10 Quotes About Love That’ll Make You Think

Today’s theme: Love.

Not all of these are super lovey dovey. I also threw in a few on being independent and knowing when to get out of a relationship.  Either way, I thought all of these were thought provoking. I hope these make you smile and hopeful though!

I got these from Instagram here: http://instagram.com/quotes/

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PacSun Buy One, Get Three Free Haul!

At PacSun, there is currently a buy 1, get 3 free sale going on. The priciest item out of my four items below was the dress which was $34.95, so I bought the dress and got the two tops and kimono for free! I thought it was a pretty great deal, especially with the spring selection they had on the racks. I’m not positive if the sale in possible to do online, but it’s going on now in stores.

On my Spring Wish List Post earlier, I said I wanted a kimono and off the shoulder tops, and I got both here at PacSun.  If you liked this post, don’t forget to comment and follow my blog! Have a great day everyone!


I love the print on the kimono. For the spring, I’d wear this with jeans and boots, but I’d also wear the kimono with high-waisted shorts and a tucked in tee during the summer.
I’m really obsessed with the fringe on the bottom.
I adore this blouse. I really love the cream color and how delicate the lace looks on the end of the shirt. The off the shoulder fit is really pretty for spring.


This was a cute tribal shirt and it was super loose and perfect for spring. I also love the the little black tassels. The photo below shows the tassels better.



Wedged Boot from Cotton On: $15.00

Aerosoles Black Extendable Calf Boots from Burlington Coat Factory: $30.00

Lace up Bamboo Boots from Joyce Leslie: $10.00

Black YMI Jeans from Burlington Coat Factory: $11.99

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Target Finds: Pens, Pencils, Straws and Smelly Things

I love browsing Target. I always leave with unnecessary items, but I bought these for a descent price so I thought I’d share them below. The pens and pencils were a $1.00, and I just love the watercolor patterns on them. The  aromatic diffuser was Violet Leaf and it was $3.00 and  smells really light and flowery.

I know a lot of people love the paper striped straws in a mason jar, but I thought these plastic ones were more realistic since they are reusable. They were $4.19 for four straws. You can use them in Aladdin products too, like the tumbler I put below.







Additionally, I didn’t buy any clothing at Target, but they had a lot of summery clothing and a great selection of bathing suits!

My Thoughts on the PLL Finale + Fashion

Wow, that finale was so crazy! It’s been a few days since the season finale of Pretty Little Liars. I know a lot of people were disappointed that we didn’t see a face,but I like where the show is going after the Charles reveal. I also was legitimately scared throughout the entire episode. I love hearing people’s theories so let me know if you have one about Charles or anyone else!

I loved the dresses that were given to the girls for prom! Did anyone else wonder how they got their hair and makeup done so nicely? Did they do it for each other? I was so happy to hear about the “prom,” because I knew we were getting some fashion from the episode. Emily and Hanna’s were my favorite, and their dresses also happened to be real dresses you can buy. I found the info on PLL Closet and WornOnTV.com.

Mac Duggal ‘78897Y Gown’ in Emerald – $698.00
Sherri Hill ‘32107 Gown’ – $650.00



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OOTD 3/26/15

Orange Lace Shirt by Color Story from Rainbow: $5.00

Black Tank Top from Marshalls: $5.99

Black Jeggings by Indigo Rein from Marshalls: $12.99

Black Extendable Calf Boots by Aerosoles from Burlington Coat Factory: $30.00

Lately, I’ve been posting a lot of OOTD’s and I’ve noticed that I’ve worn black jeans in every single outfit. I’ll definitely try to change it up!

I really wanted to show off my new boots! They were on sale for $30.00, and I love how versatile they are. I also decided to wear this laced shirt from Rainbow. I know lace can look cheap sometimes, so I downplayed the lace with a simple black tank and jeans.

OOTD 3/24/15

Passport Plaid Shirt from Joyce Leslie : $5.50

Black YMI Jeans from Burlington Coat Factory: $11.99

Bamboo Black Boots from Joyce Leslie: $9.99

I love oversized plaid shirts and thought this one was really soft and baggy. I love the back of the shirt too! I thought it was modern with the giant, white lettering. I’m also wearing my favorite pants and shoes. I have a feeling I’ll be wearing these black jeans and my new lace up boots for a lot of my upcoming posts. If you liked this post, please follow me and comment below!