Ranking The Bachelor Premiere Dresses

I decided to rank the best dressed after watching the premiere of The Bachelor. It was so hard to differentiate the dresses from the girls’ personalities, especially with the crazy girls we met on the premiere. I gave my opinion on a majority of the dresses! Also, nothing personal to the 30 contestants! I think we can agree that they are all beautiful. Tune in every Monday night and if there are any worthy cocktail dresses or outfits to discuss, I’ll be sure to blog about them.
1) Becca – Becca looked absolutely smashing! The black sequined romper/dress (not sure what it was but it was stunning) she wore was the most memorable of the night. Her relaxed waves and sparkly eyes made her seem like a genuine laidback girl. She nailed an effortless, sexy look.
2) Whitney- Whitney looked precious in her little black dress. Her updo showed off the cutouts in her dress and I loved that she wore bright yellow shoes with her dress. She read more of a “southern chic,” and is another example of effortless beauty.
3) Britt- The first impression rose gal sparkled in a black dress with silver gems and stones on the sides of the bodice. The form fitting dress was a showstopper and her long tresses gave the overall look a flirty girly feel.
4) Michelle- Poor Michelle. She didn’t get a rose but her dress was just darling. The top bodice was glittery gold with short sleeves and the bottom was a deep coral. I liked her dress a lot.
5) Kelsey- Kelsey was so adorable! Her dress was super classy and simple but it had a large impact. The deep plunge and color read well. Her short hair was also pinned back to look like an updo.
6) Ashley I – I had to look up her dress even though she was a memorable character of the night. I think it was because her eyelashes and eyebrows were so on point. She pulled off a laced dress really well and the fit was super flattering.
7) Tracy – Very forgettable as a contestant but when I took a look at her dress, I noticed she was one of the few to rock her bright red dress.
8) Tandra- The laced dress was beautiful and her long hair and motorcycle entrance gave her an edgy vibe.
9) Samantha- Dress popped with glitz and glamour and her styling was well done
10) Nikki
11) Mackenzie – I loved the color but it didn’t pack the same glittery punch as some others
12) Jade
13) Jillian
14) Kaitlyn – I loved the color on Kaitlyn but the fit wasn’t that great
15) Trina
16) Juelia
17) Amber
18) Alissa
19) Bo
20) Megan – Cute but a little bland
21) Nicole
22) Amanda – Would’ve liked more if it was a dress and not a crop top
23) Kimberly – A little safe
24) Kara
25) Reegan – Love the dress. Hate her hair styling…and her prop
26) Jordan- Not a fan of the necklace but love the color of the dress
27) Ashley S – Her dress wasn’t terrible. Her hair style made her look older though
28) Tara – In her defense, she had to change into another dress
29) Carly- Way too cutesy and frilly
30) Brittany- Her dress looked like lingerie. I felt bad for her the entire night especially with Ashley S giving her a rose and not Farmer Chris.


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