The Bachelorette Review: Ben H. for Bachelor

Kaitlyn and Ben feed donkeys on The Bachelorette.

Shawn: It was very childish to say he never wanted to talk to Nick again, but he genuinely thinks Nick is a bad guy. I’ll get to my thoughts on Nick in a second. Aside from the drama, Shawn and Kaitlyn had a great date. Their golfing date was fun and easygoing, which is something we haven’t seen from Shawn in forever. The family meet was way more light-hearted since this is the first time the family is experiencing this process. Shawn and Kaitlyn acted liked a real couple throughout the entire meeting of the family.

Nick: Nick had a great date last week, but I had a real problem with him bringing up petty things about Shawn. It was really immature and if I were Shawn, I’d probably be just as upset. That being said, Nick handled himself calmly in the fight and I’m glad that things ended so we can get back to the dates. I don’t think Nick deserves all this hate from Shawn, but it does speak volumes when multiple guys get a bad vibe from you. We saw it with Joshua and Shawn this season. We saw it with Cody and Josh in Andi’s seasons. Okay, now as far as the family goes, oh my god. It was so sad to see his family with reservations even before meeting Kaitlyn. It would really suck to be the runner-up two seasons in a row.

Ben H.: Ben is definitely going to be the next Bachelor. He was the only guy to stay completely out of the drama. The past leads have come in 3rd place ( Kaitlyn, Chris, Andi). His exit reminded me a lot of Kaitlyn’s exit last season where they had a great date, and he had finally let down a guard with her, and then she lets him go. Also, she said it was all passion with Nick and fun with Ben H. It was so sad to see him go, but he really is sweet, funny, and down to earth.

Other Random Thoughts:

– That dress Kaitlyn wore was stunning. From the cut to the color, she looked beautiful.

– The Men Tell All was filmed Saturday. I’m excited to see what goes down.

– I loved the sweaters Ben and Kaitlyn wore on their date.

– The structure of the episode was so messed up. It made Ben’s exit a little anti-climatic when there was a whole hour left.

– I can’t believe this season is almost over. It wasn’t as good as I thought and there was just too much sad drama.  I like the good drama like Kelsey and Ashley on a 2 on 1, Ashley S. going crazy, that kind of stuff. It’s really not Kaitlyn’s fault though.


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