The Bachelorette Review and Fashion: Mariachi Me?

Top 5

1) Shawn-Shawn is the one to beat at this point. Kaitlyn and Shawn have great chemistry, and we finally got to see why they both gush about each other episode after episode. All season, they’ve had this “love at first sight” storyline, and after their one on one date, I am convinced that they have the strongest connection. He’s been the quiet one for a while, but tonight was his breakthrough. I mean, he said he was falling in love with her! And she said she was too!!! It was like they couldn’t help themselves.

2) Nick V.- Nick did a good job in this episode. He said all the right things when he was being interrogated by Tanner. The guys couldn’t really fault him, except for Josh. Kaitlyn and Nick also have good chemistry, and Kaitlyn is always apologizing on his behalf. Kaitlyn really really likes Nick, but does anyone else think it’s just lust?

3) Jared- Jared always manages to squeeze in some screen time with sweet moments. He’s really grown on me, and he is so genuine. I love how reassuring he is to Kaitlyn. He has surprised me so much this season. If he doesn’t get picked he’d fit the “Marcus” role on Bachelor in Paradise.

4) Ben H.- Ben is a fan favorite, and it is clear why after his two step date. He is genuine, funny and sweet. He could make it pretty far, but if he gets cut at 3 or 4, then he’d be good for The Bachelor. I would love for Kaitlyn to end up with Ben, but we need to see them progress more as a couple in the next few episodes. Also, how cute was it when he said how hard the dance was?

5) Joe- Joe has no shot at winning, but I still always love watching him. At this point, I feel like the four men above are the only ones with real shots. But still, Joe is so charming and funny every episode. I was dying during the Aladdin date last week, and loved his serenade to Kaitlyn.

Fashion: I loved the country themed fashion Kaitlyn wore. The denim shirt dress was super cute with ankle boots. I love how she always manages to put her edgy, laidback style into her outfits. I LOVED the fringe skirt Kaitlyn wore later in the date. It was so gorgeous!


Random Thoughts: 

– Josh had a really bad night. He looked terrible in front of Kaitlyn and the guys, and got the worst haircut. Kaitlyn’s reaction was really funny when she messed up though.

– Ian’s speech to Kaitlyn sounded so rehearsed. I bet he practiced in the mirror.

– I wish Amy could come back to tell Ian that he’s not as great as he thinks he is

– I love Tanner, Ben Z. and Cupcake…but they have no shot with Kaitlyn.

– Whitney, Kaitlyn, and Becca all hung out for Kaitlyn’s birthday. I wonder how Farmer Chris feels.

– I saw Cupcake and Shawn hanging out on Instagram. I always love seeing who’s friends after the show.

– In case you haven’t heard, Kaitlyn accidentally sent a snapchat on Friday of her final pick. I didn’t click on the link so I’m still spoiler free. But if you want to see the picture or video (I’m not sure what she sent), I’m sure you can simply google it.


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