The Bachelorette Review: The Men Tell All

I saw this on all the guy’s Instagram, and thought it was too precious.

The Men Tell All was definitely interesting last night. I felt like the guys are so bromanced compared to last season’s bickering girls. It doesn’t make for the best drama. Still, the episode wasn’t that boring, and I was pretty interested the whole night.

Here are some of my thoughts:

– Ben H. for Bachelor! He’s so good at being amazing. It’s that simple. I LOVED when he said hi to Kaitlyn and they were both all smiley. He still cares for Kaitlyn, but he seems to be over her unlike Jared. The episode clearly pumped him up for the next Bachelor. He’s the perfect choice.

– Jared, on the other hand, was still not over Kaitlyn. He’s the “Marcus” from Andi’s season. I also thought it was so cute when Jared was embarrassed from his “Love Man,” package from the beginning of the season. He’s a real sweetheart.

– Corey….Why did you talk so much? And why did you agree with Ian? Ian didn’t even agree with Ian.

– Kupah needs to stop too.

– Tanner is such a good narrator.

– Ben Z. was sweet and wonderful as always.

– Ian’s apology was awkward, but I did appreciate his apology to Kaitlyn. His kneel down was weird. It was so funny when one guy asked “Are you proposing?”

– I liked Clint tonight. I never thought I would say such a thing, but I did like how he embraced his bromance with JJ. I also thought he was so articulate when he defended Kaitlyn for bringing on Nick.

– JJ needed to lighten up and embrace the bromance.

– Joe is still a goofball with his bird prank. I’m glad he and Kaitlyn have no bad blood. Remember how he left?

– Becca looks stunning as ever.

– The hater segment was heartbreaking. I can’t believe people feel entitled to tweet horrible things to Kaitlyn. If you disagree with Kaitlyn, that’s fine. If someone feels the need to spread hate and judge Kaitlyn, it reflects that person, not Kaitlyn. This season showed how powerful social media is. I was so happy when everyone stood up and clapped for her.

One more episode, and then Bachelor in Paradise begins! šŸ™‚ Are you Team Shawn or Team Nick?


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