The Bachelorette Review: The Crying Cupcake

1) Shawn: This episode was so heavy for Kaitlyn and Shawn. Throughout the episode, Kaitlyn kept hinting to Shawn to be patient. She really likes him and he needs to realize that it’s still a show where she dates multiple guys. I was happy to see him cool off after the rose ceremony. It’s so apparent that it’s between Nick and Shawn at this point.

2) Nick: Nick wasn’t featured a lot, but there was clearly some regret on Kaitlyn’s behalf. She worried more about Shawn finding out about Nick, than her relationship with Nick. It was nice of Nick to reassure Kaitlyn right before the rose ceremony.

3) Jared: I love Jared and Kaitlyn’s relationship. It’s so fun and easy compared to her other relationships. I loved the credits scene where Jared is trying to drive. Though I don’t see Kaitlyn picking Jared, I definitely think it’s gonna be Ben H. and him fighting for the final 3 spot.

4) Ben H.: Ben H. is so perfect on paper, but I don’t see him being with Kaitlyn. Either Ben would be great as the next Bachelor. In this episode, we see Ben confront Kaitlyn, and I genuinely felt bad for him. I feel like his whole speech about Kaitlyn leading him on in any way is going to come back up to bite him if he gets cut soon.

5) Joe: Joe got a rose in the episode, but we’ve seen so little of his romantic side. We’ve only seen his goofy side so far, but in this episode, he said he was falling in love with Kaitlyn. It was a sweet side of him.

Random Thoughts:

– I can’t believe Cupcake made it further than Ben Z.

– Cupcake’s exit was so ridiculous. It reminded me of Ashley’s breakdown last season. It was sad to see him cry though.

–  I thought the 2 on 1 date was going to be epic, but how can you follow up a Kelsey/ Ashley date?

– I feel so bad for the backlash Kaitlyn is getting. Being on the show must be so hard with endless cameras around. She gets so much criticism for making mistakes. She’s only human.

– The Clare/ Raccoon commercial was too much to handle. I can’t wait for Bachelor in Paradise.

– Congrats to Lacy and Marcus for getting married!


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