The Bachelorette Review: Viall Gotta Vill


1) Nick V.- I have mixed feelings on Nick’s return. I don’t think it’s fear to the other guys, but Nick and Kaitlyn REALLY like each other. I think there was more than a handful of conversations between the two. You can tell Kaitlyn likes him a lot, because of her nervous energy and giddiness. They’ve got chemistry. My only fear is that he’s gonna pull the same lines he used on Andi’s season. Also, much to his dismay, he will definitely be the villain.

2) Shawn B.- Shawn was really worried this episode about Nick’s return. The guy does have a good point. Is there bond not good enough? Still, he’s been really quiet and confident for most of the season, and Kaitlyn was impressed with his ab flash this episode. Hopefully, they get a one-on-one date soon!

3) Jared- I’ve really warmed up to Jared this episode. He was saying all the perfect answers to Kaitlyn during their date. He’s also super genuine. I thought it was so cute when he messed up during his little speech and said he wants to be just like Kaitlyn.

4) Chris- Cupcake finally got some screen time, but he will not win this season. He has no shot with Kaitlyn. As much as I adore Cupcake, he just isn’t the right fit with someone edgy like Kaitlyn. He is gonna go far, because I think on paper, he seems perfect, but he won’t win. Perhaps he can drop by in paradise or if he gets a bigger edit, some Bachelor potential.

5) Joe- I love Joe. He would be amazing on Bachelor in Paradise. I just thought he was hysterical throughout the entire Aladdin date. First, he almost knocks down the set piece. Then, he sings his own version of “A Whole New World.” And finally, he mumbles in the back with Ben H. as they spy on Chris and Kaitlyn. Like Chris, he won’t win, but I think he’ll stick around for a few more weeks.

Random Thoughts:

– I love seeing all the alum. It was so nice to see Ashley I show up with Sharleen. I screamed when I saw Ashley S. I just adore her so much. It was the best part of the episode.

– Seeing guys talk smack about another guy is so silly and funny. I think Joshua is going to be the most upset. I also think he has no idea who Nick is.

-The lace sleeved dress Kaitlyn wore on her date with Jared was insanely gorgeous.

– Ian really fell off my radar. He’s probably gone next episode.

– Overall, I had a really hard time choosing a Top 5 this week. I mean, two of them have no shot with Kaitlyn as I pointed out. XD But I had to choose some guys, so I figured I’d pick some standouts. To be honest, I don’t know if there’s too many guys I can see with Kaitlyn. Surely, Shawn and Nick are frontrunners, and both the Ben’s are contenders, but I’m just not sure about the others.

– When’s the last time we had a rose ceremony? I need some closure.


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