The Bachelorette Review : The Other Guy

Finally, we get an exciting episode after two very boring episodes. Does anyone else think this season is dragging a bit?

Here are my thoughts on the final 3 left.

Shawn: Shawn and Kaitlyn had the talk finally about sleeping with Nick. It was really intense, and I felt bad for both of them. However, I didn’t like that Shawn asked Kaitlyn ” why him?” at the rose ceremony. How was she supposed to give him a satisfied answer. Both Shawn and Nick are being insecure because they find each other as a legitimate threat. Anyway, as far as Kaitlyn and Shawn’s relationship, it seemed like their one on one time was supposed to be fun, and Shawn looked excited to see her, and then it got all serious  again. I hope we see some more light-hearted moments.

Nick: I thought Nick’s time with Kaitlyn was great. Their talk throughout the date was fun when they were talking about each other as kids and their first kiss. I also loved that they got to just walk around and have fun. I even laughed when Nick thought their fantasy date was in that weird prison room. But I absolutely hated that Nick threw Shawn completely under the bus by saying more bad things about him. He’s been on the show. He should realize that he should never bring other guys up because it’s a clear sign of insecurity.

Ben H.: I LOVE Ben H. He’s so sweet and genuine. I thought it showed a lot of humility to admit that he felt unlovable and that it was his biggest fear. I think it shows he really cares for Kaitlyn. Also, he isn’t involved in the dumb drama happening. While the preview showed more fighting between Nick and Shawn, we got a glimpse of Ben and Kaitlyn hugging. It would be a great ending if while these two guys are fighting, Ben wins in the end. If he gets cut next week, he’ll definitely be in the running for the next Bachelor.

Other random thoughts:

-Jared had such a classy exit. He offered his coat to her, and while she was crying, he consoled her. He’s such a sweetheart. Is he coming to Bachelor in Paradise? He’d fit the “Marcus” role well.

– Speaking of Bachelor in Paradise, was that Jade and Tanner kissing? They would be such a cute couple. Tanner was the goofy, fun one on his season, and Jade was the sweet,quiet girl. I love it.

– “What’s the number for the other guy?” is what Shawn should have asked the hotel.

– Joe left so coldly. He called Kaitlyn “man” when he was walking out. It was so awkward.

– Saw Cupcake on GMA the other day. He brought cupcakes and floss.

– Loved the sparkly dress Kaitlyn wore during the rose ceremony.

– I don’t care about Britt and Brady. I like when we get bloopers at the end of the episode.


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