DIY Quote Board

This is my first DIY post, and I wanted to share my idea with everyone, because it’s super easy, and anyone can do it. If you like reading quotes on Pinterest or Instagram, then this might be a cute project for you.

I also thought this was a great idea because this simple idea can be used for anything. I like to make fashion collages from old magazines all the time, and if you look right below my quote board, I have a collage of clothing tags, which I collected and made out of cardboard as well. You can make these kind of collages with anything you’re passionate about. It just so happens that I’ve been loving these quotes on Pinterest, and having quotes on home decor has become quite popular recently.

1) Find a poster board or piece of cardboard ( mine came from a poster I bought). You can get cardboard cheap at a dollar store or grocery store. For my case, I wanted a long piece of cardboard so I used an old piece at home.


2) Go on Pinterest, Google, Instagram, or anywhere with motivational quotes. I like using Pinterest because the quotes shown are usually in fun colors or fonts. I also estimated the size of each picture so that I could fit the pictures on my cardboard accordingly.


3) Print out a bunch of quotes and rearrange them to your liking. Glue them on the cardboard.


4) Finally, hang it up! I bought these cute little photo art frames from Walmart for a buck. I thought it would look cute right below my DIY board.


It’s so simple and easy, and it came out looking really cool.


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