Pretty Little Fashion 5×22

Pretty Little Liars only has a few more episodes until the season finale. Here were my favorite looks from the episode. One was a jacket from Aria and the other was a dress worn by Spencer. At the end of the season, I’ll pick my favorite outfit of the season from each girl. For now, enjoy!

Thanks to PLL Closet for always having the latest details on the outfits. Follow her blog in the link below.

Flying Tomato & Jealous Tomato ‘Jacquard Aztec Print Jacket’ in Black/Mint – no longer available: I can definitely see why this jacket isn’t available anymore. I  love how modern the shape is along with the alternating blocks of white and mint tribal print. I love this piece for Aria. It’s very artsy and I couldn’t really see any of the other girls wearing this.
Mason By Michelle Mason ‘Lace-Inset Slip Dress’ – $395.00: Spencer is finally wearing a cute little lace dress. All season, she’s been sporting menswear looks and jackets. This is definitely a departure from what Spencer usually wears , but in a good way. I like the loose waves and deep laced plunge. It gives Spencer a more fun, flirty vibe. This dress would be something I expect from Hanna or Emily, so this was a pleasant surprise.

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