5 New Year’s Resolutions that Everyone Can Do


Welcome to my blog! I’ll be sharing some fashion, beauty, ideas as well as life advice. I think the best part of starting my blog is that I get to share whatever I want whenever I want. I look forward to hearing some feedback once I start blogging daily. Thank you for supporting me!

For my first article, I thought I would share some New Year’s Resolutions I think everyone should tackle. They’re not overbearing and I think you’ll like the simplicity of some of these.

  • Drink more water – Drinking more water is a simple goal but I think something as simple as drinking water can change your mindset into a healthier one. When you’re drinking water, cut some slices of lemon for a refreshing taste. Also find a fun water bottle to refill throughout the day.
  • Declutter your closet – To maintain my closet; I throw out something every time I buy something. This keeps my closet from overflowing. It also gives me a chance to get rid of old worn out clothes.
  • Start a new hobby….by yourself – Whether you join a club at school or begin yoga classes, you’re destined to meet people. Whenever I joined a club at school by myself, I always forced myself to talk to people. This goal allows you to try something new while making friends too.
  • Fight cravings by giving in – Give into cravings once in a while.When people diet, they often start craving their favorite desserts. If you see a slice of cheesecake taunting you, just eat it. If you don’t, you’ll end up eating an apple, some raisins, some nuts and then giving in to the cheesecake. It’s all about control…..and cheesecake.
  • Make your own salad dressings – After all the holiday parties, you’ll start the same old salad routine. However, when you’re buying the ranch and French dressing, it’ll defeat the purpose of keeping your salads low-fat. Instead, mix mustard and honey for a honey-mustard dressing. It’ll be less fattening than the ones you’ll find at your grocery store. You can also mix olive oil and red wine vinegar as an alternate dressing. For a crunch, add flax-seed or sunflower seeds.

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