The Bachelorette Review & Fashion

It is two episodes into The Bachelorette, and I’m here to review the first two episodes, the fashion from the girls, and my top 5 picks.

Last season, during The Bachelor, I made a ranking of the dresses all the girls wore. If I’m remembering right, I think Becca’s dress was on top for me. So I won’t be ranking the suits on the guys, but I did have a few thoughts on the two bachelorette’s dresses.

I really loved both Britt and Kaitlyn’s dress that they wore on night one. I felt like the soft, grecian dress matched Britt’s personality more. Her hair also looked amazing with it swept on one side. The sparkly dress on Kaitlyn clearly matched her firecracker personality. I liked Kaitlyn’s dress slightly more, but I thought both girls looked gorgeous.

Now since I won’t be ranking the guy’s fashion (unless I’m really impressed), I thought I would pick my top 5 picks for the season.

1) Cupcake Chris- I’m really biased with this pick because his entrance was by far my favorite thing ever! He’s actually my lock screen on my phone right now. XD I’m not even sure if Kaitlyn really likes this guy, but he rode in on a cupcake, and kissed Kaitlyn on Night 1. He was also such a lovable dork during Episode 2, when he was telling everyone how unfunny he was.

2) Shawn B.- Kaitlyn definitely likes this guy a lot. After Night 1, he snagged the first impression rose and kissed Kaitlyn. I’m not sure if he’s going to win, but he’s going far. He was downplayed during Episode 2, so I think he could be a winner, despite the omen of the first impression rose.

3) Ian- Ian is the Whitney of this season. He mentioned that he’s only here for Kaitlyn, and I think those types of contestants make it really far. I love that he took her aside during Episode 2 to where they first met. He’ll also go far, but I’m not sure if he can win.

4) Joe- After seeing Kaitlyn fall for Farmer Chris last season, I think this guy has potential. He wins points for bringing moonshine for Kaitlyn and for stealing her away for one on one time during Episode 2. His “Well I’ll be,” statement was also adorable. He seems endearing with his southern charm so far, and could definitely be a dark horse.

5) Ben Z- He and Kaitlyn had a great conversation during the boxing date. He got a group date rose, and they had great chemistry. He’ll make it at least to top six.

Random Thoughts:

– The whole two Bachelorette thing just didn’t work. It got the drama the producers wanted, but I felt so bad for Britt (even as a Kaitlyn fan). If it wasn’t for Brady leaving to be with Britt, the producers would have more backlash.

–  Tony and Ashley S would be perfect together on Bachelor in Paradise

– When Kaitlyn said she’s never felt closer to love at first sight than with Shawn B, that was my thought with the Cupcake.

-Amy reminding JJ that he isn’t that smart was so funny.

– I thought JJ would be the new Nick V, but it looks like Nick V. will be on the season.

– I saw some funny tweets about Kupah showing up on the ABC show The Whispers

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