The Bachelorette Review: No Zoo Date for Tony

Top 5 From Episode 4: 

1) Shawn B.– Shawn reminds me of Jef Holm from Emily’s season. He’s calm, cool, and collected and comforts Kaitlyn whenever she needs it. He’s definitely a quiet one, but Kaitlyn likes Shawn a lot. Their connection seems to be levels above others, but as a viewer, I feel like they haven’t shown Shawn enough for the audience to get why she likes him so much. There is a deleted scene online though of Shawn giving Kaitlyn his favorite t-shirt, which was adorable.

2) Ben Z.– Ben was really protective throughout the date, and he was great. Even though he was scared of the snakes, it was cute to see him try to play it off. He’s very all-American, which I didn’t think would be a great for Kaitlyn, but she really likes him. I also think he’s be a good Bachelor, if it doesn’t work out with Kaitlyn.

3) Ben H.- This was a breakout episode for both the Ben’s. I thought it was hilarious that the producers put in “lovey dovey super hero” music during his sex ed talk. He could also be a good Bachelor. He seems really well-rounded and sweet. The kiss between him and Kaitlyn was also cute. Their kiss on the top of the building reminded me of Chris and Desiree.

4) Jared– Jared didn’t have a lot during the episode, but he had a great moment. His dance with Kaitlyn was nice, but I noticed more how comforting he was when Tony got upset with Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn walked over feeling bad, and Jared reassured her not to worry. There is something intriguing about Jared like Kaitlyn mentioned before.

5) Chris– My cupcake didn’t have a lot of screen time besides a quick kiss with Kaitlyn, but I still think he’s going to go far. He won’t be picked though. Kaitlyn likes a “man,” as she has stated several times throughout the show, and Chris is just a cute little cupcake.

Other Random Thoughts:

Dates: The dates this week were hilarious. All three dates were so funny, especially the one on one date. The sumo wrestling date was funny mainly because of Joe. He seems goofy and fun, and I love his happy-go-lucky attitude. The one on one date was so ridiculous and funny. I want to do something like this, but if I saw a moving body under a sheet, I would’ve been crying. The bird was also planted by the producers (probably because they knew they’d get that terrified response from Kaitlyn)

Tony: See you in paradise Tony. His zoo and skydiving monologue solidified his place on the show.

Bromance: The producers had a LOT of footage from these guys. It was funny to see their friendship in a brilliant montage. Did anyone else hear them having a conversation about how they love turtles? 🙂

Kaitlyn: I feel really bad for Kaitlyn. She’s been a great bachelorette so far, but some of these guys are terrible. For Clint, Tony, and Kupah to give her such a hard time over a span of a few days is not fair.

Also, I loved Kaitlyn’s dresses during the cocktail hours. One was sparkly and the other was a modest black with jewels. Both were stunning.

Unanswered Questions: Why was there a picture of Britt? Is Clint the only guy who has crashed and burned this soon after getting the first date? Who are some Bachelor in Paradise candidates for this season?


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