.

Gabrielle 3

Gabrielle– The coat would’ve been so cute with a short colored shift dress. The dress was so unfinished.

Decorating My Dorm

So I’m back in college, and decided to share what my dorm looked like. It’s very colorful, and I hope it gives you guys some ideas for decorating your own room.

FullSizeRender (46)

This is the wall right above my head. It’s one of my favorite parts of my room because of the mix of patterns and textures. First, I loved the long poster of daises placed in a simple vase. It’s vibrant and fun, but still has a minimalist feel overall. Underneath is a collage of a bunch of small little posters and cards. I included some magazine pages from an old Marie Claire issue. I also used some old cards, which is the tulips, the butterfly, and the sun cards hanging up. The cake pop and macaroon posters were from an old calendar. The white frame with gray brushstrokes was an old folder that I cut out and framed, because I liked the pattern.

FullSizeRender (40)

I also included a teal poster that has various brushstrokes and says imagine, which I got at A.C Moore.

FullSizeRender (47)

I wanted to have fun with my bed set, so I played with color. The yellow bedspread, and teal sheets are from Target, and I loved the color combination. The pillowcase with gray birds is from another sheet set, and it was from Marshall’s by Cynthia Rowley.

FullSizeRender (43)

FullSizeRender (41)

This is my desk area. On the right side, I have a small pink and green box with a mix of cards and envelopes. My desk lamp was only $5.00 from Walmart. Also, I have my notebook, planner, a book that I’m reading, and the newest issue of Vogue piled on the side.

FullSizeRender (42)

I wanted a little plant for my room, and love this little fern by my TV. It definitely makes a room cozier. I also have a cute little cupcake mug for coffee in the morning.

FullSizeRender (45)

Finally, this is my closet space. There really isn’t anything special, other than this cute little jewelry idea that I came up with. I used some thumb tacks to hang up my jewelry because I wanted to showcase my statement necklaces, and it’s a lot cheaper than getting a jewelry rack.

FullSizeRender (44)

And that’s my dorm room. Hope you liked it!

OOTD 8/26/15

FullSizeRender (49)

Long Sleeved Tribal Shirt with Fringed Tassels by American Rag: $5.99

Bebop Blue Patterned Shorts: $9.99

Blush By Kate white sandals from Burlington Coat Factory: $9.99

I loved how boho the tasseled shirt is, but I wanted to add some color so I wore the shirt with blue and orange shorts. I also wore the outfit with sandals while the summer weather is still here.

OOTD 8/25/15

FullSizeRender (48)

Pink and Black Tribal Romper by B Jewel from Marshalls: $12.99

Black Cardigan from Wet Seal: $15.00

Bamboo Joyce Leslie Boots: $10.00

I wanted to wear a nice summery look while the weather is still nice, so I went with this pink tribal romper. It’s easy to throw on, and still makes a bold statement with its abstract print. I also threw on these boots and a simple cardigan.

Bachelor in Paradise Review: The Joe and Ashley Alliance

from Whip Clip: Check out the links below for more clips from the episode.

Carly and Kirk: It was so cute when Kirk pretended like he didn’t know he was going to call Carly’s name. Then in the next episode, Kirk takes Carly on the cutest date ever. I thought they were so precious.

Ashley S and Nick: These two were hilarious on their date. They were both gone, and I loved that they just owned it. Nick has a fun personality, and these two are crazy together. I wished he and Sammy hadn’t talked, because I have a feeling he might go back to her when she dumps Joe for good. It’s two bad, because Ashley and Nick were so funny together. I also love the headbands she’s been wearing.

Nick and Ashley’s Date:

JJ and Megan: So I officially love JJ. I would definitely be friends with him. He’s so dramatic and doesn’t understand how ridiculous he comes off. Even Megan wasn’t that upset with him. But no one was mad at him, so he must have done something right. I’m gonna miss JJ. 😦 But he did give his rose to the right person, because Ashley is such great television.

Here’s a link to JJ handing out his rose:

Jade and Tanner: Tanner is really falling for Jade, and it turns out that she feels the same way. They’re a sweet couple for sure. I thought Tanner cutting the agave plant was funny, and I liked how they acted like a real couple. Just a quick side note, I LOVED Jade’s ombre maxi dress. Here’s what she posted about it on twitter.

Embedded image permalink

It’s from ella a.:

Ashley and Jared: So Jared told Ashley that he wasn’t feeling the chemistry, and I felt so bad for her. Jared was trying to be nice, but she was in tears and he let her be. Then Ashley calls Kaitlyn! Kaitlyn’s reaction was priceless. Ashley really does have to move on. Let’s also touch upon the friendship between Ashley and Joe. They were so funny, and I thought Ashley’s idea was cute. I like that they formed an alliance to get back together with Sammy and Jared. It’ll probably fail on both ends, but their wallowing in the episode was hysterical.

Juelia and Mikey: Who would’ve thought this couple would come to be kind of cute? I loved their date, and it turns out they have a lot of chemistry. I loved seeing Juelia finally happy, and their wrestling date was so cute.

Mikey and Juelia reunite:

Samantha and Joe: Again, I thought Ashley’s idea was cute, but Sammy made it very clear that she didn’t want Joe when she dumped him on his own birthday. Even though Joe is a douche, I did like seeing his goofy side with Ashley I. He’s so depressed and Carly was right about karma coming back to bite him.

Amber and Dan: Dan better watch out for Justin…..

Also Ben H. is the next bachelor! 🙂