Concert Outfit


This is an outfit I recently wore to a concert in Bethel Woods. I went to see Train, The Fray and Matt Nathanson. They were all amazing!

I wore a white dress with converse and a jean jacket.

White Cotton Polka Dot Dress: $10.00

Jean Jacket by Material Girl from Macy’s: $15.99


PLL Fashion: 6×04

Here were my favorite looks from Tuesday’s episode of Pretty Little Liars. Each girl had a look that I really liked.

Denim & Supply By Ralph Lauren ‘Floral Jumpsuit’ in Newbury Floral – $89.99

This was my favorite outfit from 6×04. The jumpsuit is so boho and chic for the summertime. Spencer keeps the look preppy with this gorgeous brown jacket. I love how loose the jacket is, and it pairs well with the jumpsuit.

Wildfox ‘Mantra Nevada Jumper’ – $94.00

I recently bought a necklace that reads: Eat Well, Travel Often, so I loved seeing another version of the saying on Emily’s jumper. I really love sayings and quotes on tank tops and sweaters. It’s casual, cute, and the sayings are true.

Club Monaco ‘Ellery Shorts’ – $129.50

Patterned shorts are very popular this season, and I liked the mix of flowers and stripes on these shorts. They were paired well with a moto jacket.

RACHEL Rachel Roy ‘Long-Sleeve Colorblocked Cropped Jacket’ – $59.99

There were a lot of jackets this episode. This jacket was edgy and fun. I love the asymmetrical cut of the jacket. I would pair it with all black knowing my style, but I really liked that Aria paired the jacket to tone down her crazy zebra romper. Her style is always a surprise every episode.

Check out PLL Closet for more fashion from the episode:×04

10 Blair Waldorf Quotes to Live By

I’m on Season 5 of Gossip Girl, and I understand why girls worship Blair’s character. She’s complex, relatable, powerful, and her relationship with Chuck is amazing. Also, Leighton Meester is so good as Blair. Here are some of my favorite quotes from her!

4. Destiny - 9 Very Memorable Quotes from Blair Waldorf Never seen this movie but this quote is so true

Blair Waldorf quote - this is perfection

Blair Waldorf...

Blair Waldorf life advice

If Blair Waldorf Quotes Were Motivational Posters

Gossip Girl quote about great love watch this movie free here:

Blair Waldorf Gossip Girl Quotes

Community: If Blair Waldorf Quotes Were Motivational Posters

Gossip Girl Blair quote about happiness

"Three words, eight Letters. Say it and I'm yours" - Blair & Chuck • Gossip Girl

I love the show, so when I’m completely done, I’ll share some thoughts about the Serena/ Blair fashion and the finale!

Here is the link for more Blair quotes:

The Bachelorette Review: The Shawn vs Nick Show

Tonight’s episode was probably my least favorite episode. I mean we only got two dates. Bring back the rose ceremonies at the end!!! I’m tired of getting these pointless cliffhangers. Did anyone think Ian was actually going to stay after his insulting speech? Anyway here are my thoughts on my top 5 from tonight, along with some fashion and other thoughts.

Top 5

1) Shawn- I can’t believe the show edited in the part where Shawn said he spent 6-7 hours with Kaitlyn just talking on her bed. And he said that Kaitlyn told him he was the one. We never got to see any of this. Still, we could have seen them just hang out after a long day. Last season, we saw Chris and Britt just hang out in his hotel room after their date. Anyway, Shawn flipped out this episode. He’s clearly protective over Kaitlyn when it comes to Nick, but him flipping out over Jared is a little excessive. He needs to relax and be confident with what they have.

2) Nick- Everyone is buzzing about Kaitlyn sleeping with Nick. She’s getting so much hate on social media and it really isn’t fair. Yes, it wasn’t fair to the other guys. However, the amount of judgement she gets from strangers on twitter is ridiculous. I don’t remember Ben or Bob ever getting this kind of backlash. Kaitlyn isn’t the most conservative, poised bachelorette we’ve ever had, but she’s funny, tough, and down to earth.

3) Jared- Jared is so sweet and insightful. The reason he got the rose was because of how observant he was with Kaitlyn. The fact that he picked upon her old man laugh, and mirrored her mannerisms was impressive. It shows how much he cares for her that he finds these quirks and isn’t afraid to poke some fun at Kaitlyn.

4) Ben H.- He didn’t get any screen time this week, but he had such a great date with Kaitlyn last episode. He’s still a contender.

5) Ben Z.- I’m not sure if Kaitlyn really likes Ben Z., but he’s definitely a fan favorite.

Fashion: I loved the little black dress she wore in the casket. The black laced sleeves were really pretty. I really liked the outfit she wore during the cocktail party after. She wore leather pants which were super edgy. She also wore this  white sleeveless blouse, which I am obsessed with. It was a high collared tank, but it looked as though there was another sheer blouse underneath it. I also liked that it was more Kaitlyn’s style when she added two long necklaces.

Random Thoughts:

–  Ian and Kelsey should date. They both think they’re better than the show. They both take themselves way too seriously. It’s a perfect match.

– Cupcake had the corniest lines of the night. He referenced a pot of gold at one point, and said love was a battlefield.

– I love Tanner. It’s so funny that he knows he has no chance with Kaitlyn, and he even said that to her. He’s just there to have a good time and travel.

– I want the 2 on 1 date with JJ and Joe. At 9:30, I realized that it wasn’t going to happen this week. 😦

– Kaitlyn tweeted out “Just remember, when you judge me, you do not define me, you define yourself. think about that before sending out negativity to any1 tonight.” Good for her.