Make a Statement! ILY Couture

These are some of my favorite statement necklaces! What I love most about statement necklaces is how versatile they are throughout the year. During the warmer seasons, it’s fun to wear them with dresses and tank tops. During the winter time, it’s so hard to wear them when all you want to wear are warm hoodies and sweatpants. So here are the many ways to make a statement for the new year!

1) Wear them with sweaters- The best neckline to wear them with are the crew necklined sweaters or a jewel neckline. These necklines allow the necklace to be displayed. You definitely want to show it off so pair a brightly colored necklace with neutral sweaters.

2) Turtlenecks- Turtlenecks are back in fashion! I love a black fitted turtleneck with a statement necklace. I think it’s super sleek and adds a sophistication to the everyday outfit.

3) Classic Tank/Tee and Cardigan- Sporting these necklaces with a tank top and cardigan is a more casual look. If you’re going to wear a statement necklace with a v-neck, make sure your necklace doesn’t overlap your tank top or tee.

4) Button downs- For a more dressed up look, you can never go wrong with statement necklaces around the collar of a button down. If you’re going to do this, I recommend buttoning it all the way to the top for a crisp look. Also if you’re looking for a warmer alternative, try wearing a jumper over your button down and then pairing the necklace with your outfit. 

Also please follow ILY Couture on instagram! They have the most amazing selection of statement necklaces. You can also check out their website below!

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